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Why Acting?

'Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming our society....

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The Role Of Deliberate Practice In Music

Deliberate practice consists of practising a subject mindfully in order to develop one's skills....
Drama School Auditions

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The Revelation of Self

As an acting teacher with a successful career as a director I have a unique perspective on what...
Classical Piano

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Iberia Suite by Albeniz

The twelve impressions of Spain that comprise Iberia earned Albéniz great acclaim; one of the...

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  • Iberia Suite by Albeniz Editor's Pick

    Alexander Boyd Classical Piano Teacher (North London) Picture The twelve impressions of Spain that comprise Iberia earned Albéniz great acclaim; one of the last works completed in his life, it is a masterpiece of grand vision and extraordinary imagination. Representing a dramatic departure from his earlier piano music, Iberia is a fusion of styles and...
  • What Guitar To Buy?

    Nick Jones Guitar Classical Guitar Teacher (Harrow) Picture People often ask me what type of guitar to buy for their child as a first/beginner guitar. Unfortunately, some parents don't ask me this before taking lessons and end up buying an unsuitable guitar. So heres my opinion... I think most children, if they are a beginner, should start with a 3/4...
  • 'The Art of French Horn Playing' Phillip Farkas

    Huw Jenkins French Horn Teacher (South West London) Picture I recommend 'The Art of French Horn Playing' by Phillip Farkas. It is essential reading for any students of the French Horn. As relevant now as in the age it was written.
  • Adult Piano lessons

    Juan Rezzuto Keyboard Teacher (West London) Picture Adult Piano Lessons 18.10.2016 - After almost 6 years of experience teaching adult piano students of all different ages and experiences, we can’t stop being happily surprised about the outcomes we get...   Introspection and enjoyment It is fascinating to see how people create their own...
  • Advice for Piano players. Beginners to advanced

    Colin Smith Keyboard Teacher (Bristol) Picture Please note. This article is a  simple over view about piano lessons aimed at parents who’s children are keen to learn. This is also aimed at adults wishing to learn for the first time.  without having any prior knowledge . There is also a tiny bit of  advice for more advanced players. This...
  • Piano Is Your Unique Language

    Patrick Sale Classical Piano Teacher (South West London) Picture We all have something to tell the world. It may be an idea, an opinion, or perhaps just an emotion. Finding your voice, or the right words, can be a challenge, for what if you're misinterpreted, or misunderstood? And in a world shared with 7 billion others, how can we make sure we're heard? For...
  • Acting: In It For The Right Reasons

    Thomas Chambers Acting Coach (South West London) Picture When you're young and you think of potential careers you'd like to go into, it is perfectly normal to visualise your ideal goal or endpoint. What do I dream of doing? If it's to be a doctor, it might be saving someone's life in an operating theatre; if it's to be a lawyer, it could be strolling...
  • Popular Music In Our Brains

    Christina Karpodini Songwriting Teacher (East London) Picture Some of the most important songs in popular music history are songs that we all know. Songs that get stuck in our heads for days, months and for sure we remember them after many years. Some people call this phenomenon as the “ear worm” that get in our ear and does not let as stop listening to a...
  • How Do You Practise Acting?

    Damien Hughes Acting Coach (East London) Picture "Practise, practise, practise." You'll hear those words echoed across your life from every teacher, mentor, tutor and parent who care about your talents and how you express them. Without practice, talent is nothing. But how does one practise acting? What we mean by that is, how do you get better...
  • Choosing An Instrument

    Chris Heron Classical Violin Teacher (Leeds) Picture Choosing an instrument to begin is difficult, for the beginner and possibly the parent of the child wishing to start. There are many different equations to think about before making the decision but usually, they aren’t thought out processes. in my experience, at this period of time, music is...

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