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Italian (general)

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Learning languages in modern times

It is commonly believed that languages need to follow a certain sequence when teaching them to...

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General Advice on How to Learn Russian

It's more difficult to learn Russian ALONE... Attending Russian classes or having one-to-one...
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

Having lived and taught in a number of countries, it is interesting to see how differently...
French (general)

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Confessions of a French Grammatician

Language learning contains four main elements: speaking, listening, reading and writing, and...

Fresh Articles

  • The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language Editor's Pick

    Tom Steadman French (general) Tutor (Southampton) Picture How many times have you been on holiday and been embarrassed to witness British tourists shouting in broken English to the locals in desperate hopes of getting their point across? The longer it goes on, the louder they get, with a poor waiter or shop-keeper becoming more and more confused, sometimes frightened. Perhaps you yourselves...
  • Translating "You" Editor's Pick

    Sonya Skuse Translation/ Interpretation Professionals (Lincoln) Picture 'Translating the Pronominal Form of Address in European Literature'  A large proportion of those who have agonised with Raskolnikov's dilemmas, wandered with Lemminkainen or been swept along by the magical tale of the Little Prince  have done so thanks to translations from the original language. But languages such as Russian,...
  • Learning a Foreign Language

    Kristina F Russian Teacher (West London) Picture Few would argue that learning a foreign language increases cognitive abilities such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. However, the idea that speaking a particular language affects thought is rather controversial. Apparently, because languages differ in their terms for hue and brightness, one of the first and most...
  • Useful Books For Tutoring French

    Magali Churchill French (general) Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture To prepare for my lessons I use a mix of internet research and books but I always refer to the following: French Grammar and Usage by Roger Hawkins & Richard TowellThe key to French Grammar by Ian Lane I also have a range of various Revision Guides for exams but I prefer the Letts revision books as well as different vocabulary books...
  • English and the language of football

    Pete Goodland English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Sheffield) Picture So here I am happily ensconced in beautiful Birkdale where every day's a joy. Then what? My Chinese students - confused as they are by our ( English ) obsession with the game we're utterly useless at ( Ok, this could include any number of sports, but you get my drift ) -  ask for lessons on the rules of football. Can I refuse? Of...
  • Intergalactic travel and the English speaker

    Pete Goodland English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Sheffield) Picture What to do this particular afternoon with my Chinese Students? Then.... ( and this you will not believe ) I hear a Spaceman is about to arrive at Birkdale. Has this writer spent too much time on the pop? I hear you cry. But, no, this is the absolute truth. Alan Bean. Who He? Alan Bean from Houston, silly! The man who once trod the...
  • One-to-one Learning & Teaching

    Fleur Daemen English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (North London) Picture My decision to go into one-to-one teaching was not only based on wanting to be independent from any institutions, I also felt I had become less productive in the classroom. Preparing my lessons was easy, teaching them was hardly a challenge and though my students were enthusiastic about my lessons and my teaching, I felt like I...
  • Professional English: Medical. Book review

    Dr Sarah Paul English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (North West London) Picture Test Your Professional English: Medical, by Alison Pohl 2002, Pearson Publishing. What's nice about this book is that it contains easy bite-sized sections and has a variety of formats for learning vocabulary, which makes it a light-hearted overview of English for Medical Purposes (EMP). It's also small enough to carry around with you...
  • Why English is the Leading International Language

    Zohar-English Language Teacher English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (North London) Picture English is increasingly becoming the first choice for communication across language boundaries around the world. This is due to the emergence of two English speaking states that have consecutively dominated global communication, trade, technology and consumer culture. Of the Imperial cultures, England was particularly successful....
  • A good book for learning Chinese characters

    Guofang Mandarin Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Learning Chinese characters is a very important part of Chinese learning. The more Chinese reading and writing the student can do, the more confident the student will become, and the faster they will progress. A good book for learning Chinese writing and reading is called: Mastering Chinese Characters: A Modern Approach by Su...

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  • British sign language tutor Wiltshire Level 2
  • English conversation tutor Soho, from 7pm English for foreigner (French)
  • Mandarin Chinese tutor Epsom - Ewell 2 children, DBS check, refs, experience
  • French cover teacher - school London cover classes in May dbs check required
  • EFL Tutor Peterborough As stated by ARELS
  • Greek tutor Reading Modern Greek
  • Spanish Tutor via Skype Absolute beginner, adult
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