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The T Junction

So you’re driving along a road at night in an unfamiliar location and realise that you’re...
Public Speaking

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Know Your Audience and Avoid Slow Hand Claps

   My first professional speech was in the 1980s to 500 drunk travel agents at a golf dinner....
Business Skills

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Be Curious

I have always believed that curiosity was a sign of intelligence. This has struck me over and...
Presentation/ Interview Skills

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Overcome Nerves, Present with Confidence

How a practice-based coaching session can help overcome the barriers to a perfect...

Fresh Articles

  • Setting the standards of good web design

    Carolina Sawney Web Design Tutor (West Central London) Picture Responsive web design, optimised build, progressive enhancement, accessible code and good web page speed are the marks that define the gold standards of state of the art web design and development.Here are five tools to test if your website deserves that stamp: W3C Markup Validation ServiceIs...
  • Prince Harry's dark secret

    Andy Collins Adult Literacy/ Numeracy Tutor (Durham) Picture On World Aids Day in December 2014 Prince Harry admitted something he had kept secret for years. It was this: he dislikes speaking in public. He evidently feels he is not good at it and gets 'incredibly nervous' . Now this caused some amazement in the media at the time. How could a Prince of the...
  • Do you really mean what you're saying?

    Andy Collins Adult Literacy/ Numeracy Tutor (Durham) Picture A good friend of mine has just described me as a pedant. Well in some ways maybe I am. When it comes to the use of words, though, I am not that strict: it just pains me when people who are clearly unaware of the real meaning of a word use it in completely the wrong context. A misuse which really...
  • Your Voice Matters

    Marianne Samuels Public Speaking Tutor (Nottingham) Picture In this age of devices and virtual living, our voices are more important than ever. It is so easy for us to shy away behind our computers, tablets and smart phones. I've often sat in rooms full of people where nobody conversed because they were all preoccupied with their phones; texting,...
  • Standing out from the crowd

    riskhurana Job Applications Coach (Harrow) Picture The dilemma faced by many students today is whether to spend the majority of their time studying and ensuring top marks in exams, or to seek alternate sources of extra-curricular experience. The globalised world has meant that students now travel from all corners of the earth, seeking out and...
  • A reflective approach to life

    Nick (Coaching) Life Coaching Professional (Tonbridge) Picture Reflecting constructively is fundamental to being human. It may raise awkward questions, problems and challenges – but then solve them in ways that enhance life. It can promote understanding and help us make worthwhile changes. It may be structured, or discursive, or meditative, and it can be...
  • Website project planner

    Carolina Sawney Web Design Tutor (West Central London) Picture The web design and development project planner will provide the preliminary information to help you bring your vision into perspective and pave the way for a successful project. You can complete the questionnaire and once you’re happy that your answers clearly describe your project, you will...
  • The T Junction Editor's Pick

    Marion Friend MBE Careers Coach (Kingston upon Thames) Picture So you’re driving along a road at night in an unfamiliar location and realise that you’re nearing a T junction. Your Sat Nav has broken and you’ve been meaning to sort it out. You approach the junction nervously and then what? You could go right, left, straight ahead, come to a halt and...
  • Finding Your Creativity

    Leon Trayman Creativity Coaching Professional (East London) Picture For some, creativity comes 'naturally', or so it's said by lots of people. I would disagree. I believe that everyone is inherently more creative than they think. It is often just a matter of not being encouraged sufficiently as a child. As children we all paint, draw, sculpt, tell stories,...
  • Overcome Nerves, Present with Confidence Editor's Pick

    Ian Sanders Presentation/ Interview Skills Coach (Colchester) Picture How a practice-based coaching session can help overcome the barriers to a perfect presentation When it comes to standing up in front of a room full of people, we are our own worse enemies. Our nerves can often get the better of us, a voice in our head tells us we are not interesting, we can...


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