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What Can Meditation Do for You?

We rarely allow ourselves the luxury of stillness. We have too much to do and our minds are...
Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a way of becoming more aware of balance, posture and movement in...

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Pick up more than you expect...

When I picked up my first badminton racket in 1987, I remember it well. It was my mum's old...
Alexander Technique

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How the Alexander Technique Saved my Life

I didn’t come to the technique through any particular aches and pains, but rather because I was...

Fresh Articles

  • How can Alexander Technique help you?

    Rosalie Segal Alexander Technique Teacher (Harrow) Picture The Alexander Technique has much to offer both the general public and performing artists and many other professions to improve their performance both at work and in their daily activities. Who was Alexander?Frederick Mathias Alexander was born in 1869 in Tasmania. As a young man, he was a...
  • Dru Yoga For A Healthy Spine

    Trixi Field Yoga Teacher (Shrewsbury) Picture A healthy spine wants to move. We are built to flex forwards and backwards, tilt to the left and the right, and to twist freely in both directions, all without pain or tension. We should be able to balance our head on the top of the neck in such a way that we’re not placing our neck and...
  • The Essentials In Keeping Fit

    Personal Fitness Trainer (Oxford) Picture To be fit you really need to focus on three main components which are training, diet & recovery. A quality training programme designed by a professional, coinciding with a sensible nutritional plan and appropriate recovery periods will allow you to achieve your goals. If you can manage your...
  • An Introduction To Serving in Badminton

    Badminton Coach (West London) Picture Did you know?In order to speed badminton up a new scoring system was introduced in 2007, which meant that now when you win a rally, you not only get the serve but score a point as well, even if you are not the server. In badminton there are four types of badminton serve: low serve, high serve,...
  • Are You A Worrier? Mindfulness can help.

    Anne Murray Meditation Teacher (Watford) Picture We all know people who say they're just natural worriers. And a little bit of worry can be a useful stimulus. It can make us prepare thoroughly for a big event; double-check arrangements; and generally ensure we don't make any major mistakes. However, when that little bit of worry becomes full...
  • Inner Game of Tennis

    Tennis Coach (Reading) Picture I have recently read the Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey which gives a great insight into the mental side of the game - highly recommend it.
  • What is Alexander Technique?

    Alexander Technique Teacher (South East London) Picture ‘By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try, the world is beyond the winning.’ Lao Tzu The Alexander Technique could be described as a ‘method of kinaesthetic re-education’, concerning the ‘physiology of the living organism’, but this...
  • Recommended Books For Change

    Well-Being Coach (Tonbridge) Picture I recommend reading, "Tapping" by Sue Beer. Also, "E Squared" by Pam Grout.
  • Castling in Chess

    Matthew Brown Chess Teacher (North West London) Picture How to Castle Whether on the king side or the queen side the king moves 2 squares towards the rook then the rook jumps over the king and goes on the square right next to the king. Castling King side (0-0) and castling queen side (0-0-0). When is Castling permissible? All of the following...
  • The Importance of Stillness

    Daska Hatton Alexander Technique Teacher (West London) Picture When was the last time you were still?    Without stillness we are trapped within our habits, whether they are belief structures, physical habits or learnt emotional responses, about the way the world works and our place within it.   It is the separation from these habitual reactions that we...


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