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Impact - The book that I still talk about.

As an accountant there are not many things that we get excited about, or at least thats what most people think. My... More »
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Breaking down a line of code

One of the lovely things about computer programming is the way you can break any system, task or problem down into... More »

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  • Everyone is shouting, no one is listening.

    Maureen Theaker Business Skills Tutor (Wolverhampton) Picture
    The World Health Organisation predicts that by 2020, depression will be the world’s second biggest killer, next only to heart disease.   Depression, and indeed a lot of mental problems, are characterized by withdrawal from other people, and one of the chief reasons that this happens is the...
  • Smart Studying - Efficient and Effective

    D De Silva Accounting Tutor (West Central London) Picture
    The key to studying efficiently and effectively is to identify the "foundation" or building blocks of a given subject. These are essentially what will be tested in your exams. Many of the difficulties we face in studying is due to not identifying these foundations or identifying an erroneous...
  • Accounting Made Easy!!

    Puja Accounting Tutor (North West London) Picture
    The moment someone mentions Accounts most of us suddenly start thinking of long calculations, mass of figures swimming in front of our eyes making us shy away from it all. Well don't worry Accountancy is not difficult once you understand why what happens, like anything else in our lives! If...
  • Interview advice for my little sister.

    Joseph Campbell Life Coaching Professionals (South East London) Picture
    Advice for my little sister who had three teacher training interviews, whilst having three essays due for her University course at the same time. When we have a few tasks, we can feel overwhelmed and I use cutting down a tree to describe this. At first, the whole tree seems overwhelming but as...
  • Banking and Finance Industry

    Hemant Agrawal Banking and Finance Tutor (West London) Picture
    Banking and Finance Industry Generation of Employment Opportunities For Disciplines Other Than Finance     The history of exchange in human society was there from the very beginning of its evolution as human being. With the passage of time the human society started its journey towards...
  • Thoughts and Basic Principles of Economics

    Hemant Agrawal Economics Tutor (West London) Picture
    The basic concept of economics originated in the Greek system when the heads of the family devised a system of managing their income to suffice their family’s wants and needs. Society is like a family, with the head of the societies making strategies to meet the growing needs and wants of...
  • Special on Oral Communication in the workplace

    Linda de Klerk Public Speaking Tutor (South East London) Picture
    SPECIAL! Oral Communication in the work place 4 classes for £100 only   Learn coping skills on how not to show stress in front of work colleagues in meetings and presentations – explore presentation skills that make benefit your communication in the work place – feel much more confident in...
  • Benefits of Private Tuition

    Deepti Computing and IT skills Tutor (Uxbridge) Picture
    I have been tutoring in London for some time now and met many wonderful students. I thought I would take some time to share some of my thoughts and experiences so that others can get a better understanding of the concept. The advantages of private tuition Who and why Private tuition is for...
  • The importance of Public speaking

    Linda de Klerk Public Speaking Tutor (South East London) Picture
    Public speaking is not only about what we say but how we say it.  According to Albert Mehrabian, a sociolinguist, how we speak makes up 38% with our body language making up 44%!  Apparently we only listen to 7% of what is being said. It is also really important that the speaker need to relate...
  • CVs Are Best Kept Short And Sweet! Editor's Pick

    Steve2014 CV Writing Coaches (South West London) Picture
    Having applied for many jobs, and interviewed many people, I have seen so many CVs, some good, some bad and some embarrassingly bad. The key to a good CV is to be honest, direct and do not try to be funny! Humour does not come across well in a professional document and is almost impossible to...


  • Live it!

    Adult Literacy/ Numeracy Tutor (Wakefield) Picture
    I recommend the BBC website for additional learning materials. Their range of worksheets, games and fact sheets are invaluable to a student and...
  • You need not miss out on life

    Adult Literacy/ Numeracy Tutor (Truro) Picture
    How many of us grow up with regrets? Perhaps we could have done better at school, if only we'd had this or that opportunity, if only we'd got on...
  • The Best Sales Brochure in the World - Yours Free

    Sales Training Coaches (Warrington) Picture
    Would you like the best sales brochure in the world? Now? Free of charge? Go to your printer's paper tray and take out a blank sheet. Now you've...
  • How you to learn to spell effectively

    Helen Watson Adult Literacy/ Numeracy Tutor (Cambridge) Picture
    “My child can learn his spellings for the test and he then forgets them” This is quite normal. Memory is not fixed at the moment of...
  • Which ACCA study text?

    ACCA Tutor (East London) Picture
    Deciding which study text to use in studying for ACCA examinations can sometimes be daunting for students. I personally recommend the Kaplan study...
  • The Future is in Your Hands

    Katherine Romprey AutoCAD Tutor (Motherwell) Picture
    Learning AutoCAD can be a daunting thought, with all those function buttons and mouse manoeuvres! To learn AutoCAD successfully you need to take...
  • My Teaching Philosophy!

    Adult Literacy/ Numeracy Tutor (Ilford) Picture
    My Teaching Philosophy Teaching is all about getting the very best out of the student, so that they can be the best that they can be. It is...

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