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  • University English

    The Riparian Underworld of Charles Dickens

    It is a given that Dickens is pre-eminently a writer of the built environment, not the natural environment, and critics have...
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

    Jorge Luis Borges

    'Have you read Borges?' This is an advert you see in the windows of bookshops across Buenos Aires. Argentinians are obsessed...
  • Classical Singing

    The Importance of Performance Skills

    Good singing or playing requires sound technique, and thorough work on repertoire requires intellectual and emotional grasp of...

Freshest Articles

  • Recommended Books for Jazz Guitar/Improvisation

    Matt Hurley Electric Guitar Teacher (North London) Picture I would recommend the following books for anyone looking to learn how to improvise, or to improve their improvisatory skills: Charlie Parker Omnibook - Jamey Abersold Harmonic...
  • Group Teaching the Cornet

    Matthew James Williams Trumpet Teacher (Harrow) Picture With lessons consisting of 7 young children and a very short amount of time it would be difficult to achieve all the ambitions of a lesson without organizing certain aspects...
  • The Nuts and Bolts of the Coolest Drum Fills

    Billy Weir Drum Kit Teacher (Birmingham) Picture As a drummer, I play in a number of bands. With one of them, we've got one set-closing number that heavily features the drums. Drummers often come up to me after gigs and ask...

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  • Warwickshire 11+ tutor Rugby for 10 year old
  • Eleven plus tutor Wirral Tutoring Experience
  • LAMDA Tutor North Surrey Experienced teacher rqd, private school
  • drama, dance and yoga coaches South East London dbs check required
  • choir teacher for school club South East London dbs check required
  • french tutor for school club Richmond area in London dbs check required
  • British sign language tutor Wiltshire Level 2
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