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Professional Articles by Private Tutors

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Editor's Pick

The T Junction

So you’re driving along a road at night in an unfamiliar location and realise that you’re nearing a T junction.... More »

Editor's Pick

What to do when in the ACA exam

So it’s finally come round that day that you have been preparing for for weeks on end. Here are some guidelines on... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Website project planner

    Carolina Sawney Web Design Tutor (West Central London) Picture
    The web design and development project planner will provide the preliminary information to help you bring your vision into perspective and pave the way for a successful project. You can complete the questionnaire and once you’re happy that your answers clearly describe your project, you will...
  • The T Junction Editor's Pick

    Marion Friend MBE Careers Coaches (Kingston upon Thames) Picture
    So you’re driving along a road at night in an unfamiliar location and realise that you’re nearing a T junction. Your Sat Nav has broken and you’ve been meaning to sort it out. You approach the junction nervously and then what? You could go right, left, straight ahead, come to a halt and...
  • Top Tips - Law Exams and Coursework

    Nkechi Offonry Law (general) Tutor (North West London) Picture
    The ability to pass an exam is often an area law students struggle with. Although students may learn, and invariably understand the law, it is the application of, or, critical evaluation of this legal knowledge that they are unable to present logically in an exam or coursework. Students should...
  • Finding Your Creativity

    Leon Trayman Creativity Coaching Professionals (East London) Picture
    For some, creativity comes 'naturally', or so it's said by lots of people. I would disagree. I believe that everyone is inherently more creative than they think. It is often just a matter of not being encouraged sufficiently as a child. As children we all paint, draw, sculpt, tell stories,...
  • Overcome Nerves, Present with Confidence Editor's Pick

    Ian Sanders Presentation/ Interview Skills Coaches (Colchester) Picture
    How a practice-based coaching session can help overcome the barriers to a perfect presentation When it comes to standing up in front of a room full of people, we are our own worse enemies. Our nerves can often get the better of us, a voice in our head tells us we are not interesting, we can...
  • Confident speaking reflects our sincerity

    Luke Aspden Public Speaking Tutor (Southampton) Picture
    Whenever we get up to speak whether it is with a group of friends or to an audience of many, the first thing people notice is you - then we open our mouth. So present the audience with a sight they are comfortable with. NVC (non verbal communication) accounts for 55% of the impact we have, so...
  • Applying for American universities...

    Laura Pasternack Job Applications Coaches (West London) Picture
    While the number of university applications from UK students has gone down as a natural result of the massive increase in tuition fees, the number of applications for American university places has sky rocketed. Students who do not obtain a place at Oxbridge or one of the Russell Group...
  • How to handle exam nerves

    Jan S Taylor Stress Management Coaches (Swindon) Picture
    As the exam date gets nearer, a lot of pupils feel nerves, and may start to make silly mistakes in their playing, often about two weeks before the exam. This is probably due to them knowing the piece so well (if they have been practising) that their mind starts to think about actually being in...
  • ACCA ExamTips - How To Achieve Maximum Success

    Nnenna A ACCA Tutor (Ilford) Picture
    Would you like to achieve maximum success in your ACCA exams? Plenty of people want that, and it's not difficult to accomplish once you understand how to. This article can help you to reach your goal and achieve maximum success in your ACCA exams. You need to find out how to prepare for your...
  • What to do when in the ACA exam Editor's Pick

    Nikki V ACA Tutor (St Albans) Picture
    So it’s finally come round that day that you have been preparing for for weeks on end. Here are some guidelines on steps to take to ensure success on exam day. Always make sure you arrive at the venue the exam is taking place in with plenty of time in hand. There is nothing worse that arriving...


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  • ACCA P2 Tutor Liverpool Looking for someone to teach P2 module
  • EFL Tutor Bath for Italian native, Intermediate
  • AAT Tutor Leeds To deliver AAT to level 4
  • ACCA Tutor /Trainer/Developer Midlands Experienced ACCA Tutor
  • ACCA P1 - P2 - P3 Tuition Forest Gate, London Experienced Tutor
  • Tutor to invigilate 2hr exam London Professional email (no hotmail/gmail)
  • ACA tutor -Business Reporting Manchester Knowledge of ACA exams a plus
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