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So You Need To Pass IELTS?

Until you need an IELTS score, you've probably never heard of it. And it seems to have a mysterious marking system:... More »

Editor's Pick

Please Miss, Why Do We Have To Do Languages ?

I must have heard that question a million times during my 30 years as a secondary school teacher! Why indeed?... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Comprehension: The Birds

    Elizabeth Waldron English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (South West London) Picture
    My daughter is a writer. She lives at street level, in a basement, from which she can see the feet of passers by.  One day she was sitting at her desk, writing about the travails of teenage romance – Lola and Mathieu were alone in a boat on a choppy sea – when she heard a ghastly shrieking...
  • Teaching

    Gillian Menichino English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Manchester) Picture
     I have been working with children and people of all ages as a teacher, volunteer and artistic collaborator in schools and camps and through specific outreach organizations during the past five years in addition to studying and working in Manchester, UK.  As music is my primary area of work...
  • Social Interaction In Second Language Learning

    Audrey Belanger French Tutor (Tonbridge) Picture
    Language is a mode of communication that we find in every culture around the world. In fact, it is a social activity. We do it by necessity and by pleasure. We know that children learn languages by socially interacting with others (parents, carers, nannies, friends, brothers and sisters). They...
  • Moy bol'shoi angliyskiy roman

    Dmitry Matchin English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (North London) Picture
    Мой роман со всем английским (with all things English), мой большой Английский Роман уходит своими корнями в моё необыкновенно счастливое, беззаботное советское детство....
  • Do you need a provocation to learn Russian?

    Ignaty Dyakov Russian Teacher (East Central London) Picture
    A Russian London-based entrepreneur and language teacher has branched out with the launch of his second textbook aimed at international business-people and students learning Russian. ‘The Story Provocation: for learners of the Russian language (yes, yes, and for you too!)’ -...
  • Using Joy Division to teach English

    James Dedman English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (East London) Picture
    There is nothing like a Peter Hook baseline along with some dark Ian Curtis lyrics to get your student in the mood for learning. Well I am joking of course.  I really enjoy going through songs and using the lyrics to teach as it makes life so much easier. I don't have to spend a lot of energy...
  • intergalactic travel and the English speaker

    Pete Goodland English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Sheffield) Picture
    What to do this particular afternoon with my Chinese Students? Then.... ( and this you will not believe ) I hear a Spaceman is about to arrive at Birkdale. Has this writer spent too much time on the pop? I hear you cry. But, no, this is the absolute truth. Alan Bean. Who He? Alan Bean from...
  • Questions: Ken Robinson's 'Ted Talk' on Education

    Mrs. Sonia Jallane English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (North West London) Picture
           Ken Robinson TED talks :      Education         Expressions Vocabulary Blown away To squander   Blood run from their face To stigmatize   Seamless transition Disembodied   Brownie points Writhing   Explosion in...
  • Why do we need to learn a language?

    Adam Large Spanish Tutor (Hemel Hempstead) Picture
    Why do we need to learn a language? Why indeed? I mean it’s not as if the government thinks it’s particularly important, well certainly not in terms of them making a GCSE in languages obligatory up to 16 years of age. But conversely they view getting young children interested at primary...
  • Memory and learning.

    James Dedman English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (East London) Picture
    One of the most memorable events in my life was when at the age of five I was walking around Monmartre, the portrait painting epicentre of Paris, with my Dad and a French man asked if he would like him "to paint ze liddle boy". My Dad said "non" but the painter persisted by upping his offer to...

English as a Foreign Language

  • Online English classes

    James Dedman English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (East London) Picture
    As my Grandad used to say, "The world is your lobster." With online tuition that is certainly becoming the case.  I would like to think that as...
  • Student collaboration in one-to-one lessons.

    Adam Dixon English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (South East London) Picture
    Language is a collaboration at its heart; were there no need to share information, or to communicate social cues, then it would not exist. The...

European Languages

  • Responsibility of a Tutor

    Barbara Blazquez Castro Spanish Tutor (Ipswich) Picture
    I am passionate about teaching and working with children and adults and I am fully aware of the impact teachers can have on the student's future....
  • Useful Books For Tutoring French

    Magali Churchill French Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture
    To prepare for my lessons I use a mix of internet research and books but I always refer to the following: French Grammar and Usage by Roger...

World Languages


  • Communication matters !ACCENT uate the positives

    Helen Hendrickson Elocution Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (Birmingham) Picture
    Elocution and good speech have attracted a wave of press and increase in commercial elocution courses and schools with glossy brochures and high...
  • Is Elocution Relevant? Editor's Pick

    Joanna Lucie Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (South East London) Picture
    Elocution? That's a bit old-fashioned, isn't it? Do people actually WANT that stuff? How now, brown cow... that sort of thing? Yes, it seems,...

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  • Urdu tutor (speaking only) Wanstead, East London Three beginners (school age)
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