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Your first Russian language class

How do we usually start our studies with students who are complete beginners?   I start my...
French (general)

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How do you become a good learner?

The best student I have ever taught had booked a four-day intensive one-to-one course with me...
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

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The Heart of Learning

I cut my teeth teaching English in a southern Italian city. It was a paradox. Whilst bourgeois...
German (general)

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An Amazing Discovery

This November, as every November, we remember the heroism of all those who have given their...

Fresh Articles

  • Teaching One to Ones

    Dr. Anne Raabe English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Brighton) Picture   I like teaching, as much as I like learning. I have always got on well with my one to one students. I guess that is because I am interested in the individual person and able to tune in to their personality and their needs. Learning a language in one to one lessons is not necessarily going...
  • Don't chew - just get connected! Editor's Pick

    Carrie Terry Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (Coventry) Picture Many non-native speakers of English are completely mystified when they hear continuous spoken English in conversation for the first time.  They may never have encountered some of the sound combinations before and as a result, they can’t distinguish the individual words making up the...
  • A Poem Called Fireflight By Sean Gunning

    David Gunning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Uxbridge) Picture Fireflight                                A jagged-edged charcoal line in the sky -           three, maybe four dozen birds flying north,a mile above the 22 freeway,five, maybe six miles south of Garden Grove.    Ahead, just hours into its rise, the sun:a goddess, naked...
  • An individual approach to language learning

    Sue Caporn English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Bristol) Picture How we learn foreign languages depends on us as individuals. We're all different, and language learning involves many elements, including the structure of the language (grammar), vocabulary (lexis) and how to make sentences (syntax). For many years, traditional class-based methods of teaching...
  • B. Munari's Supplement to the Italian Dictionary

    Pietro Pezzani Italian (general) Tutor (South East London) Picture Did you know Italian people gesticulate a lot? Hand gestures are an important component of the way in which Italians communicate their feelings, their intentions, and a vast array of concepts. As a matter of fact, gesticulation can be considered a constitutive part of Italian language. It is...
  • English is Easy and Fun! Editor's Pick

    Anne Keddie English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Manchester) Picture I recently started teaching English to a young Korean girl who is currently spending a year in the UK. Her mother is a Visiting Professor at the local university and is keen for her daughter to make the most of her time here to develop her English language skills. She attends the local primary...
  • Confidence in language learning makes a difference

    Helen Elder Mandarin Tutor (Bath) Picture Mandarin? Difficult? I would say, well, it's hard enough for me and I am Chinese! So, be confident. For those who have young children wishing to start Mandarin lessons, rest assured, your little ones have miraculous brains. They pick up speaking so quickly and you always find yourselves in...
  • A plea for taking the wider view Editor's Pick

    Burkhard Fehsenfeld German (general) Tutor (South West London) Picture Language is much more than just a tool for conveying the message. A plea for taking the wider view. Living in England as a German native speaker for the last 20 years gave me valuable and first hand experience of the different layers and nuances of language acquisition and language transfer. It...
  • Russian pronouns Ты and Вы.

    Elvira I Russian Teacher (Nottingham) Picture   First, some basics: Вы [vy]. Here we look at the pronoun “Вы” in its singular form as at a formal polite pronoun; while Ты [ty] is used when talking to a friend or a person you know very well. Russian pronouns are written in lower case, unless they are at the beginning of the...
  • An Amazing Discovery Editor's Pick

    Jan Hughes German (general) Tutor (Guildford) Picture This November, as every November, we remember the heroism of all those who have given their lives in the service of their country – the ultimate sacrifice.  I have a great personal interest in the heroism of the members of RAF Bomber Command. A staggering 50% of these men lost their lives...

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  • Russian tutor London beginner / conversation&grammar
  • Czech tutor Wyre Forest Beginners - small group. Face2face only
  • German language tutor Manchester or Stockport Beginner adult learner
  • elocution teacher Derby for adult
  • Modern Greek Tutor Hampton Beginner
  • English Language training Feltham Adult business learner
  • English Language tutor Hatfield Advanced Business learner
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