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When I picked up my first badminton racket in 1987, I remember it well. It was my mum's old wooden Slazenger, warped... More »

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What Can Meditation Do for You?

We rarely allow ourselves the luxury of stillness. We have too much to do and our minds are constantly interrupted... More »

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  • Inner Game of Tennis

    Dominic Tennis Coaches (Reading) Picture
    I have recently read the Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey which gives a great insight into the mental side of the game - highly recommend it.
  • What is Alexander Technique?

    E Fleurot Alexander Technique Teacher (West London) Picture
    ‘By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try, the world is beyond the winning.’ Lao Tzu The Alexander Technique could be described as a ‘method of kinaesthetic re-education’, concerning the ‘physiology of the living organism’, but this...
  • Recommended Books For Change

    Janina Jordan Well-Being Coaches (Tonbridge) Picture
    I recommend reading, "Tapping" by Sue Beer. Also, "E Squared" by Pam Grout.
  • Castling in Chess

    Matthew Brown Chess Teacher (North West London) Picture
    How to Castle Whether on the king side or the queen side the king moves 2 squares towards the rook then the rook jumps over the king and goes on the square right next to the king. Castling King side (0-0) and castling queen side (0-0-0). When is Castling permissible? All of the following...
  • The Importance of Stillness

    Daska Hatton Alexander Technique Teacher (West London) Picture
    When was the last time you were still?    Without stillness we are trapped within our habits, whether they are belief structures, physical habits or learnt emotional responses, about the way the world works and our place within it.   It is the separation from these habitual reactions that we...
  • How the Alexander Technique Saved my Life

    Daska Hatton Alexander Technique Teacher (West London) Picture
    I didn’t come to the technique through any particular aches and pains, but rather because I was losing the plot completely. I was in my mid 30’s happily married and with 2 children when I found myself struggling to get up in the mornings after being unable to sleep during the nights. I spent...
  • Using Alexander Technique with Academic Subjects

    Annie Whitehead Alexander Technique Teacher (Leeds) Picture
    The Alexander Technique is a process devised (funnily enough) by a man whose surname was Alexander.  F M Alexander worked out the Alexander Technique over a period of nine years as a response to losing his voice.  The first school was set up in 1931 and people have been training to become...
  • The Alexander Technique Editor's Pick

    Peter Ribeaux Alexander Technique Teacher (South West London) Picture
    The Alexander Technique is a way of becoming more aware of balance, posture and movement in everyday activities. This can bring into consciousness tensions previously unnoticed, and helps us to differentiate between necessary and unnecessary tension and effort. We can then learn to make...
  • Michael Gelb's "Body Learning"

    Vicky Walsh Alexander Technique Teacher (North London) Picture
    I would strongly recommend the following book as an excellent introduction to the Alexander Technique: Michael Gelb's "Body Learning" Gelb's writing is both informative and entertaining and while he does not over-simplify the subject like many Alexander "manuals," he also doesn't make it...
  • Singing and Meditation, Do They Go Together? Editor's Pick

    Meditation Teacher (East London) Picture
    I have coached singers of all levels for twenty years and they’ve all come to me with the same two challenges: lack of confidence and various degrees of physical tension. Neither of which any scale or vocal exercises seemed to get rid of. In fact, students would often leave their lesson...


  • On the Alexander Technique

    Alexander Technique Teacher (West London) Picture
    People in all walks of life benefit from learning the Alexander Technique. Through increased awareness and sensitivity to what one is doing, in...
  • "Hapkido" Traditions, Philosophy, Technique

    Martial Arts Instructors (Bromley) Picture
    Marc Tedeschi's book "HAPKIDO Traditions,Philosophy,Technique" is a must buy for any budding or experienced martial artist. Not only is this book...
  • Avoiding Injury the Natural Way

    Martial Arts Instructors (Derby) Picture
    Avoiding Injury the Natural Way - Yourself as a guide in Martial Arts It has become apparent over the years of practising and teaching martial...
  • Useful links that may give many answers

    Yoga Teacher (South West London) Picture
    1. Yoga Magazine: published since late 1970's, there is a vast amount of topics covered in this periodical over the years. The linked website...
  • Love Your Feet

    Yoga Teacher (Harrow) Picture
    As a yoga teacher, I find that some students are reluctant to remove their socks when practising yoga because they actually hate their feet. ...
  • Teaching Toddlers Martial Arts

    Martial Arts Instructors (Bolton) Picture
    TEACHING TODDLERS MARTIAL ARTS Introduction The technical standard of martial arts practitioners in the West is extremely high indeed, from the...
  • The Alexander Technique

    Alexander Technique Teacher (Glasgow) Picture
    The Alexander Technique is an effective, simple and practical method of self-improvement and self-help. By encouraging constructive conscious...

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