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A-level Physics

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The Power of Private Tuition

Physics can be a daunting subject, however, with the right instruction, it can be rewarding and...
University Music

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Does opera have a future?

Does opera have a future? Or is it now an art form of the past? How might we (re)define it in...
A-level Art

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Our relationship with objects

Below is an extract of my proposal for the research which I am currently setting out on at New...
A-level English

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Jeffrey's Rochester: 'Libertine' or 'philosopher'

It is the general consensus that poet John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, also known as the original...

Fresh Articles

  • Recommended Books and Website For 11+ English

    B sharma Key Stage 2 English Tutor (Chelmsford) Picture As a 11+ Tutor, to teach English subject to students to prepare them for their 11plus exam, I would highly recommend to use Bonds Comprehension, Letts English Key Stage 2 books and Schofield & Sims(English Skills 1 -6). For online study, I would highly recommend to use
  • Online practice or paper based practice?

    B sharma 11+ exam Tutor (Chelmsford) Picture When there are only 3-4 weeks left until the actual 11+ exam, it is a good idea to consider moving from online test practise to paper-based practise. This is because the real exams are paper based only, and students need to get into the habit of writing faster.
  • The importance of music with Special Needs

    Michelle C Gibson Special Needs Music Teacher (Wolverhampton) Picture   In my 18 years of teaching, I have seen a decline in the significance of Music as a National Curriculum subject in schools.  It fills me with indignation that it is one of the first subjects to be neglected when it's time for 'SATS' or anything else deemed as more important! The National...
  • Some General Principles in Teaching or tutoring

    Aurelian Sipos A-level Maths Tutor (Croydon) Picture No learner can become a successful mathematician unless he fights a hard battle on his own behalf. But it doesn’t mean that mathematical teaching is not necessary. For all pupils it is fundamentally necessary, and above all things the teaching must be clear. As a tutor, you should strive day by...
  • A Level Biology Inspired Me

    Roya Esat A-level Biology Tutor (Enfield) Picture A Level Biology inspired me to continue my studies in Life Sciences at Graduate and Postgraduate level. At no point in my life has it been more evident how important good teaching is. I was in awe of my A level Biology teachers who made learning fun and active. The skills I saw them use are some...
  • Instrumental tuition for pupils with SEN

    Michelle C Gibson Special Needs Music Teacher (Wolverhampton) Picture Some individuals display the narrow-minded view that children with Special needs such as autism are 'unable' to learn to play a musical instrument. My position as an experienced teacher of 18 years is that this is an unfounded and out-dated point of view. Why shouldn't pupils with specific needs...
  • 3 Steps to Exam Ready

    Catherine Elliston A-level English Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Having graduated in June, I've been through the exam machine very recently, and in the last few years of my life I've had to prepare for almost 100 exams. As a consequence, I've perfected an exam strategy that works for me. Now, importantly, this is not a one size fits all model, but with little...
  • Materials Science Personal Statement

    Gaby A-level Physics Tutor (Oxford) Picture When applying to university, it is important that your personal statement demonstrates your sincere interest in the subject, and also some of your personality! Here is an example of what a materials science personal statement could look like: "All 3 branches of science have been a source of...
  • Engagement in Maths ... Or How Many Ice-creams?

    Simon Hirst Key Stage 2 Maths Tutor (Exeter) Picture I believe success in tuition is achieved when students are engaged and the tutor uses a range of methods and strategies for each topic. With this in mind, here are some questions for A-Level maths ... or may be GCSE or KS3 or KS2 maths ... If you can buy an ice-cream with 2 scoops and there's...
  • what IS mathematics

    Mark McQuade A-level Maths Tutor (Redhill) Picture Most people have studied maths for at least 10 years of their lives. Emotional reactions to it vary. It's almost fashionable for some people to say "I hate maths". It's fairly unlikely that the same person would announce they hate reading. However, my experience is that very few people can...

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  • English & Maths Tutor Ilford, Essex GCSE
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  • CREO (DT) OCR Product Design Central London nr Baker St Year 11 GCSE
  • key stage 2 maths tutor bolsover 10 year old
  • bsc banking and finance tutor Leicester 2nd year undergraduate student
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