Classical Violin

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Improvisation in Mozart's Concertos

This article is an investigation into Mozart’s improvisation and ornamentation practice, with...

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The Tutors' Association,President's speech 4/6/16

This is a transcript of a speech given to The Athena Tuition conference in Edinburgh on...
Classical Guitar

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Making arrangements for the classical guitar

Making arrangements and transcriptions for the guitar and other plucked instruments is a long...
Vocal Coaching

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Breathing in our Fast Paced World

Breathing is something we are all pretty sure we can do - after all we do it every day all day...


  • History as a Pedagogical Tool

    Jonathan B. Key Stage 3 History Tutor (North West London) Picture History is widely recognized as an essential subject in a curriculum. However, it is not as widely recognized that history can be used as a tool to teach other subjects....
  • Is it ok to learn two languages at the same time?

    Christine Shen Early Years Education Tutor (North West London) Picture Bilingualism is a trendy topic these days, and many family are now bilingual. There are lots of children growing up in a bilingual or multilingual household. Some parents are...
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  • The Alexander Technique: a summary

    Jackie Coote MSTAT Alexander Technique Teacher (South West London) Picture The Alexander Technique is educational and you learn it for yourself. Any activity can be enhanced by applying the Technique and anyone of any age can benefit from having...
  • The Path Of Kindness

    Nina M Yoga Teacher (South West London) Picture My first yoga class was over ten years ago, I remember taking to the practice straight away. I went in search of something to replace my previous hobby which was Irish...
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  • The instrument called "Voice"

    Oliver Popa Vocal Coaching Tutor (South West London) Picture Even a vocal singer has an instrument. That instrument is called the "Voice". Although you cannot treat it like a normal instrument you still need to study correctly and...
  • Directional Language and Controlling Emotions

    Christopher Jacklin Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture Controlling Emotions – the power of Directional Language   We all know the frustration that can come when we “don’t feel in good voice” – especially when we can’t...
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  • The Singing Speaker

    Edward Price Public Speaking Tutor (Luton) Picture Without doubt, one of the greatest fears many people have is public speaking. Standing up in public to deliver your pitch to a scary bunch of suited executives or hoping to...
  • Why do people fear public speaking more than death

    Maureen Theaker Public Speaking Tutor (Wolverhampton) Picture Amazingly of the top 10 fears we often feel, most people will rate speaking in public as more fearful than death!  Communicating even simple ideas in front of an audience can...
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  • Linking words in French

    Annie Marrec French (general) Tutor (Bath) Picture La liaison= linking words together in spoken French: how does it work ? what is la liaison and what is its purpose ? Première partie La liaison refers to the action of...
  • Areas to work on for Accent Improvement Editor's Pick

    Philip Lowe Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (Chelmsford) Picture Accent Improvement - areas to work on First of all, I prefer to refer to “accent improvement”, rather than “accent reduction, neutralising or softening” – it seems more...
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