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A-level Psychology

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Why Study Psychology at University

What is psychology?Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behaviour....
Early Years Education

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What Is The Best Age To Start Learning to Read?

In some countries formal education does not begin until the age of 7. Here in the UK, schools...
Key Stage 3 Maths

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'Essential Maths' Book Recommendation

Essential Maths by David Rayner and Michael White (Elmwood Press) In over thirty years of...
11+ exam

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Questioning to Extend Student Thinking

How long do you think the average adult waits for an answer to a question? In the majority of...

Fresh Articles

  • Tips For Mastering Revision

    Oludara Oginni GCSE Maths Tutor (Croydon) Picture 1) Repetition is important! One of the most important, considerably. This will allow you to constantly challenge yourself in terms of your knowledge. If you can't get your head around it the first time, that is okay, the next time you will know what to concentrate on more. 2) Take breaks! This...
  • A Little Less Teaching. A Little More Action.

    Paul Mc A-level Economics Tutor (Manchester) Picture Everybody loves to learn, to gain something to keep, that nobody can take away from you. That lovely buzz of reaching a new level, knowing something more than someone else and the off shoots of confidence and achievement that no one can ever take away. Learning is permanent, but the process can...
  • In Search of Originality Editor's Pick

    Stuart Riddle GCSE English Tutor (North London) Picture In Search of Originality In terms of progressing pupils to improve GCSE Examination standards it is important to write and work closely with the pupil - mostly on past papers. Many pupils I work with begin with only moderate writing skills because they haven’t been trained to think clearly...
  • Echolalia: A Different Approach

    Catherine Alexander Autism Tutor (North West London) Picture Teacher: Is this a dog? Child: is this a dog Teacher: Is this a dog? Yes it is. Child: is this a dog yes it is Teacher: Let's start again! Echolalia is an experience of speech that can leave us feeling frustrated and confused. So, how do we speak to somebody who only utters words as the...
  • 11 points to consider for PhD Proposal

    Hemant Agrawal Essay Writing Tutor (West London) Picture Ph proposal can be defined as the work done in the area of the interest of the particular subject. It is used to assess the skills, ideas and expertise in the area of interest in which research is conducted. Proper structuring of the research proposal is necessary as this helps in assessing the...
  • Getting your Research Proposal Right

    Hemant Agrawal Dissertation/ Proofreading Tutor (West London) Picture The purpose of the research proposal is to identify that sufficient research in the area of interest is done. It is prepared to justify the identified research problem. The research proposal must include the information related to the project. It should be able to convince others that the...
  • The Importance of Context in GCSE English

    Melissa-Rose Marsh GCSE English Tutor (Watford) Picture What could be argued as the biggest change in the new GCSE curriculum is the importance of context and including context within your exam responses. In order to really impress the examiners it is essential that you read around the contextual issues of the texts you are studying. The British...
  • Spinoza's One Substance Doctrine And Other Issues

    Calum Proctor A-level Philosophy Tutor (South East London) Picture One manOne goalOne missionOne heartOne soulOne solutionOne flash of lightOne godOne visionOne fleshOne boneOne true religionOne voiceOne hopeOne real decision Just gimme gimme gimmeFried chicken. - Queen, ‘One Vision’ THE ONE SUBSTANCE DOCTRINE (PART ONE) What is substance? What does Spinoza...
  • Reading Beckett's Ping Through Moving-Image

    Dr Jenny Triggs Dissertation/ Proofreading Tutor (Edinburgh) Picture Figuring (un)figures: Reading Beckett’s Ping through Moving-image by Dr Jenny Triggs (2009) AbstractIn this thesis I explore the idea that Samuel Beckett’s ‘Ping’ is a text that ‘performs’- acting on the reader to create an active response - through the act of translating the text into a...
  • Dyslexia, confidence & growth mindset

    Sue Lyon Dyslexia Tutor (Hull) Picture As a teacher of nearly 36 years and more recently a 1:1 tutor of primary aged pupils, whether they have been diagnosed with dyslexia, dyslcalculia, or are struggling at school, I have learnt that building confidence is paramount to an individual's progress. Prior to beginning 1:1 tuition, I...

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