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Public Speaking

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Public Speaking for Panel Chairs

As a trainer and professional actor, I have delivered many a workshop on the themes of public...
Public Speaking

Editor's Pick

Know Your Audience and Avoid Slow Hand Claps

   My first professional speech was in the 1980s to 500 drunk travel agents at a golf dinner....
Business Skills

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Be Curious

I have always believed that curiosity was a sign of intelligence. This has struck me over and...
Presentation/ Interview Skills

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Be a Team Player to get the top jobs

In these tough economic times organisations are being forced to become smaller and leaner to...

Fresh Articles

  • Public Speaking for Panel Chairs Editor's Pick

    Nicola Burnett Smith Public Speaking Tutor (North London) Picture As a trainer and professional actor, I have delivered many a workshop on the themes of public speaking, presentation skills and personal impact. I was recently asked to adapt these into a one-hour session for the Panel Chairs of a Professional Conduct Committee. The workshop was to be called...
  • Voice and the Office

    Linda de Klerk Public Speaking Tutor (South East London) Picture The overall effect of a confident communicator is not only verbal success – the body speaks just as loud and has just as much impact.   Consider a person with a beautiful speaking voice who never looks at her speaker, her words will lose their impact or a person who is so tense in posture...
  • Why Study for the ACCA?

    Learn with Lucy ACCA Tutor (Birmingham) Picture I often asked myself this question when I left school! Like most who have chosen the accountancy profession, I got my first job in a local accountancy practice, starting at the bottom. I soon realised that hard work alone was not going to enable me to achieve my ambitions in life and work. My...
  • How does advertising work?

    Hazim AAT Tutor (South East London) Picture In what ways might advertising influence the nature and extent of firm’s market power? Advertising is used by firms to compete against one another. Firms differentiate their goods and services in many ways such as location, service, physical attributes and finally by the subjective image...
  • Interactive Whiteboards: past their sell by date?

    Peter Nicholson Computing and IT skills Tutor (Huddersfield) Picture End users are replacing their interactive whiteboards and projectors with interactive flat panel displays owing to low cost, high resolution display and easy installation. The Interactive Flat Panel market is set to grow by an estimated 85% per annum driven by the E-learning industry through to...
  • Speaking at a Funeral

    Matthew Collins Public Speaking Tutor (West London) Picture   Speaking at a Funeral   No matter how much public speaking you've done, nothing prepares you for speaking at the funeral of someone you love. 'You don't have to do it,' said the priest when we first discussed my mother's funeral. But I wanted to do it. I'd given hundreds of professional...
  • Know Your Audience and Avoid Slow Hand Claps Editor's Pick

    Matthew Collins Public Speaking Tutor (West London) Picture    My first professional speech was in the 1980s to 500 drunk travel agents at a golf dinner. I didn’t seek the gig. A desperate agent offered me £500 to replace her sick speaker at short notice. I wasn’t up to it but succumbed to financial temptation... And regretted it. After five...
  • The importance of making...drawings

    Val Wolstenholme Clay Creativity Coaching Professional (South West London) Picture All making and creating is important (music, gardening, dance etc) of course, and yet the business of making drawings is a such a wonderful way to occupy oneself, so simple and easily available. Doodling, sketching thoughtfully, painting however it evolves, can turn into a form of meditation. It...
  • Christ to coke: How image becomes icon

    Carolina Sawney Web Design Tutor (West Central London) Picture What puts some visual images into the ‘superstar category’?, was the topic of an public lecture that Professor of History of Art, Martin Kemp, gave at the London School of Economics, in London, to present his book Christ to coke: how image becomes icon. 
He described the story of 11 icons...
  • How to protect yourself from others

    Nadine Demontfaucon Motivational Training Coach (Reading) Picture Funnily enough, the entire idea of this article has just landed in my head; about why people don't let it go?  When YOU decide to let go and move on, when YOU decide to push back your past (not to deny it, just move it to the back so it's not in front of you anymore) it means you decide to not...


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