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Russian Basics

Here are some basic facts about the Russian language.   Russian uses the Cyrillic script which was devised in the... More »

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The Beauty Of French Poetry

This article is all about poetry and the extraordinary world of French poems. As French poetry is so unique, I have... More »

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  • Boring lessons are a sin!

    James Dedman English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (East London) Picture
    I don't know about you, but when I was at school I was almost permanently bored. Most of my teachers had a brilliant knack of turning everything into something grey and dull. Whether it were Shakespeare, chemical reactions or maths everything seemed to meld into one big heap. The one teacher...
  • Become Literate In Languages Through Music

    Regina Saltari Modern Greek Tutor (South West London) Picture
    How many times have we caught ourselves humming popular songs in languages that we are not able to speak? Definitely English is not the only language for pop music; there is a number of songs in European Languages such as Spanish (ie Donde Estas Yolanda), Italian (ie Amore mio), German (ie Du...
  • What I enjoy about teaching English

    James Dedman IELTS Teacher (East London) Picture
    One of the best things about teaching English is not what the student learns, but what I get to hear about. Engineering, hairdressing, economics etc etc.  My knowledge of haircuts and styles has increased to the point now where I can say rather than being clueless, I am a bit less clueless. In...
  • Mandarin and English - Not So Different!

    Sky Yao Mandarin Chinese Tutor (Birmingham) Picture
    When I first read the English version of Harry Potter in 13, I found that English is more mysterious than I thought. Like Chinese, it also has a range of vocabularies describing one item, such as facial expression. I would like to invite you to work with me together to explore these amusing...
  • Cambridge Latin Course

    Sue Henton Latin Tutor (Leicester) Picture
    I find that the Cambridge Latin Course makes learning Latin interesting for students. The stories are well-written and include an excellent variety of vocabulary and grammar points.
  • Stretching Thought

    Kristina F Russian Teacher (West London) Picture
    It is a fact that learning a foreign language increases cognitive abilities such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. However, the idea that speaking a particular language affects thought is rather controversial. Apparently, because languages differ in their terms for hue and...
  • Why Learn British Sign Language?

    BSL David Sign language Tutor (Nottingham) Picture
    British Sign Language (BSL) is a specialised and interesting subject! There are several ways to learn basic BSL. A college course, private tuition, books and DVDs (the 2 latter ways are more for reference). Here are some useful web site: www.british-sign.co.ukwww.britishsignlanguage.comSome...
  • Learning to Communicate

    Nicholas Parkinson English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (South East London) Picture
    I have been teaching one to one for five years now. One thing I have learnt in that time is that there is more than one way to crack a nut! The great advantage of one to one is that it is student focused. For example, I have had one student who had little formal education in her native country....
  • What Dyslexia Has To Do With Learning English

    Justin Potter Business English Teacher (Salisbury) Picture
    I have always been fascinated by the way our brains work and how we learn. I really struggled to learn at school yet in later years achieved a Distinction in the Strategic Management module of my MBA. So why is that some people find learning another language quite simple while others really...
  • Is Language An Overflow Of Your Heart?

    Kim Neal English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture
    It has been said that your heart is revealed through the things that you say; your thoughts, dreams, obsessions, desires and regrets all originate in your heart. If I were someone who absolutely loved jazz music, then you would know about it because I wouldn't stop talking about it. When we fall...

English as a Foreign Language

  • English in the Everyday

    English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (South West London) Picture
    It is so easy to focus on formal classroom based learning and get distracted by books and grammar, however, there are many other opportunities to...
  • Why study English?

    English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (North London) Picture
      Why study English? Maybe you need it to study at University level Maybe you need to pass your SATs exams  Perhaps a teacher made a strong...

European Languages

  • My France

    Cécile Hug French Tutor (Birmingham) Picture
    I encourage you to take a look at these websites: An overview of several landscapes and famous sites in France:...
  • Gaining Confidence In Language Learning

    Rosalind Ebbrell French Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture
    Learning languages should be a wonderful discovery of useful phrases you can use abroad. It should be a fun experience rather than a chore. ...

World Languages


  • An interesting read

    Emily F Smith Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (West London) Picture
    I recommend The Seeds of Speech by Jean Aitchison. It is a fascinating book about how speech began. Would you believe that: the human...
  • Communication matters !ACCENT uate the positives

    Helen Hendrickson Elocution Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (Birmingham) Picture
    Elocution and good speech have attracted a wave of press and increase in commercial elocution courses and schools with glossy brochures and high...

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