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A-level Chemistry

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Best websites for A-Level Chemistry

The following are my recommended websites for A-level...
A-level Chemistry

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Revision Strategies

When trying to achieve high grades students should first learn all facts so that they have a...
A-level Chemistry

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Using Specifications as a Revision Resource

One of the most important course materials and revision aids that you can have is a copy of your...
A-level Chemistry

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Two recommended books for A level chemistry

The best resources for A level chemistry I have found so far have been: 1. Collins Advanced...

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  • Effective Studying of A-level Chemistry

    Dr  Beata Klejevskaja A-level Chemistry Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Chemistry is a fascinating subject which offers insights into the structure, chemical and physical properties of matter. At the same time it is one of most difficult subjects to learn. To achieve A/A* grades requires not only excellent recall of the required facts, but a thorough understanding...
  • Medicine vs's a no brainer! Editor's Pick

    Miss Deters A-level Chemistry Tutor (Bromley) Picture've got all A's and A*'s at CGSE? Great. You've even got A's at A Level? Not bad. So what do you want to do with your life? This is a difficult questions pondered by many of our bright young adults coming into the working world. With top qualifications, there will always be a push to...
  • Balancing "A" Levels against Quality of Life.

    David Chitty A-level Chemistry Tutor (Coventry) Picture Commencing the study of "A" - Levels in year 12 may be a very, very, daunting experience. The following observations and advice is offered in the hope that it may be of use to new "A" level students. Obviously you are now all "young Adults" and are probably distracted by the attractions of...


  • Understanding Chemistry

    Robert Ainsworth A-level Chemistry Tutor (Northampton) Picture Chemistry is a unified subject that requires an understanding of all 3 areas i.e. physical, organic and inorganic. It is difficult to progress in one area unless one has a thorough understanding of unifying concepts, for example electron configuration and moles. I believe in explaining to...
  • The New A Level Chemistry Specification

    Mr Jena Bala A-level Chemistry Tutor (North London) Picture Working with the new A level chemistry specification can be challenging; firstly the lack of resources and especially the lack of past papers. My advice is try a range of past papers even from other exam boards around your specific topic. The exam boards that are related are AQA and Edexcel, OCR...
  • How To Get A High Grade In A Level Chemistry

    Lorna Stanley A-level Chemistry Tutor (Newport) Picture A Level Chemistry is a lot different to GCSE. At GCSE you don't need to get a high percentage in order to get a high grade. At A level it's different. Universities will expect you to get a grade A or B and so you need to achieve at least 70% average on all your exams. That means you can't afford...