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A-level English

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Journey's End: The Tension of the Journey

Here's a sample A-level-style essay I have written which explores R. C. Sherriff's handling of dramatic tension in... More »
A-level Physics

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Further Reading for A-level Physics

Richard Feynman believed if a topic could not be explained at a first year undergraduate level, it was not fully... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Concepts in Physics, Concepts in Science,

    David Chitty A-level Physics Tutor (Coventry) Picture
         Students frequently complain that many concepts in science are very difficult to understand, after all how often do we go the supermarket and ask for a graphite pencil as distinct to a "lead pencil" ? Why in "every day speak", do we refer to "acceleration", meaning going faster, when in...
  • How to write an Excellent Dissertation

    Hemant Agrawal MBA Tutor (West London) Picture
    How to write an Excellent Dissertation             A dissertation, also known as thesis is a documented work submitted by a scholar for the partial fulfilment of a professional qualification or academic degree to present the scholar’s research and findings on a specific topic....
  • Coping with ADD/ADHD, diagnosed or suspected Editor's Pick

    Cathy Bear ADD/ ADHD Tutor (South West London) Picture
    When I was growing up, concentrating on things was always difficult. It made me disruptive to other students and it made me look lazy, as it's hard to motivate yourself to work when you know you won't be able to keep your focus for more than a few minutes. I was distracted by everything. A...
  • Confidence Is The Key With Exams

    James Bone A-level English Tutor (South West London) Picture
    The thought of an upcoming exam you’re not quite prepared for, or writing an essay on a subject you may not fully understand has been a daunting situation for us all at some point in our academic life. No matter how many hours we bury our heads in the books there are occasions when the light...
  • Economics - Externalities - Revision Sheet

    Giovanna Davitti, PhD A-level Economics Tutor (North London) Picture
    Essential background knowledgePerfectly working markets create socially optimal allocationsMPB (D) = p = MPC (S) socially optimal iffMSB = MPB and MSC = MPC DefinitionAn externality arises when the action of one or more economic actors affects directly the utility function of another actorNOTE:...
  • Stress And Depressive Behaviours

    Emma Isabella Makdessi Neuroscience Tutor (North London) Picture
    Major depression is a debilitating disorder with a lifetime prevalence of 15%, the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide, and involves profound socioeconomic consequences. Epidemiological and economic data place depression as the most costly brain disorder in Europe, estimated to cost 76...
  • How to pass the 11+

    Mr.Tyley 11+ exam Tutor (South East London) Picture
    To pass the 11+, one need only try one's best, and recognise the achievement you have made;  Educational achievement should not be judged by summative tests alone.   Amassing knowledge is not the be all and end all, according to Solomon, and Solomon inspired Judaism, Rastafarian, and is...
  • Advice for students

    Dr Sandip A-level Applied Science Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    Learning is a lifelong process. Learn to gain knowledge where high grade should be the output of this process. Learning a subject just to achieve high grade wouldn't help you in longer run. With my experience in industry and academia, I have seen many catastrophic failures simply because of this...
  • Tenses In French!

    Rachel Ger GCSE French Tutor (North West London) Picture
    English students always seem to struggle with the French Grammar. They can't seem to understand the difference between the perfect and imperfect tense. The conditional is confusing and as soon as they hear of the 'subjonctive' they decide to drop French! I believe that if the tenses are...
  • Main Types Of Organic Reactions & Mechanisms

    Dr. C. Boes A-level Chemistry Tutor (Northampton) Picture
    Three main types of organic reactions:- Substitution- Elimination- Addition (on double bond)(Oxidation/Reduction -> inorganic)(acid base reaction (salt formation) -> inorganic) Three main organic reaction mechanisms:- nucelophilic (likes positive charges)- electrophilic (likes...

0-11 years

11-18 years

  • Learning English the Hard Way: The Story of Carlo

    Gordon Jackson GCSE English Tutor (Canterbury) Picture
    Carlos is thirty-one years old. He comes from a small city in Colombia. He is an intelligent and friendly young man with a strong desire to...
  • Quotes

    Stathis Stefanidis, Director A-level Physics Tutor (West London) Picture
      "Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach" Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC)   "Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert...

Special Needs/Other

  • Writing better essays

    Essay Writing Tutor (Brighton) Picture
    A good essay, like a good book, tells a story, with its argument leading the reader towards an apparently inevitable conclusion. This narrative...
  • An Effective Online Teacher

    siobhanmn Study Skills Tutor (Belfast) Picture
    Teaching online is a rewarding yet difficult job. The best way to be an effective one is to first be an online student like I have been. This way...

Higher Education

  • Effect of Financial Crisis 2007/2008 on China

    Kamal G University Finance Tutor (Uxbridge) Picture
    1)      Introduction The Chinese capital and labour markets have benefited tremendous economic growth and prosperity from the communist...
  • Music In Life

    Mari Carmen University Music Tutor (Bristol) Picture
    "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." Plato Whether you are interested in...

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  • English Tutor Farnborough, Hants Year 8 child - with dyslexia
  • A'Level Eng. Language-CIE9093 online, skype, email only Plan for course study+tutor marking requ.
  • Physics IB higher year12 London Teacher who knows well the IB exams
  • maths chemistry physics tutor Near Barnet/ london A level
  • A Level Environmental Studies online or West Wales AQA revision help
  • MATHS KS2 tutor clapham/ wandsworth mature teacher for bright 9 year old
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