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A-level English

Editor's Pick

Must Read: Troublesome Words

For anyone who has ever had to write an essay (and that's almost everybody, I'm sure) I cannot recommend a book more... More »
A-level English

Editor's Pick

Seeing the Anxiety and Learning How to Reduce it

“Writing is boring, hard work and I always make mistakes.” This is what my nine years old student told me at the... More »

Fresh Articles

  • A* Passage answer: 'Importance of Being Earnest'

    Kathy Davies 11+ exam Tutor (Gloucester) Picture
    What do you think makes this such a memorably comic moment in the play? Support your ideas with details from Wilde’s writing. (KEY WORDS underlined – make sure you use them) This extract occurs in Algy’s London apartment, immediately after Jack has proposed to Gwendolen. Lady Bracknell is...
  • A lasting love for Creative Writing

    Rhys Merriman 11+ exam Tutor (North London) Picture
    Too often children are fiercely reminded to remember their full-stops and capital letters, and their writing content isn’t celebrated or given the attention it deserves. Understandably, some children lose their confidence and stop writing for pleasure.    I recognise that punctuation can’t...

    Camilla Otaki at Otaki Tuition 11+ exam Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    PRIVATE TUITION FOR THE ELEVEN PLUS – the truth   Why do people get so hot under the collar about private tuition?  A standard response is that private tuition gives an unfair advantage to those who can afford it.  I see the point but I think it is one-sided.   Can one sensibly argue...

    Camilla Otaki at Otaki Tuition 11+ exam Tutor (Rochester) Picture
      PREPARING YOUR CHILD FOR ENGLISH AT ELEVEN PLUS or COMMON ENTRANCE   by Camilla Otaki   As a parent, how do you react to the following scenario?   A child sits in a classroom all day, Monday to Friday.  On returning home, she does her homework.  On Saturday, she goes to a tuition centre....
  • Enthusing Pupils and Enhancing Confidence

    Mr. Sankofa Key Stage 3 Maths Tutor (South East London) Picture
    I recently attended a CPD session where the aim was to help maths facilitatorswho want to nurture confident, creative and enthusiastic learners. During the first day facilitators were told to state the problems that worried them most. By and large, colleagues wanted to know how to engage pupils,...
  • Nature versus Nurture: which is more powerful? Editor's Pick

    Joseph Folwell A-level Human Biology Tutor (East London) Picture
    Genetics is a central theme to any biology course, but one of the key questions surrounding modern day genetics is just how much of who we are is determined by our genes. Are we in control of who we are, or have our genes already determined that for us? Are we all born exactly the same? Are...
  • Seeing the Anxiety and Learning How to Reduce it Editor's Pick

    Sofia Ruge A-level English Tutor (South East London) Picture
    “Writing is boring, hard work and I always make mistakes.” This is what my nine years old student told me at the start of my first day of tutoring. He opened his English notebook and it was covered in red marks and scribbles. “You see? I'm always wrong and they say so in school.” Most of the...
  • Graduate-entry medics make way for undergraduates

    Felix Gill A-level Biology Tutor (South West London) Picture
    After increasing for the last 15 years, the number of places on graduate-entry medical programmes in the UK has fallen this year. Having developed in order increase the diversity of students and in doing so widen access to the medical profession, these programmes provide a fast-track four-year...
  • Pre-Tests and Interviews - Some Tips

    Edmund Lovatt 11+ exam Tutor (Oxford) Picture
    An increasing number of public schools now pre assess for conditional places when pupils are in years six or seven.  There are usually three parts to this process, each of which is likely to carry broadly equal weight (although each school will have a minimum academic standard that all...
  • Writing An Essay Which Will Get You High Marks

    Paul Grace GCSE English Tutor (Manchester) Picture
    Many students studying GCSE English will be writing essays on and off from now until June and so will need as much help in planning and writing. It is important to have a very reliable structure in place so that you can write essays with interesting and convincing content, the type that will get...

0-11 years

11-18 years

  • 2014: Biology has more top marks than Chemistry

    Steven A-level Biology Tutor (South West London) Picture
    Once again Further mathematics had the highest proportion of students gaining an A* with 26.5% of those taking the subject achieving the highest...
  • Use your imagination!

    Dr David Chalmers A-level Maths (Further) Tutor (North London) Picture
    Solving quadratic equations has been an important aspect of mathematics since Babylonian times, 3000 years ago. However, as you’re no doubt...

Special Needs/Other

  • How to Plan an Essay

    Dr Anna Watson Essay Writing Tutor (Hull) Picture
    One sentence is all you need for a good essay! A good sentence is all about grammar. There are rules that link the different parts of the...
  • Why are so many children struggling?

    Elaine Barnes Handwriting Tutor (Nottingham) Picture
    Despite our modern reliance on computer keyboards, the ability to write in a clear and legible style is still vitally important in our society....

Higher Education

  • Composers And The 1848 Revolutions Editor's Pick

    Rebecca Music University Music Tutor (North West London) Picture
    In the years leading up to 1848, there was much political tension throughout Europe for various reasons. Europe throughout the 19th century was...
  • Review Of A Linguistics Paper

    Karolina Zielinska University Linguistics Tutor (Oxford) Picture
    Review of the paper Teaching and researching very young learners: “They are unpredictable” The paper Teaching and researching very young...

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  • A-level English (AQA) Tutor Harrow Home tutor, £20/hr+travel,>60hrs, ASAP
  • GCSE Triple Science tutor Waltham Forest, Leyton DBS required, less than £20
  • Geology Chelmsford Geology A level tutor - OCR
  • Maths Tutor Northolt, W London 13 plus scholorship
  • French Tutor London A level
  • visual basic tutor Bromley GCSE computer science yr 10 girl age 15
  • Quantity Surveying Tutor Halifax, West Yorkshire Advanced level QS knowledge
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