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A-level Chemistry

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Best websites for A-Level Chemistry

The following are my recommended websites for A-level...
A-level Chemistry

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Using Specifications as a Revision Resource

One of the most important course materials and revision aids that you can have is a copy of your...
A-level Chemistry

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An excellent support for A-level Chemistry

"Advanced Chemistry" by Michael Clugston and Rosalind Fleming published by OUP is an excellent...
A-level Chemistry

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Recommended text for AS/A2 Chemistry

For the past two years I have (almost) exclusively used one text book for A level Chemistry -...

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  • 1st Class Ticket - Qualificatios in Sciences

    Eduards A-level Chemistry Tutor (South West London) Picture We all know the A level subjects often are not chosen coincidentally - there must be some reasoning to opt for, e.g. Economics instead of Chemistry. Phenomenally, today the interest or passion is not always the main obstacle for such a seemingly easy choice between any two. Margaret Thatcher,...
  • If you enjoy it you'll get it!

    Elaine Farrow A-level Chemistry Tutor (Peterborough) Picture My number one piece of advice to any pupil facing challenges in learning is to find as many ways as possible to learn or revise material. Use the internet for quizzes, worksheets and research, produce spider diagrams, posters, photos, miniclips, songs, models, or think up your own games or...
  • Successful Chemistry for School, College and Life

    Steve Palmer A-level Chemistry Tutor (Huddersfield) Picture My interest in Chemistry and the other main branches of science were stimulated by a book 'The Living World of Science', which I still have, received as a Christmas present from my grandfather at the age of 9 or 10. At grammar school my interest wavered a little at first as I initially found...


  • Best websites for A-Level Chemistry Editor's Pick

    M S Rahman A-level Chemistry Tutor (North London) Picture The following are my recommended websites for A-level...
  • Poor maths skills in A-level Chemistry

    Maria Sharipo A-level Chemistry Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture There are numerous reasons for not getting the marks you wished for in a Science exam. In Biology, for example, it is often lack of detail in scientific terms and concepts or poor organization of essay-type answers. But today I would like to look at one particular problem that I encounter again...
  • Useful Textbooks for A Level Chemistry Editor's Pick

    Chris Silas A-level Chemistry Tutor (North West London) Picture There are many wonderful chemistry textbooks, although for my students I would recommend: John McMurry ‘Chemistry’. This is a very well organised textbook, which maintains students' interest across all chapters because of the well-written text, perfect illustrations and hundreds of original...