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Jazz Double Bass

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Why on earth would you play Double Bass?

Isn't it just ridiculously big? You never get the tune anyway? Doesn't it hurt your fingers?...
Classical Piano

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Emotion and 'Technique'

These two words seem to be the two - separate - pillars which support our musical learning and...
Classical Violin

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Performance Anxiety and Violinists

Abstract:A performance task and survey was given to violin students at the UWA School of Music...

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What To Do On Your Music Exam Day?

Exam days can be very daunting. How can one person decided on your performance level within 20...

Fresh Articles

  • Memorisation in the early stages of learning

    Edyta Lajdorf BMus, MMus, LRSM Classical Piano Teacher (South West London) Picture Memorisation in the early stages of learning piano The question of memorising a piece at the beginning of music education is an issue frequently marginalised. A student is simply expected to learn a set piece by heart, and the way he or she will achieve that remains their mystery. In order to...
  • The Love of Music Editor's Pick

    John Craig Classical Violin Teacher (Perth) Picture Those of us who have sometimes wished to play a musical instrument must all have a reason for doing so. In my own case, it is purely because of loving music so much, and I presume therefore, of wanting to explore it more. Why then, do I love music so much? It seems to me because, in it we find...
  • New Year Singing Resolutions: Inspirational Tips

    Kathryn Hannah Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture Thinking about your New Year Resolutions already? Here are some inspirational tips from me that will include giving your voice a new lease of life too before your have even sung a note. If you have never had singing lessons before and are thinking about opening up your mind and voice to...
  • Haydn Sonata Hob. XVI.4 - Menuet and Trio

    Juan Rezzuto Classical Piano Teacher (West London) Picture Haydn Sonata Hob. XVI.4 - Menuet and TrioNovember 26, 2016|Juan Jose RezzutoSummaryThis is a standard Menuet and Trio. Both of them written in the A-B-A’ form. The variations in A are implied by the return to the tonic.MenuetThe first phrase “A” features the use of the triplet and the...
  • A Short Essay About Pratice..

    Dominique Pizzinat Drum Kit Teacher (South East London) Picture Music is an aesthetic form of knowledge but without skills it can't be performed - which defeats the purpose.   We must keep up the right balance between knowledge and physical skills.  It is the urge to create something beautiful which triggers the desire to practice. The purpose is the...
  • Always Read The Syllabus Editor's Pick

    Simon Robinson LAMDA/ RADA Exams Tutor (North London) Picture The biggest mistake people make when preparing for LAMDA Examinations is not properly reading the syllabus. This, along with other materials published by LAMDA, is your main resource and contains everything you need to do in order to pass. There is no mystery or hidden trick to gaining that...
  • A Climate of Possibilities...

    Val Wolstenholme Clay Art and Design Teacher (South West London) Picture A Climate of Possibilities.   How does one create this ‘Climate of Possiblities’ to have an environment condusive to creativity for students to develop and thrive. I believe the working space is important, however small it is ,the lighting can be good , the ambiance warm and welcoming ,have...
  • Online Lessons.

    Robin Thornton Music Tutor Musicianship Teacher (Aberdeen) Picture Online Lessons I am sitting comfortably, at home, with my computer.  It's how we all live.  Isn't it?  What you are looking for is a comfortable environment and a friendly teacher.  Online lessons provide both of those.   I have been teaching online since I was on teaching practise.  My...
  • Learning the Violin From Beginner To Pro

    Raffaele Squillante Classical Violin Teacher (Sutton) Picture The Flesch Violin Technique was developed by Carl Flesch and his pupils were C. Romano, E. Bélanger, B. Gimpel, I. Gitlis, S. Goldberg, I. Haendel, J. Hassid, A. Leschinski, A. Moodie, G. Neveu, Y. Neaman, R. Odnoposoff, E. Rosenblith, M. Rostal, H. Szeryng, H. Temianka, R. Totenberg and J....
  • Empowering people through music

    Robin Thornton Music Tutor Classical Theory/ Composition Teacher (Aberdeen) Picture Empowering people; empowering people to empower people. I was talking with a friend and they asked what teaching was like and the phrase, “Empowering people; empowering people to empower people”, just slipped out.  That is a great way of thinking about teaching, but what does...

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