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Saxophone - equipment guide for beginners

Saxophonists love talking about gear. Mouthpieces, reeds, instruments and all their various...

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Always Read The Syllabus

The biggest mistake people make when preparing for LAMDA Examinations is not properly reading...

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The Importance Of A Warmup For Brass

No matter what stage of playing you're at and what stage you are on your instrument it is...

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Auditioning for Drama School

I have sat in on auditions at one of the biggest drama schools in the world. It is joyful and...

Fresh Articles

  • National Children's Orchestra

    Colm O'Reilly Classical Violin Teacher (North West London) Picture This is the website for the National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain. It's a brilliant way of seeing future world class musicians and is inspiring for both adults and children learning an instrument. Equally if your child enjoys playing, look in to having them audition as it is a brilliant...
  • Southbank Sinfonia

    Colm O'Reilly Classical Violin Teacher (North West London) Picture Southbank Sinfonia is a wonderful orchestra that I have been lucky enough to be a member of. Setting aside the high quality of the orchestra, it provides incredible concert opportunities for both adults and children. The staple concert series of the orchestra are their "Rush Hour" concerts....
  • Creating the authentic voice

    Alexander Taylor Classical Violin Teacher (Bristol) Picture The violin is a classical instrument, invented in the 1500's and perfected in the 1700's by Antonio Stradivarius, and has been used with great skill for solo and ensemble music ever since. In the olden days people waxed poetical over the lyrical properties of the violin, calling it the closest...
  • The Musical Life of Albert Einstein

    Yan Wong Classical Piano Teacher (Romford) Picture 4 Great Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument - The Musical Life of Albert Einstein Did you know that Albert Einstein was a violinist? The truth is… Not only did he play the violin, he also played the piano. 1. Music benefits your brain According to Einstein’s wife, Elsa, the great...
  • Preparing A Song Recital vs. Preparing A Role Editor's Pick

    Ricardo Panela Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture One of the biggest differences of preparing a recital compared to preparing a role, is that with a recital you have almost complete freedom to choose what programme you want to sing, whereas a role is a completely closed experience by comparison. You can choose how you want to portray it, but...
  • The Importance Of A Warmup For Brass Editor's Pick

    David Pitts Trombone Teacher (South West London) Picture No matter what stage of playing you're at and what stage you are on your instrument it is important to do a warmup before you play. Similar to an athlete warming up for a marathon or a sprint we use our muscles in the same way. There are an infinite number of opinions on the perfect method of...
  • Embrace and Enjoy Your Singing Authenticity!

    Marie-Claire op ten Noort Classical Singing Teacher (Colchester) Picture Throughout our lives we get to hear many a time that we should improve ourselves. It starts at primary school, for some even before, and goes on right until retirement and for some, even after. Improve your writing, your sports, your knowledge, your attitude, even your dreams. Through that we...
  • Essential Reading For Actors

    James Wallwork Acting Coach (South East London) Picture For anyone wanting to pursue a career as an actor, or assist them in coming up with a blueprint theory for working as an actor, these 2 books for me are the best. They really helped me form my own method of working, a sort of tick box list I take to each and every job. The first book is...
  • How To Choose The Right Teacher For You

    Manda Classical Piano Teacher (North London) Picture It is the very question you ask yourself when you decide to find a suitable piano teacher for your kids or for yourself. Especially for someone who is not into music, it can be very daunting to choose from all the choices you get in your search. The advantage is that you are not short of choices...
  • Saxophone - equipment guide for beginners Editor's Pick

    Guy Passey Saxophone Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture Saxophonists love talking about gear. Mouthpieces, reeds, instruments and all their various intricacies are endlessly fascinating to us - if you don't believe me, type 'mouthpiece' into an online forum for saxophonists and watch as an unending stream of jargon unspools itself in front of you....

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  • recorder teacher Kingston upon Thames KT2 dbs, experience, able to read music
  • Piano Teacher Haringey (Wood Green) Grade 6, young woman with Aspergers
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