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University Maths

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Choosing an Introductory Mathematics Textbook

Starting the study of mathematics can be a daunting task even for the most determined of us. From my experience, the... More »
A-level Sociology

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College Education: For the many or the few?

Should College education be available to the many or reserved for the few? Although many will have opinions about... More »

Fresh Articles

  • How to pass the 11+

    Mr.Tyley 11+ exam Tutor (South East London) Picture
    To pass the 11+, one need only try one's best, and recognise the achievement you have made;  Educational achievement should not be judged by summative tests alone.   Amassing knowledge is not the be all and end all, according to Solomon, and Solomon inspired Judaism, Rastafarian, and is...
  • Advice for students

    Dr Sandip A-level Applied Science Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    Learning is a lifelong process. Learn to gain knowledge where high grade should be the output of this process. Learning a subject just to achieve high grade wouldn't help you in longer run. With my experience in industry and academia, I have seen many catastrophic failures simply because of this...
  • Tenses In French!

    Rachel Ger GCSE French Tutor (North West London) Picture
    English students always seem to struggle with the French Grammar. They can't seem to understand the difference between the perfect and imperfect tense. The conditional is confusing and as soon as they hear of the 'subjonctive' they decide to drop French! I believe that if the tenses are...
  • Main Types Of Organic Reactions & Mechanisms

    Dr. C. Boes A-level Chemistry Tutor (Northampton) Picture
    Three main types of organic reactions:- Substitution- Elimination- Addition (on double bond)(Oxidation/Reduction -> inorganic)(acid base reaction (salt formation) -> inorganic) Three main organic reaction mechanisms:- nucelophilic (likes positive charges)- electrophilic (likes...
  • Coaching for Music at Oxbridge

    Anthony Friend University Entrance Coaching (South East London) Picture
    I believe that a good university entrance tutor should have a detailed knowledge of university entrance requirements, interview techniques and, most importantly, what the interviewers are looking for. A good tutor should set students reading and listening homework, and encourage them to engage...
  • Maths Should Be Fun!

    Sarah Pearce GCSE Maths Tutor (Bath) Picture
    I strongly believe that maths, or indeed any subject, can be made fun and engaging for students. I also believe that the way maths is taught should be tailored to the student; for example some people like to be given puzzles and to sit and work them out for themselves, whilst others prefer to...
  • GCSE English can be fun!

    Neha Doshi GCSE English Tutor (Watford) Picture
    You might be thinking, 'What an outlandish statement! How can GCSE English possibly be fun?' Well, let me tell you why - because watching movies and being an active user of different media forms can actually help you on your way to success! The challenge that many students face when it comes to...
  • Learning A Foreign Language

    Greg Staw GCSE German Tutor (South East London) Picture
    As well as being a lot of fun and allowing you to travel to new places and meet new people, learning a foreign language also provides a range of mental benefits, as summarised (with links to studies) in the article...
  • Working Hard and Effectively is the Key to Success

    Dr. Wasim Akber A-level Maths (Further) Tutor (Harrow) Picture
    Further Mathematics has always been of an exceptional standard at A-levels. The key to success in this subject is to try hard, and most importantly to do this effectively. I sat my Edexcel A-level Further Mathematics examinations in 2006 and encountered the same difficulties that most of you out...
  • Approaching 11+ tuition

    LHanna 11+ exam Tutor (North London) Picture
    For me, the first step in private tuition is to understand the student’s needs. This may be as simple as revision of a particular academic topic, but often I find there is a personal concern that needs to be acknowledged first and that may be preventing progress in learning – whether...

0-11 years

  • Dictionary Corner . . . Editor's Pick

    Key Stage 2 English Tutor (York) Picture
    I love dictionaries - they are heavy and substantial, they feel great in your hands and look beautiful on your desk. Internet versions are a...
  • Recommended books

    Early Years Education Tutor (Croydon) Picture
    Recommended books: My Five Senses by Aliki HarperTrophy; Revised edition Ourselves (Themes for Early Years Science) by Sally...

11-18 years

  • How To Succeed In A level Biology Editor's Pick

    Jonathan Bell A-level Biology Tutor (Tonbridge) Picture
    Know your A level Biology content? Still got a disappointing grade? You are not alone. The underlying problem is that the A level Biology exams...
  • The Trouble with Chemistry Editor's Pick

    Zoe Thomas A-level Chemistry Tutor (Sheffield) Picture
    As a parent and science teacher, I know how daunting it can be for students approaching the exams which may change their lives for ever. In these...

Special Needs/Other

  • Asperger Syndrome Editor's Pick

    Special Educational Needs (SEN) Tutor (Nottingham) Picture
    Asperger Syndrome (AS) is sometimes called 'mild autism' but there is nothing mild about being a teenager who finds it nigh on impossible to get...
  • Teaching ASD students social skills

    Autism Tutor (Cardiff) Picture
    You are a Social Detective! Explaining Social Thinking to Kids Children with ASD and social and communication difficulties are unaware of how to...

Higher Education

Tutors Wanted

  • A Level Environmental Studies online or West Wales AQA revision help
  • MATHS KS2 tutor clapham/ wandsworth mature teacher for bright 9 year old
  • AS Level Psychology tutor AQA North West London For my 17 year old son
  • A level chemistry tutor OCR B London Must Know OCR SALTERS B specication
  • AS Chemistry Edexcel Tutor West London, W or SW Extensive experience required
  • Social Statistics Tutor Southampton University (multilevel)
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