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A-level Chemistry

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An excellent support for A-level Chemistry

"Advanced Chemistry" by Michael Clugston and Rosalind Fleming published by OUP is an excellent...
A-level Chemistry

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A level Chemistry: which exam board?

Having taught all four A level Chemistry exams available, i.e. Edexcel, AQA, OCR and OCRSalters...
A-level Chemistry

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A-level chemistry preparation

I often get asked about recommending revision guides for chemistry. CGP (Coordination Group...
A-level Chemistry

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Exams are easy!

If I told you that exams are easy, what would you say? I haven't met too many people who agree...

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  • Soheb Alam Ponders End, EN3

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    I have worked in many schools as a teacher and in teaching support roles. I have over ten years experience of working in schools and tutoring.
  • Dr Sandip Walderslade, ME5 Gold Member

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    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I am an experienced tutor with PhD and Masters degree in Chemistry, A level examiner at the UK exam boards and teaching at the University. My knowledge and passion for teaching helps students achieving better grades in exam.
  • Sarita Masson Britwell, SL1 Gold Member

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    I am an experienced Secondary school Science teacher with a specialism in Chemistry and a passion for education. I am fully resourced for the New GCSE and New A Level specifications and cover all exam boards.
  • Charlie Serrano Carfax, OX1

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Having only just finished higher education at Oxford I think I am in a perfect position to tutor. I still remember what the syllabus is like, and more importantly, what it's like to be a student.
  • Stas Pstrokonski Ealing Broadway, W5 Gold Member

    Stas Pstrokonski Picture
    from £50.00/hr View Profile
    I am a teacher at a GCSE and Sixth Form college in Ealing. I am a Cambridge Chemical Engineering graduate. I have been tutoring since 2006. I am the host of Education Bookcast, a podcast about books in education. I also develop educational software.
  • CT Tuition Oval, SW9 Gold Member

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    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Friendly, approachable and experienced Oxford educated teacher offering GCSE/A level tuition in science and mathematics. At present I am teaching Chemistry at a top independent North London School
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A-level Chemistry Articles

  • How To Get A High Grade In A Level Chemistry

    Lorna Stanley A-level Chemistry Tutor (Newport) Picture A Level Chemistry is a lot different to GCSE. At GCSE you don't need to get a high percentage in order to get a high grade. At A level it's different. Universities will expect you to get a grade A or B and so you need to achieve at least 70% average on all your exams. That means you can't afford...
  • What Are Exam Questions Really Asking For?

    Martin Scott A-level Chemistry Tutor (Shrewsbury) Picture You will certainly have read the word at the start of exam questions but haven’t necessarily paid much attention to them and glossed over them to the “meaty” part of the question. But these first words, or command words, are very important in understanding how your answer will be marked and how...
  • 1st Class Ticket - Qualificatios in Sciences

    Eduards A-level Chemistry Tutor (South West London) Picture We all know the A level subjects often are not chosen coincidentally - there must be some reasoning to opt for, e.g. Economics instead of Chemistry. Phenomenally, today the interest or passion is not always the main obstacle for such a seemingly easy choice between any two. Margaret Thatcher,...


  • If you enjoy it you'll get it!

    Elaine Farrow A-level Chemistry Tutor (Peterborough) Picture My number one piece of advice to any pupil facing challenges in learning is to find as many ways as possible to learn or revise material. Use the internet for quizzes, worksheets and research, produce spider diagrams, posters, photos, miniclips, songs, models, or think up your own games or...
  • Successful Chemistry for School, College and Life

    Steve Palmer A-level Chemistry Tutor (Huddersfield) Picture My interest in Chemistry and the other main branches of science were stimulated by a book 'The Living World of Science', which I still have, received as a Christmas present from my grandfather at the age of 9 or 10. At grammar school my interest wavered a little at first as I initially found...
  • Best websites for A-Level Chemistry Editor's Pick

    M S Rahman A-level Chemistry Tutor (North London) Picture The following are my recommended websites for A-level...