A-level Psychology

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Why Study Psychology at University

What is psychology?Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behaviour....
Corporate Finance

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Corporate Finance - an introduction

In this day and age many industries face difficult challenges and those companies associated...
Key Stage 3 Maths

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A Special Maths Day

Last Sunday was a special day. Not only did we celebrate my daughter's birthday, it also was a...
Study Skills

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Getting In The Correct Mindset

My daughter did her year 6 SAT's and she was so nervous. So I thought about the things I have...


  • Tips On French Pronunciation

    Cettina Russano GCSE French Tutor (South West London) Picture One of the difficulties related to French pronunciation is that it is not a phonetic language. In a phonetic language each letter has a single corresponding sound and spelling...
  • The Power of Geography Editor's Pick

    Emma Williams A-level Geography Tutor (South East London) Picture In 2012, Barack Obama made the (arguably) most memorable statement of his presidential career:- “The study of Geography is about more than just memorising places on a map. ...
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  • Joining a Mindfulness/Stress Management Group

    Anne Murray Meditation Teacher (Watford) Picture Would you be prepared to talk about your stresses, worries and anxieties in a Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Management group? What could possibly be the advantages of...
  • Laughter Therapy For Children Editor's Pick

    Creative Tutor Childrens Relaxation Coach (South East London) Picture I became a certified laughter yoga leader a few years back. The training was a hoot! I don't use the word 'yoga' any more, however, partly because to actively disassociate from...
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  • The Importance Of A Good Teacher

    Gabriela Secula Classical Violin Teacher (Ilford) Picture A teacher's main concern shouldn't be to only correct their pupils. Only pointing out mistakes, but not coming with a solution to solve them will not benefit the student. He...
  • Empowering people through music

    Robin Thornton Music Tutor Classical Theory/ Composition Teacher (Aberdeen) Picture Empowering people; empowering people to empower people. I was talking with a friend and they asked what teaching was like and the phrase, “Empowering people; empowering...
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  • Preventing Student Burn-out

    Dr Abayomi Stress Management Coach (East Central London) Picture Burnout has been described as a condition whereby repeated and prolonged exposure to work/task related stressors causes a person to sustain emotional, mental or physical...
  • Researching Prospective Employers Effectively

    Stephen Price Job Applications Coach (Kingston upon Thames) Picture It may sound obvious but in order to conduct an effective job search, you must know who you’re trying to reach!  One effective way is to brainstorm a Target List of...
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  • An individual approach to language learning

    Sue Caporn English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Bristol) Picture How we learn foreign languages depends on us as individuals.  We're all different, and language learning involves many elements, including the structure of the language...
  • Communication And Language Learning

    Luke Lucas Spanish (general) Tutor (York) Picture There are many different approaches to language learning, each with its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to consider which is the best way for each individual....
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  • music teachers london, surrey dbs, experience
  • piano teacher chingford, e4 dbs, previous exp
  • Acting tutor - MasterClass London MasterClass (Kevin Spacey) beginner
  • Computer Science lessons Crystal Palace (London) A-levels, previous experience a MUST
  • Economics A'level tutor Harrow,Stanmore etc Must know AQA syllabus
  • piano lessons local to Plumstead SE18 beginner -8 yr old.Will travel to tutor
  • A-Level English tutor Grove Park SE9 Degree + A-Level English exp
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