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Academic Articles by Private Tutors

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A-level English

Editor's Pick

The Importance of Combating Apathy in Learning

When it comes to school, being an enthusiastic learner doesn’t usually earn many cool points. However, growing up... More »
A-level English

Editor's Pick

AO4 and textual analysis for A level English

Assessment Objectives (AOs) are the curse of the A level student. In order to maintain a “fair” marking policy, exam... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Common Entrance Geography

    Ben Burbank 13+ exam (Common Entrance) Tutor (Oxford) Picture
    Common Entrance provides a broad, interesting and challenging platform for further study in this subject. There are a wide range of topics covered including plate tectonics, geomorphology, weather and climate and economic activities. The best teaching allows exploration of the subject, for...
  • Book Review: Mathematical Models

    Sam Jenkins A-level Maths Tutor (South East London) Picture
    Mathematical Models H M Cundy and A P Rollett This book, which by now must be regarded as a classic, encourages the student (or teacher) to get pencil, paper, scissors and glue to explore Mathematics in a practical way. The section on models in plane geometry contains discussions on loci and...
  • Maths is not difficult, just tricky

    Graham Prior GCSE Maths Tutor (Southampton) Picture
    Confidence and understanding are often the things missing  for students of Maths. My method, is to base anything new, on previously learned material and to use terminology that we use in everyday life, rather than specialist words. This helps to boost confidence as students begin to understand...
  • Tips on how to study effectively Editor's Pick

    Dr Richard Williams Study Skills Tutor (North London) Picture
    Whether you are preparing for an exam or writing a dissertation, studying alone and in your own head can be a tough challenge, especially for long periods at a time.On a good day you might be able to go for hours without a break - taking in every word with attention and clarity. But then you...
  • SAT 2 Maths (Math Subject Test) Editor's Pick

    Dr Alex Roberts American Exams Tutor (North West London) Picture
    With more and more UK students deciding to cast their net wider and apply for US colleges we find an increase in the number of students needing to find a way to prepare for the Collegeboard SATs. In this article I will approach the issue of students hoping to gain a place at a college for a...
  • To be or Not To Be Bilingual Editor's Pick

    Helen Westlake GCSE French Tutor (South West London) Picture
    I was brought up in London by my English father and Brazilian mother, who chose to send me to school at the Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulles, where I was educated from ages 3 until 16 in French and following the French curriculum. This gave me a steady platform of language skills on which I...
  • Perseverance - a Formula for Success

    Yem Key Stage 1 Maths Tutor (Colchester) Picture
    This is my motto in life; I adhered to this throughout my study years and subsequently in my everyday working and family life. Whilst this was easy for me when I took my professional exams as an an adult, I found it really difficult trying to get my young daughter to follow this during her 11...
  • In your exam, remember RTFQ

    Dr Michael Goodband A-level Physics Tutor (Luton) Picture
    It can be frustrating for teachers and tutors when their students don’t get the marks they deserve because they haven’t read the exam questions properly. Students can rush through a question, jump to the wrong conclusion and end up answering the wrong question. It is perfectly natural for nerves...
  • The Benefits of Understanding Mathematics

    Andrea Fairbairn A-level Maths Tutor (Guildford) Picture
    Mathematics is a fascinating subject which teaches students to think clearly and logically. It is impossible to be a ‘woolly thinker’ in Maths, which is one of the reasons it is highly prized as a qualification. In our present age, where emotions and self-expression are often prioritised, it...
  • Online tutoring portals

    David Beck A-level English Tutor (Swindon) Picture
    Evotuition and other Online Tutoring Agencies.   There are a number of portals and websites advertising online tutoring including, for example, Evotuition. The big advantage is that they enable tutors and students to match up regardless of where they live and with a high level of security for...

0-11 years

11-18 years

Special Needs/Other

  • Fly a kite, or, How to make everything easier Editor's Pick

    Deirdre Ruane Study Skills Tutor (East London) Picture
    Imagine being told to memorise the following phrases, along with a dozen more like them: 'A seashore is a better place than a street.' 'Birds...
  • Why Have A Tutor?

    Sarah Francis Special Educational Needs (SEN) Tutor (South West London) Picture
    Why have a Tutor, isn’t the school day long enough?As a class teacher, many parents have come to me in complete despair and questioned if the...

Higher Education

Tutors Wanted

  • ACCA F7 tutor Birmingham - Online via Skype Qualified accountant
  • Computing-Python & JS/jQUERY Lewisham GCSE/AS/A2
  • math tutor carshalton beeches 7 year old with dyspraxia and ASD
  • Dissertation help london/ online via skype advanced/ university level
  • CIMA strategic case study Leighton Buzzard 2015 Syllabus, 2 x half days or 1 x full
  • Health & Social Care Tutor Berkshire or Buckinghamshire L3 BTEC Yr 1
  • creative writing tutor staines 10 yr old for 11+ exams
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