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Business English

Editor's Pick

Is Business English a new dialect?

At times, Business English can seem like a different language. The individual words are clearly English and... More »

Editor's Pick

Survival Tips for IELTS Preparation

After many hours preparing students for the IELTS exam I found that no-one ever finds it easy! But, the students who... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Free website to help your English

    Julie Austin-Kaye English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Chester) Picture
    When I am teaching students there is one website that is very useful and is something that can help you study at home independently. If you want to learn new, subject specific vocabulary and also improve your pronunciation and fluency I recommend that you use this...
  • Enrique Iglesias sings HÉROE in Spanish

    Leonor Spanish Tutor (Brighton) Picture
      Quiero ser tu héroe...Si una vez yo pudiera llegar a erizar de frío tu piel;a quemar, qué sé yo, tu boca, y morirme allí después y si entonces temblaras por mí, llorarás al verme sufrir,ay, sin dudar, tu vida entera dar,como yo la doy por ti. Si pudiera ser tu héroe, si pudiera ser...
  • Holistic Teaching

    Rapport English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Croydon) Picture
    How many teachers are planted firmly in your memory? Outstanding teachers do as their name suggests - they stand out from the crowd. Language teaching requires: Inspiration Specialist knowledge Switched-on teachers Tutors require all of this and more: Instinct Connection and...
  • Delivering measurable results: Tutoring

    Michel French Tutor (Bromley) Picture
    To deliver measurable results the tutor must harness all traditional and modern tools and techniques to help his students reach their respective goals. But teaching cannot solely rely on tools and techniques, it has to involve passion. Passion for the topic, empathy with the student and last but...
  • The Art of Translating Poetry

    Domenico Gioffré Italian Tutor (South West London) Picture
    *** articles to be uploaded soon ***
  • Becoming a Teacher and Student

    Maria del Mar Molina Spanish Tutor (South East London) Picture
    Since I started teaching I have realised that the way you teach your students is as important as the knowledge you transmit. In a global, interconnected world, teaching needs to evolve in its methods in order to get results in an easier, practical and interesting way. To progress in a...
  • Why learn Portuguese?

    Thais Rocha Portuguese Tutor (Oxford) Picture
    Learning Portuguese today can make a big difference in you professional career. Brazil is a booming economy and a very interesting, but complex country. Brazilians are known for their cultural diversity and knowing the language can help you in understanding particular aspects of Brazilian culture.
  • Strategies To Achieve The Grade You Deserve

    Anna Kaznowska French Tutor (South West London) Picture
    This is a brief note about some of my beliefs on exam success which forms a part of many of my lessons. Enjoy! Exams are stressful, and as they usually come all together (for example at GCSE and A-level) the scale and amount of work ahead of you can seem overwhelming. However, there are tried...
  • Learning Spanish

    Rita Alvarez Spanish Tutor (North West London) Picture
    My experience teaching Spanish started back in 2006, when I was an exchange student at Drake University, in Iowa, USA. It was such a great experience that after it I kept teaching Spanish to foreigners and I would like to do it all my life. Tutors enjoy seeing the progress of their students day...
  • A Few Words About Learning

    Yue Zhou (Joe) Mandarin Chinese Tutor (South East London) Picture
    Learning is a life-long on going process and it's never too late to learn new things in life so long as one has the will, the resilience and the passion! Of course it's certainly not easy to learn and grasp a certain skill. For example, learning a musical instrument (piano) always gets harder...

English as a Foreign Language

  • Memory and learning.

    James Dedman English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (East London) Picture
    One of the most memorable events in my life was when at the age of five I was walking around Monmartre, the portrait painting epicentre of Paris,...
  • English and the language of football

    Pete Goodland English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Sheffield) Picture
    So here I am happily ensconced in beautiful Birkdale where every day's a joy. Then what? My Chinese students - confused as they are by our (...

European Languages

  • Learning Language Should Be Fun!

    Lucia Brandi Italian Tutor (South East London) Picture
    My experience as a teacher and as mum, has proved me that when we have fun, we learn faster. This is extremely important, especially in teaching a...
  • Learning a Foreign Language

    Claudia Cerbino Spanish Tutor (Uxbridge) Picture
    Learning a foreign language broadens one's horizons in every aspect of life. It's certainly an important asset in one's curriculum to find work in...

World Languages

  • The Benefit Of One-To-One Tuition

    Lily Liang Mandarin Chinese Tutor (Chelmsford) Picture
    I believe that one-to-one tuition is a very effective way to learn a new language, as the student has the teacher's full attention. Another great...
  • Learning a Foreign Language

    Kristina F Russian Teacher (West London) Picture
    It is a fact that learning a foreign language increases cognitive abilities such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. However,...


  • Is Elocution Relevant? Editor's Pick

    Joanna Lucie Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (South East London) Picture
    Elocution? That's a bit old-fashioned, isn't it? Do people actually WANT that stuff? How now, brown cow... that sort of thing? Yes, it seems,...
  • The Fear of Phonetics

    Luke Nicholson Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (West London) Picture
    English pronunciation is not often taught when learning English. But what is the point of learning a language when no-one can understand what you...

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  • arabic tutor west london adult learning
  • A-Level German Tutor Bexleyheath, DA7 Edexcel Syllabus Revision AS & A2.
  • Russian Speaking Tutor Virginia Water Russian Twin Nine Year old Boys
  • English GCSE Tutor Isleworth for 16yr old
  • English conversation tutor London Upper-Int and Pre advanced
  • Greek Tutor wanted Warwickshire For an adult beginner
  • LATIN TUTORS Central London All levels
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