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Chinese is not hard!

Chinese, in case you thought so, is not a difficult language. Grammar: In the first place...
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

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English: Whose language is it anyway?

The world population now stands at approximately 7.2 billion. Of those 7.2 billion people,...

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Your first Russian language class

How do we usually start our studies with students who are complete beginners? Before going into...

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Words of Advice

So, you have to get a 6.5 in the IELTS exam?  A 7.5! An 8.0! You want to make sure your...

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  • Professional English: Medical. Book review

    Dr Sarah Paul English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (North West London) Picture Test Your Professional English: Medical, by Alison Pohl 2002, Pearson Publishing. What's nice about this book is that it contains easy bite-sized sections and has a variety of formats for learning vocabulary, which makes it a light-hearted overview of English for Medical Purposes (EMP). It's also small enough to carry around with you...
  • Why English is the Leading International Language

    Zohar Bennett English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (North London) Picture English is increasingly becoming the first choice for communication across language boundaries around the world. This is due to the emergence of two English speaking states that have consecutively dominated global communication, trade, technology and consumer culture. Of the Imperial cultures, England was particularly successful....
  • A good book for learning Chinese characters

    Guofang Mandarin Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Learning Chinese characters is a very important part of Chinese learning. The more Chinese reading and writing the student can do, the more confident the student will become, and the faster they will progress. A good book for learning Chinese writing and reading is called: Mastering Chinese Characters: A Modern Approach by Su...
  • Understanding unfamiliar German words Editor's Pick

    Elaine McNamee German (general) Tutor (Newcastle upon Tyne) Picture School pupils, impressed that you have been able to answer their ‘try to catch the teacher out by asking after a random piece of vocabulary completely unrelated to the topic’ question (every MFL teacher will know this strategy well) will then ask in awe: ‘Miss, do you know every single word in German?’ To this, I will firstly reply:...
  • Who do you know who needs French or Spanish?

    Paul Grace French (general) Tutor (Manchester) Picture Do you know of anyone who needs French or Spanish for business? I have taught professionals who need to speak these two languages for some time in groups or one to one and have successfully enabled them to enhance their professional skills and their value to their employer. I have successfully used everyday situations and role play...
  • The importance of Good Posture

    Judy Duff Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (Birmingham) Picture Good Posture and its Importance in the Singing and Speaking Voice Every one of us is physically unique. No two people will have the same speaking or singing voice. That is a wondrous gift that we each possess, and one in which we should celebrate. However, it is very important that you practics good and correct posture and breathing...
  • Learning English in the Real World

    Anja English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (South West London) Picture I have always loved the English language and teaching it is a wonderful experience. English is such an expressive language and sounds beautiful as it isn't one of the low or nasal languages. It has a lovely rhythm to it and I can only encourage everyone to learn it. It is the most useful language to know and speak well and will open...
  • 'Teacher, I don't have enough vocabulary'

    Julie Bestwick Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Teacher (South East London) Picture As an experienced teacher, if I had a £1 for every time one of my students said the above phrase to me, I'd be a rich lady! Having learnt foreign languages (French at school - now very rusty - and Spanish which I use daily) I know how important it is to have a strong vocabulary base - not only for speaking but for writing too. In...
  • English: Whose language is it anyway? Editor's Pick

    Rachel Ashby English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Wolverhampton) Picture The world population now stands at approximately 7.2 billion. Of those 7.2 billion people, approximately 1.5 billion people are able to speak English at a useful communicative level - that’s just over 20%, or one in five, of the world’s population. But is it really necessary to have a single world language? The simple answer is yes....
  • Personalising Language Learning

    Farhaz J English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Croydon) Picture Personalising Language Learning by G. Griffiths & K. Keohane provides guidance and practical activities for teachers who are looking for ways to make language learning more person centred. Taking the learner as the starting point, the book presents a range of ready-to-use materials which draw on the personal experiences, thoughts,...

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  • Mandarin Chinese tutor Epsom - Ewell 2 children, DBS check, refs, experience
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  • Spanish Tutor via Skype Absolute beginner, adult
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  • German Tutor Chingford/ Walthamstow beginner level for adult
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