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Key Stage 2 Maths

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Behind the times?

I have taught for a few years now and have taught a wide cross-section of children. As a keen...
University Entrance

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Oxbridge Interviews: Myth and Reality

In the public imagination, the Oxbridge interview has gained almost mythical status. The process...
Biological Sciences

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Doing well in exams - confidence vs understanding

I think most of us have experienced this: we study, spend weeks preparing for a test, and then,...
11+ exam

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Developing Thinking in Mathematics

I would like to point you in the direction of three books that I return to over and over again...

Fresh Articles

  • A teacher’s view of the value of private tuition Editor's Pick

    Maximising Potential GCSE Maths Tutor (Hull) Picture Working towards a prosperous future In 1987 I qualified as a teacher and started my career in an inner city school in Hull, East Yorkshire.  My specialist subject during my PGCE was Special Educational Needs and I often found it frustrating that there appeared to be little opportunity to support those individual children in my class...
  • Revision tips for GCSE, A-level, and University Editor's Pick

    Alice Aylward Study Skills Tutor (West London) Picture ‘Revision guides, revision tips, revision aids’. You must be sick of hearing those words now, having heard them or tried them for weeks, months or years. However, as I am currently in the middle of my second degree, I have had many years of trial and error to perfect the art of revising. These five simple ‘rules’ are invaluable to...
  • Current 11+ requirements and standards

    Stephanie Martin 11+ exam Tutor (North London) Picture As a tutor, over the last 5 years I have been consistently surprised in the competitive nature of the 11+ examination and the huge demand for school places in London. The pressure for places is huge. Children are now expected to produce a very high standard of work during their 11+. Their work in creative composition and analytical...
  • The 9 perks of knowing Italian

    Ermy A-level Italian Tutor (Chester) Picture So... You want to learn Italian? You love its sound, you like Italy, you like Italian culture, you would only eat Italian food if you could, still have mixed feelings about learning this language. After all, apart from the sheer pleasure of being able to speak this Romance (and, oh, so romantic!) language, what are the real...
  • Recommended Books for AQA A-Level Chemistry

    Dr Andy Landsbury A-level Chemistry Tutor (Newcastle upon Tyne) Picture AQA A-level Chemistry (Recommended Books)   Syllabus: AS Beginning 2015 Onwards AS: AQA Chemistry A Level Year 1 (Oxford) (ISBN-10: 019835181X) A2: AQA Chemistry A Level (Oxford) (ISBN-10: 0198351828)   Syllabus: AS Beginning 2007-2014 AS: AQA Chemistry AS: Student's Book (Nelson Thornes) (ISBN-10: 074878280X) A2: AQA Chemistry...
  • Israel and the Cold War

    Dr Howard A. Patten International Relations Tutor (North West London) Picture In the wake of its creation in 1948, the state of Israel was confronted with the challenge of establishing foreign relations with key players in the region, in the face of opposition from most of the Arab states. Howard Patten explores the genesis and development of Israel’s foreign relations with Iran, Turkey and Ethiopia, known as...
  • Oxbridge Interviews: Myth and Reality Editor's Pick

    J Kelly University Entrance Coaching (West London) Picture In the public imagination, the Oxbridge interview has gained almost mythical status. The process is famed less for its academic rigour than its supposed opaqueness: most people imagine imposing tutors in tops and tails and questions that border on the outright silly. Having gone through the system myself, it is true that it has its...
  • 10 Revision Tips Editor's Pick

    Dr Austin Booth GCSE Science Tutor (Nottingham) Picture Love it or loathe it, revision is an important part of your studies. So how can you make sure that your revision is effective? Make sure you're in an environment that's conducive to study. So no studying on your bed, make sure you're at a desk or table where you've got plenty of space for all your notes and revision materials. Make...
  • Why Private Tuition?

    Raj Jain GCSE Science Tutor (Harrow) Picture Private tuition runs as a support mechanism to the students supplementing them in their school curriculum, there by overcoming school inadequacies. Since school hours are limited and the syllabus to be covered is vast, time available for students is very limited. Also, students are unable to grasp all the knowledge in the class rooms...
  • Leadership & Management Development

    Joshua Tutor MBA Tutor (Harrow) Picture Introduction   This report contains two parts. Part one attempts to identify the problems of a medium-sized British Multi-national Company (MNC) and analyse the possible causes of those problems. This will be done in the light of the existing research on key issues affecting UK and international LDP. Assumptions will be made about...

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  • homeschool primary teacher marrakech morocco for 3 children ages 8,11 and 13
  • Biology for Macromolecules Carshalton, Surrey SM5 A-Level/Diploma
  • French tutor South London on Mondays 3-4pm 6-8 year olds. Needs dbs police check
  • Arts and Crafts tutor for Sep North London on a Thursday 3.30pm till 4.30pm- dbs check required
  • Corporate strategy tutor London Degree level, CW check rqd
  • Psychology tutor Blackpool A-level
  • Maths Science GCSE Tutor London 13 y.o girl, online and 1-1, DBS
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