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GCSE Maths

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Pythagorus' Theorem Proof

All students studying GCSE Maths will learn Pythagorus's Theorem. This is it. For any Right Angle triangle the... More »

Editor's Pick

Whose Job Is It Anyway? Learning To Read

I grew up in a working class family with a mother who hadn't finished school. She regretted this and was determined... More »

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  • English Exam preparation

    Rhea Ranjan GCSE English Tutor (West London) Picture
    The key to English language and literature is to be comfortable with the language first. Punctuation, grammar and spelling are very important and the basic building blocks. When these are established, then the best way for students to prepare for the language component is to practice their...
  • Learn to think like a Frenchman

    Baz Taylor A-level French Tutor (Twickenham) Picture
    I have made a feature film in France with a French crew, two films in Spain with a Spanish crew and a TV series set around Barcelona FC. Working in detail with crews gives you not only language practice but an insight into their thought processes. First of all if you think the French talk fast...
  • Mathematical thinking

    Tricia Key Stage 2 Maths Tutor (Peterborough) Picture
    Children learn mathematics by understanding and applying their learning to problems and real world experiences. There is strong research (R.Skemp,1977) that children need concrete examples and opportunities to explore and manoeuvre materials for them to understand. Instead of learning by...
  • The Most Important Subject Never Taught

    Jack Renninson A-level English Tutor (Exeter) Picture
    English can be a daunting subject. The texts that students must analyse are long and complicated, the questions can be confusingly broad or frustratingly specific, and, most importantly of all, there are no simple answers. Elsewhere, students can answer with a number or simple list; in an...
  • The Importance of acquiring a solid grammar base

    Tim Mell GCSE French Tutor (Sutton) Picture
    With regard to language teaching I believe strongly in the importance of providing a strong knowledge of grammar (something I've found to be disappointingly lacking in many GCSE and A' Level students who've sought my help and advice over the years), married to an approach which aims to make the...
  • Calmly does it!

    Becca Marriott 11+ exam Tutor (East London) Picture
    I have found that one of the greatest challenges facing any 11 year old sitting down to take an exam is that old saying: "too much haste, not enough speed".  They go into the exam with a thousand ideas running through their minds and the words of a hundred teachers, parents, siblings,...
  • Kids and Adults...it's all the same really.

    Katy Tutor Key Stage 1 English Tutor (North London) Picture
    When I first started teaching Logic to MA students I found something weird...it's just like teaching children! I have taught in different schools to different levels but even on 30+ years old, my 'I'm not going to continue until you stop talking' face skill works. That's the thing about...
  • A Good Read - ’Caught in the Crossfire’ Editor's Pick

    Lin_tuition138 GCSE English Tutor (Chelmsford) Picture
    Written in the wake of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre, on September 11th, ’Caught in the Crossfire’, by Alan Gibbons, is a powerful novel about young people, love, hate, prejudice, racism and bigotry. Oakfield, a town in northern England, is set in one small corner of a...
  • Homeschooling - Planning for a New Term

    Ruth Mitchell GCSE English Tutor (East London) Picture
    There is a great deal to think about at the start of the school term for every student. Panic can set in. Is the work going to be a lot harder than last year? Am I going to keep up with the workload? What books am I going to be using for my studies? Am I going to enjoy them? And for home...
  • Interview advice for my little sister.

    Joseph Campbell A-level Psychology Tutor (South East London) Picture
    Advice for my little sister who had three teacher training interviews, whilst having three essays due for her University course at the same time. When we have a few tasks, we can feel overwhelmed and I use cutting down a tree to describe this. At first, the whole tree seems overwhelming but as...

0-11 years

  • Why Have A Tutor?

    K. Gupta 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture
    Often it’s not possible that all pupils in a class to have clear understanding of a subject explained by their teacher. This is explained mainly...
  • Dyslexia In Different Countries

    Tabitha Suzuma Key Stage 2 English Tutor (South West London) Picture
    Why is it that there is such a disparity between individuals when it comes to learning to read? Reading is a cultural and taught activity and its...

11-18 years

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  • Maths Chem Bio Physics tutor Manchester A-Level, DBS
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  • Product Design at A Level Derby/Nottingham Experienced tutor to help with exam side
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