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Richard Magee A-level History Tutor (Coventry)

Richard Magee Gold Member

  • Warwick (CV34)
  • Last Logged In: 05 Jul 2015
  • Sex: Male
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Personal Message
Don't ever be scared to ask for guidance when necessary. The aim is to improve your performance and achieve the grades you need.
Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.
I set and receive work via my email address. I set work and the student emails me the finished task which I mark. Then I contact the student with comments on essay style, suggestions for improvements before I set the next task. This goes on each week of tutoring. Payment is made a week in advance.
Which subject(s) do you teach?
With my extensive experience of A level History teaching I prepare students to improve their grades and have experience of all exam boards.
Also I prepare students to sit the 11+ exam in Warwickshire and do KS2 work, especially in Maths.
Tell me about your qualifications.
I have an Economic History degree from London University. After obtaining that degree I qualified as a Teacher at Birmingham University on a one-year PGCE Course.
What kind of experience do you have?
I have been a secondary school teacher for 30 + years. I have taught GCE Sociology for nearly ten years as Head of Social Science and GCE History for longer. Also I taught GCSE History for about 20 years and 'O' and CSE levels before that. I have been Head of History at two other schools with experience as a Head of Year 10 and as an examinations secretary in the 1990s.
How much do you charge?
Basically I charge £27.50 an hour for KS2 and 11+, £27.50 for GCSE and £32.50 for A level History
Where do you teach?
I teach in students' homes where they feel more comfortable. I can travel to other towns like Leamington Spa and Stratford-Upon-Avon. The cost of petrol has meant I try to find work close to home to keep the charges down and with A level students I do more online A level History tutoring nowadays so I can help those who live a long way away via telephone and Skype.
When are you available?
I am available Monday to Thursday weekday evenings from 4pm, including school holidays, now that I have retired. With online students I have more time at my disposal.
Which ages and levels do you teach?
I have tutored students age 9 to 19. At the younger age it is mainly Maths, English and 11+ preparation. From age 11 to 18 it has been History to A level and GCSE level and I have prepared a student for the Oxford University History Test and have helped a few undergraduates with History assignments.
Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?
I have an enhanced CRB certificate.
Do you belong to any professional organisations?
I belong to the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors to aid my work as an examiner for AQA and OCR
Where and with whom did you train?
I trained at Birmingham University and did teaching practice at schools in Birmingham.
Tell me about some of your current students.
This year's 11+ students passed the exam except for one who has gone to appeal. Now I am preparing new students for the exam in September for the exam in 2015. My online A level students achieved an A grade in the recent exams.
Do you have a personal message for students?
You can only do your best at any given time. No tutor can sit an exam for you so you have to negotiate an effective approach with your tutor and stick to it. Determination, ambition and a willingness to listen to new approaches may be necessary for success.