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Spanish (general)

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Interesting websites to practice Spanish language

I have created an article related to interesting websites to learn and practise the Spanish...

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Useful websites to help you learn Japanese

I recommend the following free web sites to help you study Japanese: Denshi Jisho - Online...

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59 seconds

The IELTS reading and writing tests are challenging. Both exams require you to complete a great...
Elocution/ Accent Reduction

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Good Elocution Can Change Your Life Miraculously!

I love teaching elocution! My students have transformed their lives for the better and enjoyed a...

Fresh Articles

  • Learning Russian is great!

    Julija Guste Russian Teacher (Twickenham) Picture Taking the first step toward learning a language can be quite daunting, but it’s also an exciting opportunity. Though it may appear difficult at first, Russian is a very beautiful language, filled with many nuances. It’s not something to be learned during such a short period but if you commit yourself early on you will achieve...
  • The Greatness of Learning a Foreign Language

    Maria Sousa Portuguese Tutor (North London) Picture Communication is an essential aspect of society’s relationships. There are many different ways that we, human beings, can communicate. People are able to express themselves through words, gestures, facial expressions, body language, arts - the list goes on. However, there are no doubts that the instinctive and easiest way of...
  • Can you learn a language in 5 hours? Editor's Pick

    Maria A. French (general) Tutor (South West London) Picture The answer is: you can't. Of all subjects, foreign languages are the ones that require the longest learning period, as they are, in fact, more than mere "subjects". They are skills, muscles, crafts, bits of a culture, bits of a world, different ways of seeing things, if you will. Therefore if your child's GCSE exam is looming or if...
  • Learn Italian Grammar

    Alessandra Serra Italian (general) Tutor (South West London) Picture I feel that the best Italian language course programs are developed from a communicative based approach and focus on the four language abilities (listening, speaking, reading, writing). The first goal should always be communication, both oral and written. Students should take full advantage of authentic materials (selected from every...
  • The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language Editor's Pick

    Tom Steadman French (general) Tutor (Southampton) Picture How many times have you been on holiday and been embarrassed to witness British tourists shouting in broken English to the locals in desperate hopes of getting their point across? The longer it goes on, the louder they get, with a poor waiter or shop-keeper becoming more and more confused, sometimes frightened. Perhaps you yourselves...
  • Translating "You" Editor's Pick

    Sonya Skuse Translation/ Interpretation Professionals (Lincoln) Picture 'Translating the Pronominal Form of Address in European Literature'  A large proportion of those who have agonised with Raskolnikov's dilemmas, wandered with Lemminkainen or been swept along by the magical tale of the Little Prince  have done so thanks to translations from the original language. But languages such as Russian,...
  • Learning a Foreign Language

    Kristina F Russian Teacher (West London) Picture Few would argue that learning a foreign language increases cognitive abilities such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. However, the idea that speaking a particular language affects thought is rather controversial. Apparently, because languages differ in their terms for hue and brightness, one of the first and most...
  • Useful Books For Tutoring French

    Magali Churchill French (general) Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture To prepare for my lessons I use a mix of internet research and books but I always refer to the following: French Grammar and Usage by Roger Hawkins & Richard TowellThe key to French Grammar by Ian Lane I also have a range of various Revision Guides for exams but I prefer the Letts revision books as well as different vocabulary books...
  • English and the language of football

    Pete Goodland English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Sheffield) Picture So here I am happily ensconced in beautiful Birkdale where every day's a joy. Then what? My Chinese students - confused as they are by our ( English ) obsession with the game we're utterly useless at ( Ok, this could include any number of sports, but you get my drift ) -  ask for lessons on the rules of football. Can I refuse? Of...
  • Intergalactic travel and the English speaker

    Pete Goodland English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Sheffield) Picture What to do this particular afternoon with my Chinese Students? Then.... ( and this you will not believe ) I hear a Spaceman is about to arrive at Birkdale. Has this writer spent too much time on the pop? I hear you cry. But, no, this is the absolute truth. Alan Bean. Who He? Alan Bean from Houston, silly! The man who once trod the...

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  • Spanish tutor- school club on Thursdays in north London Teaching 6-8 year olds dbscheck required
  • British sign language tutor Wiltshire Level 2
  • English conversation tutor Soho, from 7pm English for foreigner (French)
  • Mandarin Chinese tutor Epsom - Ewell 2 children, DBS check, refs, experience
  • French cover teacher - school London cover classes in May dbs check required
  • Greek tutor Reading Modern Greek
  • EFL Tutor Peterborough As stated by ARELS
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