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GCSE Geography

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Improving the uptake of Geography at GCSE

The importance of geography is clearly documented. It is a subject with the ability to provide...
GCSE English

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How to Write an Intro to a Comparative Essay

Often my GCSE students are thrown when they first find themselves confronted by an essay asking...
A-level Art

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Our relationship with objects

Below is an extract of my proposal for the research which I am currently setting out on at New...
GCSE French

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Strategies for improving understanding

Strategies for understanding (reading and listening) Read the questions first Start by...

Fresh Articles

  • Writing a Good Essay

    David Gunning Key Stage 3 English Tutor (Uxbridge) Picture Writing a Good Essay Everyone knows that all essays need an introduction, a "middle bit" and a conclusion. But how long should the introduction be? What is supposed to go in the middle bit? What is the point of rehashing everything in a conclusion? And worst of all for most students - how on...
  • The Basics of the Eleven Plus Process

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture The Eleven Plus Process ! Places at Top Grammar Schools have now been seen as the Holy Grail of many parents. My sincere advice is to start the process early. Definitely by the start of Year 4 the process should begin. There are a set of Disciplines that need to be thoroughly mastered in order...
  • The Costs of the Eleven Plus Process

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture The Eleven Plus Process - The Costs Parents serious about Eleven Plus success take the time to sit down and think about the costs involved. If successful there is a lot of money to be saved in the long run. The formula that I have personally used to get good results involved two sessions a week...
  • Entrance Exam Format

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture Some schools are seen as The Holy Grail of the Grammar School System ! Having had multiple successes with getting students into QE Boys' I thought I would try my hand at getting someone into the girl's equivalent. My student just sat their exam this morning at 8am. I really believe in taking the...
  • How To Remember

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture How to remember ! Revise it after one hour You will remember it for one day.  Revise it again after one day You will remember it for one week Revise it again after one week You will remember it for the next month Revise it again after one month You should remember it for a year If you revise it...
  • An example of a good abstract

    Katharine O University Law Tutor (East London) Picture Writing a good abstract is an important skill. It is this piece of writing that will hopefully entice a reader to look up the full text of the dissertation. Below is the abstract of my Law dissertation. The text of the dissertation, based on extensive research, is held in the Middlesex...
  • How much maths is there in a game of football?

    Raj Batra GCSE Maths Tutor (North West London) Picture My favourite aspect of maths is its problem-solving ability. I get tremendous satisfaction from using maths to obtain useful, accurate information and from communicating it precisely. For example, if we think about a football game (as many of us watched last year with great interest during the...
  • A trick to learn French !

    Simcha Parienti A-level French Tutor (North West London) Picture It is shown by scientific studies that one needs a special kind of motivation to learn a language, which mainly comes from two different sources: need and pleasure. The more important this motivation is, the quicker and the better one will learn the language. Now the question is, if you need to...
  • The rise of internationalisation in Japan

    AnneMarie Study Skills Tutor (Twickenham) Picture An investigation into the rise of English-medium instruction (EMI) in Japanese universities and the implications for EAP Japanese universities are following a global trend towards ‘internationalisation’, incentivising its universities to use English as the medium of instruction with the aim of...
  • How to achieve a higher grade in GCSE Maths

    Mr N Darr GCSE Maths Tutor (Enfield) Picture Many of my students ask me how they can improve their GCSE grade. My basic advice is for you to practice what you learn in class as this will make you more confident in answering exam style questions. Buy a revision guide and workbook based on the exam board you are entered for at school....

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