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GCSE Maths

Editor's Pick

Why one-on-one tuition is so important

Many people are, from personal experience, staunch proponents of the one-on-one tutoring model....
GCSE Physics

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Coping with calculations

People convince themselves that you need to be good at Maths to be good at Physics, but they are...
GCSE Drama

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Neelands Knows His Stuff! (book recommendation)

Structuring Drama Work by Professor Jonathan Neelands (April 26, 1990 (1994 revised) Cambridge...
A-level Chemistry

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Best websites for A-Level Chemistry

The following are my recommended websites for A-level...

Fresh Articles

  • 11+ Basics

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture 11+ Basics The Eleven Plus Process ! Places at Top Grammar Schools have now been seen as the Holy Grail of many parents. My sincere advice is to start the process early. Definitely by the start of Year 4 the process should begin. There are a set of disciplines that need to be thoroughly mastered...
  • 11+ Costs

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture 11+ Costs ! The Eleven Plus Process - The Costs Parents serious about Eleven Plus success take the time to sit down and think about the costs involved. If successful there is a lot of money to be saved in the long run. The formula that I have personally used to get good results involved two...
  • Henrietta Barnett Success !

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture Some schools are seen as The Holy Grail of the Grammar School System. Having had multiple successes with getting students into QE Boys',  I thought it appropriate to try my hand at getting a student into the girls' equivalent. Henrietta Barnett ! This is a tough nut to crack for most tutors...
  • Remember !

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture How to remember ! Revise it after one hour You will remember it for one day.  Revise it again after one day You will remember it for one week Revise it again after one week You will remember it for the next month Revise it again after one month You should remember it for a year If you revise it...
  • Grammar School - Ready, Steady, Go!

    Claire Anderson 11+ exam Tutor (South East London) Picture Preparing your child for the 11+ exams is best started as early as possible, so preparation has a 'little and often' approach.  It is an anxious time for parents as they start to worry about which secondary school their child will go to, but it is important for your child to prepare for the...
  • If you enjoy it you'll get it!

    Elaine Farrow A-level Chemistry Tutor (Peterborough) Picture My number one piece of advice to any pupil facing challenges in learning is to find as many ways as possible to learn or revise material. Use the internet for quizzes, worksheets and research, produce spider diagrams, posters, photos, miniclips, songs, models, or think up your own games or...
  • Mastery Level Maths

    Viyshali S Kanbi Key Stage 2 Maths Tutor (Harrow) Picture Maths is a subject that children often find daunting to learn. Maths can be taught in a number of ways; be it outdoor learning, creatively and practical. Maths should allow the children to explore the use of numbers and relate it back to the real world. Children can explore elements of maths...
  • Toughest changes hit London Schools in Sep 2016!

    Kamal Patel GCSE Maths Tutor (Harrow) Picture Toughest changes hit Maths curriculum in London Schools from September 2016!  Dear Parents / students, Yes, you read that right! Let me explain. My new scheme of work requires me to teach Factorising Quadratic expressions to year 7 and year 8 students!! Are you joking? Well, No. I am not. Until...
  • The Power of Art and Thinking Outside the Canon Editor's Pick

    Lydia Kaye History of Art Tutor (West Central London) Picture Art is evidence of human imagination, human fears, desires, anxieties and passions. Whether it is the intricate drawings on a cave wall from pre-historic times, or a huge Renaissance fresco in a church. Throughout history, the things that human beings have created tell a story about human...
  • Exam Essays: Put Yourself in the Marker's Shoes

    G A Potts University English Tutor (North West London) Picture With the new academic year just beginning, exam season seems a long way off. However, having spent much time earlier this summer marking papers, exam technique has been on my mind a lot over the past few months, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to articulate some thoughts and...

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