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A-level Geography

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10 Interesting Geography Facts

Some interesting geography facts for you: - The worlds smallest country is the Vatican City at only 0.2 square... More »
Key Stage 2 Maths

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Make Maths Real, Make it Tactile and Visual

I'm the mother of three sons (aged 18, 20 and 22) and step-mum to another two, so I know a thing or two about kids.... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Learn the language, but not just for the exam

    Liliane GCSE French Tutor (North London) Picture
    Hi, everyone I have always believed learning a language is not merely about studying it in school, but you should make contact with that country's lifestyle by reading internet articles, watching foreign films and plunging into its culture. Perhaps you cannot afford to go there, but do make...
  • Advice for students

    Dr Sandip A-level Chemistry Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    Learning is a lifelong process. Learn to gain knowledge where high grade should be the output of this process. Learning a subject just to achieve high grade wouldn't help you in longer run. With my experience in industry and academia, I have seen many catastrophic failures simply because of this...
  • The Importance Of Gaining A "Feel" For Science

    Mr. Hartree A-level Physics Tutor (Twickenham) Picture
    Before I qualified as a teacher I did a little tutoring for a group of Year 12 physics students. One of them asked me to "explain voltage". On the face of it this seemed a strange question for someone at this stage to be asking, since voltage is supposed to be covered at GCSE. As I started to...
  • Practicing your French in London

    Laila GCSE French Tutor (West London) Picture
    My son has moved from a London French school to an English school whilst our daughter has only ever attended English schools. Yet, they both speak French fluently. A lot of people assume that this is because we speak French all the time but we don't. What we do is that we try and incorporate...
  • Virtue Ethics (tutorial plan sample)

    Dr Thomas Giourgas A-level Philosophy Tutor (Edinburgh) Picture
    Virtue ethics' central concepts, virtue, practical wisdom and eudaimonia It suffered a momentary eclipse during the nineteenth century but re-emerged in the late 1950's in Anglo-American philosophy. Anscombe: Modern Moral Philosophy à crystallized an increasing dissatisfaction with the forms...

    Camilla Otaki at Otaki Tuition GCSE English Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    PLANNING A PARAGRAPH  /  AN ESSAY People often ask me how they should start a piece of writing, or how they should structure an essay. The tips below offer a simple set of instructions to follow the next time you feel stuck.  These instructions will help you to focus on key points, explain...

    Camilla Otaki at Otaki Tuition 11+ exam Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    11+ PLANNING PRACTICE     Allow yourself no more than ten minutes for each plan.   Your plan needs: a)    a basic outline using 3 or 4 bullet points b)   some useful details for each point c)    a short list of suitable vocabulary (words and phrases)    1.A letter to your...
  • How to achieve success in Maths exams

    Mr Vikram A-level Maths Tutor (Ilford) Picture
    A number of students are concerned and anxious about the grade will achieve in their Maths exams. Having tutored for more than 8 years and seen students of varied ability levels, my advise to all is actually quite straight forward - practice, practice and more practice. Maths is a skill which...
  • Investment by Bodie, Kane and Marcus

    Muhammad A University Finance Tutor (West Central London) Picture
    This book covers the portfolio Diversification, Portfolio Management, Ris Manangement, and explain how portfolio can be constructed. This book helps students at undergraduate and postgraduate level and recommended book by the UK universities for finance studies to students. At the successful...
  • The wider context of German Anti-Semitism

    Dr Judith Rowbotham A-level History Tutor (West London) Picture
    Preparing for the Holocaust? Pre-Nazi Anti-Semitism in Germany   When studying incidents which, in their horror, are unimaginable by any normal standards – where something only becomes believable because of the proofs in the historical record – the topic becomes so huge that the temptation...

0-11 years

  • Magic Dust

    Mr.Tyley 11+ exam Tutor (South East London) Picture
      It is said the first hundred high frequency words make up 25% of the words we use.  That means there is a place for teaching the high...
  • A Child Prodigy - The Sum of Integers Editor's Pick

    Carl 11+ exam Tutor (Reading) Picture
    Imagine an 8-year-old child at primary school showing his maths teacher a better way to add numbers from 1 to 100 (i.e. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4. . . . . 99...

11-18 years

Special Needs/Other

  • Why I am a Dyslexia Tutor

    Stella Rainbow Dyslexia Tutor (Dudley) Picture
    I love private tuition. I undertook additional training as a dyslexia specialist after years of English teaching and one to one tuition. I'd...
  • Learning Through Movement

    Janina B-S Study Skills Tutor (North London) Picture
    It is known that there are various learning types. Some people find it easier to remember things through visualisation, some prefer reading things...

Higher Education

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  • English KS3/GCSE teacher Harrow Qualified teacher, DBS checked
  • KS1 teacher Harrow Qualified teacher, DBS checked
  • KS2 teacher Harrow Qualified teacher, DBS checked
  • Biology A Level teacher Harrow Qualified teacher, DBS checked
  • Chemistry A Level teacher Harrow Qualified teacher, DBS checked
  • Philosophy of Religion tutor London A2, OCR board, for my son
  • 7+ and 8+ tutors wanted London Must have experience and DBS
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