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Please Miss, Why Do We Have To Do Languages ?

I must have heard that question a million times during my 30 years as a secondary school teacher! Why indeed?... More »

Editor's Pick

So You Need To Pass IELTS?

Until you need an IELTS score, you've probably never heard of it. And it seems to have a mysterious marking system:... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Do you need a provocation to learn Russian?

    Ignaty Dyakov Russian Teacher (East Central London) Picture
    A Russian London-based entrepreneur and language teacher has branched out with the launch of his second textbook aimed at international business-people and students learning Russian. ‘The Story Provocation: for learners of the Russian language (yes, yes, and for you too!)’ -...
  • Using Joy Division to teach English

    James Dedman English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (East London) Picture
    There is nothing like a Peter Hook baseline along with some dark Ian Curtis lyrics to get your student in the mood for learning. Well I am joking of course.  I really enjoy going through songs and using the lyrics to teach as it makes life so much easier. I don't have to spend a lot of energy...
  • intergalactic travel and the English speaker

    Pete Goodland English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Sheffield) Picture
    What to do this particular afternoon with my Chinese Students? Then.... ( and this you will not believe ) I hear a Spaceman is about to arrive at Birkdale. Has this writer spent too much time on the pop? I hear you cry. But, no, this is the absolute truth. Alan Bean. Who He? Alan Bean from...
  • Questions: Ken Robinson's 'Ted Talk' on Education

    Mrs. Sonia Jallane English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (North West London) Picture
           Ken Robinson TED talks :      Education         Expressions Vocabulary Blown away To squander   Blood run from their face To stigmatize   Seamless transition Disembodied   Brownie points Writhing   Explosion in...
  • Why do we need to learn a language?

    Adam Large Spanish Tutor (Hemel Hempstead) Picture
    Why do we need to learn a language? Why indeed? I mean it’s not as if the government thinks it’s particularly important, well certainly not in terms of them making a GCSE in languages obligatory up to 16 years of age. But conversely they view getting young children interested at primary...
  • Memory and learning.

    James Dedman English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (East London) Picture
    One of the most memorable events in my life was when at the age of five I was walking around Monmartre, the portrait painting epicentre of Paris, with my Dad and a French man asked if he would like him "to paint ze liddle boy". My Dad said "non" but the painter persisted by upping his offer to...
  • Confidence in learning German

    Michael G German Tutor (East London) Picture
    I believe in building confidence through committed tutoring and adapting one´s teaching methods to the needs of the individual student. My teaching style aims to create a strong foundation for learning by inspiring a true interest in the subject, allowing for rapid progress and understanding...
  • Please Miss, Why Do We Have To Do Languages ? Editor's Pick

    Linda Lopez Spanish Tutor (Newcastle upon Tyne) Picture
    I must have heard that question a million times during my 30 years as a secondary school teacher! Why indeed? Doesn't the whole world speak English? Well, actually, no it doesn't! It may be an ever smaller world, with global businesses and communication, but the whole world most definitely...
  • Why Learn Spanish in Spanish?

    Yenifer Oyanedel Spanish Tutor (Edinburgh) Picture
    Many beginners are struck with fear on their first day of class upon being told that the majority of their classes will be in Spanish. Many imagine that the teacher will teach them words and phrases with their equivalent translations and speak in English. However, modern methods for teaching...
  • english and the language of football

    Pete Goodland English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Sheffield) Picture
    So here I am happily ensconced in beautiful Birkdale where every day's a joy. Then what? My Chinese students - confused as they are by our ( English ) obsession with the game we're utterly useless at ( Ok, this could include any number of sports, but you get my drift ) -  ask for lessons on the...

English as a Foreign Language

  • IELTS Exam Tip

    N Bounos IELTS Teacher (Gloucester) Picture
    Here's our tip of the day for your IELTS writing exam: Always complete task 2 BEFORE task 1 as this section is worth more marks. Allow 40 minutes...
  • Prepositional Phrases for FCE/CAE

    Alex IELTS Teacher (Cambridge) Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Teacher (Cambridge) Picture
    Here are some ADVANCED PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES for you to practise (answers below): The judge closed the club_____ the grounds that there was too...

European Languages

  • Rekindle Lost Enthusiasm For 'Le Francais!'

    Sarah Yates French Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture
    When you are returning to learning later in life it can seem a bit daunting to consider languages. However, in my experience as a private tutor of...
  • Oh là là and Ooh la la.

    Annie Marrec French Tutor (Bath) Picture
      Spotting the differences between Oh là là! and Ooh la la! Have you ever heard a French person say "Oh là là " while they are observing...

World Languages

  • Crime and Punishment

    Dmitry Matchin Russian Teacher (North London) Picture
    Crime and Punishment, the first of the four greatest works by Fyodor Dostoevsky, is universally, and deservedly, acknowledged as one of the most...
  • Learning Mandarin Chinese without exams

    Shiyang Wang Mandarin Chinese Tutor (Gloucester) Picture
    Are you interested in Chinese culture? Do you like Chinese food? Would you like to speak Mandarin Chinese? I don't teach Chinese for...


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  • elocution or similar lessons newbury beginner, 13, to make friends
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  • EFL teachers with DBS check NW London for 10 year olds - beginner group
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