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GCSE Maths

Editor's Pick

A Favourite, Elegant and Useful Technique in Maths

A brilliant and powerful tool for finding the cumulative total of a linear sequence is to use the mean average... More »
A-level Physics

Editor's Pick

Maths: The Most Necessary Evil of Necessary Evils

I remember preparing for my A-Level physics exams and being horrified by the amount of maths I had to learn. I felt... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Poetry - Essay and Commentary approach

    Catherine Hamilton A-level English Tutor (North West London) Picture
    In this article I will be demonstrating a possible approach to the poetry of Philip Larkin. I will also be demonstrating an approach to an unseen commentary on the poem 'Long Distance II' by Tony Harrison.  'Ritual in Philip Larkin's Collected Poems' The multifaceted nature of ritual, its...
  • Taking the Fear Out of Maths

    Martin Sterry GCSE Maths Tutor (Wakefield) Picture
    'I'm rubbish at Maths' is one of the phrases I hear most often from prospective students. Many students, both young people and adults have a real fear of Maths. Here are some teaching strategies for taking the fear factor out of Maths.1. Make it fun - you are teaching Maths because you have a...
  • The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cotterell

    Susan Butler Study Skills Tutor (Chelmsford) Picture
    I thoroughly recommend this user-friendly, comprehensive guide to students planning to go to University. It covers everything from time management to critical thinking and provides an excellent starting point to developing the independent approach required of university students.
  • Revit is coming to ....everywhere near you

    Fotis Rese Architecture Tutor (West London) Picture
    Architecture is not about drafting is about adding intelligence in our everyday life....   The way architects work is now changing. Drawings are no longer the geometrical building representations only. The traditional CAD methods required nothing more that drafting lines on screen are in...
  • Play Or Fail: The Importance Of Games Editor's Pick

    Sage University Philosophy Tutor (South West London) Picture
    “Games are only for children or idiots!” was an opinion I met regularly when teaching English to businesspeople in Russia. Admittedly, few actually said that, but most of my adult students thought it to some degree. After all, the idea spending serious study time playing spot-the-difference or...
  • learning all about modern warfare..

    Pete Goodland A-level History Tutor (Sheffield) Picture
    This IGCSE unit was fascinating. All the more so given that I knew little of the subject and suggested to the students we do the League of Nations, the Cold War or something I actually knew something about! Still, never one to shirk a challenge.. it was onward and upward - most appropriate with...
  • directing Lyistrata, or, at least, trying to

    Pete Goodland A-level Expressive Arts Tutor (Sheffield) Picture
    Setting ? Let's go for 1963 Mod and Rockers. How about the Cuban Missile Crisis? 'Cuban what?' replied one ( she wasn't studying history ). In the round, on a prom, chips and ice cream vendors, primary colours; the girls in bright pleated frocks; beehives and bobs; the blokes in black leather...
  • A Favourite, Elegant and Useful Technique in Maths Editor's Pick

    Alex Nicholl GCSE Maths Tutor (North London) Picture
    A brilliant and powerful tool for finding the cumulative total of a linear sequence is to use the mean average calculation in reverse. If that sounds complicated, then let me assure you it isn't! For example, if we wanted to find the sum of all numbers from 1 to 100 it would be quite a tedious...
  • Composers And The 1848 Revolutions Editor's Pick

    Rebecca Music University Music Tutor (East Central London) Picture
    In the years leading up to 1848, there was much political tension throughout Europe for various reasons. Europe throughout the 19th century was not geographically the same as it is today. It was split into different groups of countries, each with its own governing body. This was hugely unpopular...
  • The Challenges Facing BAe Systems

    Shafiq Fakir University Business Tutor (West London) Picture
    BAe Systems is involved in defence, security and aerospace. Defence contracts account for the bulk of revenues of a firm which in 2012 was ranked the second largest defence contractor in the world by revenue. In analysing the challenges faced by BAe, externally, internally and from stakeholders,...

0-11 years

11-18 years

  • 'Inherited' Responsibilities

    Ágnes A-level Biology Tutor (Bromley) Picture
    During my university studies and teaching experience I have realized there is a new tool in future generations' hand to solve many of the problems...
  • How important is handwriting?

    Philippa Briscoe GCSE English Tutor (Luton) Picture
    When I first started teaching I didn’t put much emphasis on handwriting. As long as I was able to read the work then I was happy, after all, how...

Special Needs/Other

  • Dyslexia- what is it? Editor's Pick

    Mrs Moya Kirton Dyslexia Tutor (Coventry) Picture
    What is Dyslexia?  A lady called out to me, 'Dyslexia is a curse'! A colleague and I were giving a talk on dyslexia at Remploy, a centre to help...
  • How to Write an Essay Editor's Pick

    Laura Pasternack Essay Writing Tutor (West London) Picture
    With so many essays available for purchase at the touch of a button, you might wonder what the point is in learning how to write a great essay....

Higher Education

  • Learning How To Learn

    Phil CloudTutoring University Educational Studies Tutor (Northampton) Picture
    Tutor impact on a student's progress and achievement is colossal. A good tutor works hard with their student to plan and set targets to progress...
  • Making a strong application to Medical School

    Linda Penney University Entrance Coaching (Milton Keynes) Picture
    Making a strong application to Medical School As the 15th October deadline approaches, if you are an applicant for an ‘early entry’ degree...

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  • French Tutor for GCSE London N8 For my son - he is doing GCSE in French
  • 11+ exam and SATS Enfield For 10 year old
  • KS1 Maths Tutor wanted East London 1-1, CRB, KS1, KS2
  • Tutor wanted for Dyspraxia Oxford 17 year old one to one study skills
  • GCSE Food Tech Tutor wanted London NW4 For group sessions
  • 7+ English, Maths London, Finchley Experienced tutor for 7+, Highgate Sch
  • 11 Plus Tutor experienced west london Hayes need for summer holidays
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