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A STEP Beyond A Level

The top universities are looking for mathematicians with a real flair for the subject, and in...
Biological Sciences

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Doing well in exams - confidence vs understanding

I think most of us have experienced this: we study, spend weeks preparing for a test, and then,...
A-level Maths

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Revision tips for March

March is the month for not panicking! Don't panic! (Old cultural reference.) I am going to start...
13+ exam (Common Entrance)

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Is Common Entrance Religious Studies Important?

Common Entrance Religious Studies is taken seriously by public schools; an increasing number...

Fresh Articles

  • Doing well in exams - confidence vs understanding Editor's Pick

    Frank15 Biological Sciences Tutor (North West London) Picture I think most of us have experienced this: we study, spend weeks preparing for a test, and then, when we are sitting at the exam, we feel off kilter, panic, can't answer the questions and are left with a poor mark. What is the problem? One thing that often takes the blame is lack of confidence. I have been approached a number of times...
  • Useful Physics videos

    Tim Clark GCSE Physics Tutor (Cambridge) Picture The site contains some great links to physics videos. Each video has been watched by teachers and is recommended to support you in your studies and to generate a love of physics. Videos are categorized by subject and level. For example, you can watch a series of videos about Space suitable for GCSE Physics....
  • Titrations - is the equivalence point always 7?

    Gemma Shearer A-level Chemistry Tutor (Bradford) Picture This is something that I get asked about a lot. Before we look at the pH of the equivalence point let's make sure we are clear on what the equivalence point actually is and also what we me by the end point. The end point the point at which the indicator changes colour. This is what you're watching out for when you do the titration....
  • Using the Cloud to make Learning Fun

    Jim Baker A-level Chemistry Tutor (Lincoln) Picture Teachers do their best to leave a permanent impression every lesson, but what they teach doesn’t always stick. I must begin by giving my definition of ‘learning’.  Learning is not remembering facts in order to pass an examination: learning is understanding.  By understanding, the learning is not forgotten.  The times I have...
  • How to Enthuse the Unenthusiastic Pupil

    Jim Baker A-level Chemistry Tutor (Lincoln) Picture To solve this problem of enthusing the unenthusiastic pupil we must first ask ‘Why is the pupil unenthusiastic? Two reasons for this lack of enthusiasm are 1) being preoccupied with ‘outside’ issues 2) not finding the teacher ‘entertaining’, hence my reply ‘entertainer’ when asked what I do.  There is not a lot we can...
  • The Way Forward

    Jim Baker GCSE Chemistry Tutor (Lincoln) Picture Throughout my teaching career of 43 very successful years at the chalk-face, I have always looked for ways to improve the learning of my pupils. Check out my latest 'Prezi' - The Way Forward - here: I equate giving a pupil some facts to giving someone a bowl of rice which will feed...
  • Logic Problems....

    Tanya C GCSE Maths Tutor (East London) Picture Two Friends, Stephen and David meet for a drink at Stephen's apartment. They start chatting and David mentions how he doesn't know how old Stephen's three daughters are. Stephen Replies.... "The product of their age is 36" David says: "I don't know" Stephen turns around and points outside the window of his apartment and...
  • What’s different about the new Mathematics GCSE? Editor's Pick

    Paul McGrath GCSE Maths Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture Introduction The intention of this article (written in May 2015) is to provide parents and students with a guide to the changes to the new mathematics GCSE which will be taught for the first time in September 2015 (beginning of year 10). The first examination will be May/June 2017. The article contains opinions and speculations...
  • Bringing Literature to Life

    Claire Lilla A-level English Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Sometimes, words on a page can be daunting, particularly when the language is centuries old. It is important to remember the context that the writer originally intended for their work, for example, was it a work to be seen, heard or dramatised? If you are studying a play, it is essential for your understanding and appreciation of the...
  • Election 2015

    Stephen Challis A-level Politics Tutor (Brighton) Picture Check out the BBC 'manifesto watch' page. It's great for a summary of party values and policies.

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  • maths key stage 2 tutor southam for 11 year old child
  • KS2 English Tutor London - Kensington & Chelsea Weekly Saturday & twice weekly over hols
  • 11+ exam tutor Amersham Dbs, previous 11+ exam exp, advanced
  • 11+ verbal/ non verbal tutor London w8 DBS, experienced with groups of children
  • help with homework 2x a week Birmingham for 9year old child
  • 11+ entry exams tutor Sheffield One to One lessons
  • French tutor starts 18th May Kingston, london Mon after school club dbs check required
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