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Learning Hebrew

Learning Hebrew The subjects I offer to teach include the three great classical ancient...
Italian (general)

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Learning languages in modern times

It is commonly believed that languages need to follow a certain sequence when teaching them to...
Spanish (general)

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Reading Spanish

Reading in a language that you are studying can have huge benefits in terms of integrating and...
Translation/ Interpretation

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Translating "You"

'Translating the Pronominal Form of Address in European Literature'  A large proportion of...

Fresh Articles

  • Ways to improve your English

    Louise Swain English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Milton Keynes) Picture If English is not your first language and you want to sound like a native English speaker, either in speech or written English, this can be achieved by spending time doing the following: 1)    Spend as much time as you can watching British TV programmes (good quality ones!) or British radio...
  • An approach to teaching

    Claudia Pane Italian (general) Tutor (North London) Picture I believe that learning a language is something that keeps the mind fresh, positive and young. If you are already young, it is good exercise anyway. Indeed, I do not think there is something better than the feeling of accomplishment when you actually manage to express yourself in another...
  • French cinema

    Magali French (general) Tutor (South West London) Picture Learning a language also means learning about a country, its people and its culture. As a French film lover, I always encourage my clients to watch French movies. French cinema is fantastic and it represents the flagship of our famous "Exception Culturelle". Independent films and small...
  • 'The Awful German Language' by Mark Twain

    Victoria Philpotts German (general) Tutor (Manchester) Picture If you are currently learning German and are finding yourself linguistically challenged, might I recommend that you read 'The Awful German Language' by Mark Twain. This is a humorous essay, written by Twain in 1880, in which he pokes fun to great effect at the absurdities and idiosyncrasies of...
  • Bilingualism and the use of prior knowledge

    Lola Vargas Garcia English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (West London) Picture Three years ago in Spain, one of the great events revolutionizing students and teachers in every classroom (primary, secondary and universities) was the undeniable need for the knowledge of English language at high levels. This was due to the need of communication with all countries around the...
  • Learn Some French For Summer

    Paul Grace French (general) Tutor (Manchester) Picture Well, Spring is nearly here and so you may be thinking about going on holiday, perhaps to France. Whether it's for a few days or a few weeks you will enjoy it more if you can more than you already know. You choose the level and I teach you what you will use while on holiday. Enjoy practising the...
  • Learning Modern Greek

    Rania E-L Modern Greek Tutor (Croydon) Picture For a beginner, learning Greek can seem a daunting task. The letters look strange, Greek people speak so fast and nouns can be masculine, feminine or neuter. The Greek alphabet is one of the oldest in the world and although it only has 24 letters, it is remarkably similar to the English...
  • “War and Peace” - The Russian novel on BBC

    Olga Hornett Russian Teacher (Watford) Picture When I was a teenage girl, it was compulsory to study War and Peace at school. I remember that the volume we had to read seemed frightening – 4 thick books with loads of pages describing the horror of the war with Napoleon in 1812… At 15 we were more interested in socialising with friends,...
  • Five tips to learn Spanish

    Samuel Risquez Spanish (general) Tutor (West London) Picture Looking to learn Spanish? These five tips will give you a head start! 1. Find your motivation. Learning a language takes time, effort and practice. Be very clear on why you want to learn Spanish and what your primary objective is. This will help you focus and stick to it. 2. Live in Spanish....
  • How to improve your German

    Christiane Wagner German (general) Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture Have you ever wondered why you are struggling to remember everything until the next lesson? Most people are very keen to learn in class and at home, but they forget that it's very difficult for your brain to pick up a language. Unless you go for the full immersion deal, learning a language...

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