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A-level Drama

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What Drama Can Teach Us About Ourselves

There is a school of thought that says that teaching Drama and the Performing Arts helps to...
GCSE Maths

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Why one-on-one tuition is so important

Many people are, from personal experience, staunch proponents of the one-on-one tutoring model....
Key Stage 1 English

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The Tutor’s role in SATs

SATs are a hot topic of political debate and media speculation at the moment. Everyone has an...
11+ exam

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The power of reading

As a long-standing tutor, often meeting my students at the end of year four, it regularly...

Fresh Articles

  • Good Books

    I.  Gardner A-level English Tutor (Liverpool) Picture The Great Gatsby by  F. Scott Fitzgerald . The second is The Old man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway. When you have finished studying these two books, look back at your own reading history and pick out what you think is a well written book. Examine three separate instances where you find it...
  • Making the most of a complex condition

    Kate Meyer-Currey ADD/ ADHD Tutor (Southampton) Picture I found out I had ADHD when I had myself assessed aged 42. I was working with Specific Learning Difficulties at the time so it was on my radar, just not my personal radar. Besides I had quite a few academic qualifications so that wasn't really an issue. Or was it? I will never forget the client...
  • Online education

    Neil Hawley A-level Maths Tutor (Gloucester) Picture Recently, I have worked at a school where Google apps for education and the Chromebook were introduced. This brought a whole world of challenges and advantages to the classroom environment. Like any new initiative, it took time for staff and students to become comfortable with this format. The...
  • New GCSE math

    Viki GCSE Maths Tutor (Birmingham) Picture The new GCSE exam has started this year to be taken for the first time next year. It involves a lot more functional maths and cross maths topics questions. It is testing understanding of maths which is a good thing but these things need to be taught as soon as maths is first taught in primary...
  • Journal of Business Research, 2016

    Dr Vivian Cheng Dissertation/ Proofreading Tutor (Leeds) Picture   Title: The effect of parental opportunism, IJV's autonomy and tacit knowledge on IJV instability: A comparison of multi-variate regression and fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis Abstract This study uses an agency theory perspective to examine how the factors that influence principal...
  • The New GCSE - Is Reality Starting to Bite?

    Christine Thomas GCSE English Tutor (Durham) Picture I know we need to move on and in some respects it is pointless comparing but having just supported a North East school to prepare their Year 11 for IGCSE and for AQA cert in Literature, and then in addition to this put schemes of work and teacher training in place for the current Year 10 to...
  • Characteristics of Good Tutor: Parents’ Feedback

    GCSE Maths Tutor (Hemel Hempstead) Picture I tutored two (a boy and a girl) GCSE Maths Higher Edexcel Examination Board students for two to five months (January to May 2016) in preparation for June 2016 examinations. After completing the tutorials, their parents, who live 7.4 miles apart, were sent feedback questions by text and email....
  • The power of reading Editor's Pick

    Julia Metcalfe 11+ exam Tutor (Slough) Picture As a long-standing tutor, often meeting my students at the end of year four, it regularly saddens me that very few students appear to have mastered a love of reading and often refuse to read. In order for students to succeed at 11+, it is vital that students are capable of reading quickly to a...
  • Is a degree in Law worth it? Editor's Pick

    Louise Ravenscroft University Law Tutor (Telford) Picture This is one of the most common questions I get asked, both from students and from those who are curious to know what it's like studying law at university level. Having done both a normal degree and two law degrees, I feel I am somewhat able to inform the enquirer as to the whether the experience...
  • Why Tutor?

    Jem Peck 11+ exam Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture The majority of schools will fight vehemently against tutoring ... and rightly so ... when you hear so many of the reasons parents choose to have their children tutored. You see it when children are sworn to secrecy, unable to tell their friends (and certainly not any of the teachers) that they...

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  • 7+ Tutor required w2 London DBS, 7+ exp
  • Support for Year 8 with SLI West Acton, London Experience Specific Language Impairment
  • English CE 13+ Exam technique Acton Year8
  • Teaching Assistant (Supply) South east London Primary School
  • Theology Tutor London advanced level for son oxbridge submit
  • 8+ Exam Tutor West London Tutor required for a 7 year old girl
  • Maths Tutor - Autism HF Merthyr Tydfil Dyscalculia - Autism High Function
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