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Impact - The book that I still talk about.

As an accountant there are not many things that we get excited about, or at least thats what...
Public Speaking

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Presentations: Don't Be Scared

For many people, giving a presentation can be a fearful and daunting proposition, but this does...

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What to do when in the ACA exam

So it’s finally come round that day that you have been preparing for for weeks on end. Here are...
Presentation/ Interview Skills

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Overcome Nerves, Present with Confidence

How a practice-based coaching session can help overcome the barriers to a perfect...

Fresh Articles

  • The importance of making...drawings

    Val Wolstenholme Clay Creativity Coaching Professional (South West London) Picture All making and creating is important (music, gardening, dance etc) of course, and yet the business of making drawings is a such a wonderful way to occupy oneself, so simple and easily available. Doodling, sketching thoughtfully, painting however it evolves, can turn into a form of meditation. It...
  • Compiling Your CV Editor's Pick

    Peter Flammiger CV Writing Coach (Sutton) Picture You are operating in a highly competitive employment market in which success depends upon how well you sell yourself. The starting point for a successful sales campaign is a compelling CV. Your primary objective is to get to a point where you can personally make the difference in a face to...
  • Christ to coke: How image becomes icon

    Carolina Sawney Web Design Tutor (West Central London) Picture What puts some visual images into the ‘superstar category’?, was the topic of an public lecture that Professor of History of Art, Martin Kemp, gave at the London School of Economics, in London, to present his book Christ to coke: how image becomes icon. 
He described the story of 11 icons...
  • How to protect yourself from others

    Nadine Demontfaucon Motivational Training Coach (Reading) Picture Funnily enough, the entire idea of this article has just landed in my head; about why people don't let it go?  When YOU decide to let go and move on, when YOU decide to push back your past (not to deny it, just move it to the back so it's not in front of you anymore) it means you decide to not...
  • What can good coaching look like?

    Nick (Coaching) Life Coaching Professional (Tonbridge) Picture Good coaching is adapted to the needs of the individual client and draws on ideas relevant to them and so is unique. However, it may be helpful to identify general properties of good, well founded coaching. This could help in providing a coaching alliance that is the context for both academic...
  • A reflective approach to life

    Nick (Coaching) Life Coaching Professional (Tonbridge) Picture Reflecting constructively is fundamental to being human. It may raise awkward questions, problems and challenges – but then solve them in ways that enhance life. It can promote understanding and help us make worthwhile changes. It may be structured, or discursive, or meditative. It can also be...
  • Learning to program: it's not about the language Editor's Pick

    Julia Roebuck Computing and IT skills Tutor (Exeter) Picture Learning to program is something many kids (and adults) want to do. Most often, the kids I come across have learnt a language like Javascript and think they need to learn a different language as a beginner again. They are confused and anxious and sometimes overwhelmed. But in reality, learning...
  • Exam tips for December 2015 exams

    Nnenna A ACCA Tutor (Ilford) Picture   ACCA EXAM TIPS TO HELP YOU DEVELOP A SUCCESS STRATEGY   SECTION A   Where an exam paper has MCQs, unfortunately there is no way around this.  You need to be familiar with the whole syllabus however these questions are only two marks each so no need to go too in depth. A good strategy to...
  • Maths is Everywhere

    Miss Aneta Adult Literacy/ Numeracy Tutor (North West London) Picture I think Mathematics and I have been always good "friends". From the first time I came across the subject at school, it was "love at first sight" with the numbers and digits, and everyting else that these can lead you to. There are many ways that the study of Maths can be incorporated into...
  • Flat packed AutoCAD!

    Katherine Romprey AutoCAD Tutor (Edinburgh) Picture   AutoCAD is used in such a variety of design processes that it can be confusing just what the Computer Aided Design package can actually do. CAD plays a large part in the design & building of flat packed furniture from the item itself, right down to the packaging it goes into. It is used on...


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  • ACCA tutor Ilford F7 Financial Reporting
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  • French Tutor Redhill Group Language training intermediate
  • ATT/CTA Support Milton Keynes+ 25 miles Current tax experience
  • Voice/ presentation coach London For adults
  • CIMA Tutor - 1-2-1 home based Manchester, Salford Part Qualified/Qualified CIMA Accountant
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