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A-level Maths

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Revision tips for March

March is the month for not panicking! Don't panic! (Old cultural reference.) I am going to start...
A-level Maths

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Three factors for success

In my time doing and tutoring maths, I have found that for a student to be successful, three...
A-level Maths

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Ten Steps to Exam Success

I am in the unusual, if not unique, position of having failed the first year of my degree course...
A-level Maths

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Where is Number 7?

Where is number 7? No, this is not the beginning of a spy novel, but a question philosophers...

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  • Private maths tuition harrow

    Kamal Patel A-level Maths Tutor (Harrow) Picture Tow Truck Scheduled to arrive at next Tuesday, 6:00 PM The toughest part of explaining to parents and students about online tutoring is that the vast majority of people (students, parents, teachers and school administrators) who would benefit most from the new idea of on-demand one-to-one online...
  • private maths tutor harrow

    Kamal Patel A-level Maths Tutor (Harrow) Picture The most difficult chapters in an S1 statistics Edexcel course are 9) Normal distribution, 8) Discrete Random Variables and then 5) Probability. I have often found students complaining about these chapters not taught very thoroughly in the school. This has been the scenario with most of the...
  • A level maths tutor harrow

    Kamal Patel A-level Maths Tutor (Harrow) Picture Days before the exam you feel like:- Let me start revising from the beginning. Let me brush up all the chapters. But that is not the right way of doing it. You have to start with the most difficult topics first. That way you get the opportunity to dive deep into the subject straight away without...


  • Fibonnacci Sequence Greatest Common Divisors

    Angus Davidson A-level Maths Tutor (Bristol) Picture 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610... Made famous by "The Da Vinci Code", the Fibonacci sequence is very simple to construct, but has hidden depth and elegance as we will explore in this article. The first 2 terms of the sequence (f(1) and f(2) say) are "1", and subsequent...
  • Let's Exceed Expectations

    Kate Shove A-level Maths Tutor (East London) Picture As I come to the end of my education, I've been looking back and thinking about the ways I've been taught and the things I've learnt along the way outside of the curriculum. Mathematics has always been my preferred subject and I've been lucky in that it came quite naturally to me in my younger...
  • Interesting ways to teach

    Mr Noon A-level Maths Tutor (Redhill) Picture I would like to recommend the book 53 Ways to ask Questions in Mathematics and Statistics by Ruth Hubbard. It is an interesting book as it helps me as a tutor/teacher to best meet the needs of students written by an experienced teacher teacher, which can be used for students' studies as well as...