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A-level Biology

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Using Your Brain

Your brain is greedy - so feed it. Despite only weighing in around 2-3% of your total body...
A-level Biology

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Essay writing in A-Level Biology

Essay writing in A-level Biology Guidance on how to construct the A2 Biology essay. Whenever...
A-level Biology

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Chilli Hot Birds

This is one of my favourite biological stories which I wrote. It was published in The Guardian....
A-level Biology

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Ten Rules for Passing A-level Biology

I recently put up these ten rules for passing A-level Biology at high grade on my teaching...

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  • Kai Rushton Borough, SE1

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    I feel hugely privileged and lucky to be a tutor. I try to go the extra mile to help pupils achieve their potential.
  • AmirHaider Notting Hill, W2 Gold Member

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    I am an Oxford University qualified science, maths, and business studies private academic tutor with 14 years experience of tutoring from GCSE to university level. My students have experienced significant uplifts of 3 exam grade points or more.
  • Tutor Sam Stockland Green, B23 Gold Member

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    I am passionate about teaching science, as it has limitless scope and with the right amount of enthusiasm, tickles the curiosity of children. I love working with pupils and helping them to fulfill their potential educationally.
  • Dr James Deeny Deptford, SE8

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    Well qualified, experienced and flexible teacher of Science and Physics in South London
  • Anu Verma Binley, CV3 Gold Member

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    I am an enthusiastic, motivated and experienced tutor of over 11 years.I have had great success in preparing students to gain entry into their desired schools and I thrive to see my students progress and achieve their chosen grades in their subjects.
  • Anmol Patel Fulham, W6 Gold Member

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    I am a medical student at Imperial College London. I have been tutoring young people for a few years now, with levels ranging from KS2 to A level who are preparing for their exams.
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Biology Articles

  • Is Medicine for me?

    Nick Makins A-level Biology Tutor (North London) Picture Entry into medical school is famously competitive and each year thousands of students go to great lengths to improve their chances of receiving that all important offer. That offer usually marks the start of a commitment to a life-long career and it is vital before applying to really ask...
  • Science is the most important school subject.

    Saba Mohsin GCSE Biology Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Science is the most important school subject. “Is the Earth round?”  “Why do we need air?” People from the ages have asked endless questions and nearly all have been answered by science. Science is an important school subject, essential for school students to take. It is in fact the...
  • Essential Reading for A-Level Biology

    Hugh Barry A-level Biology Tutor (East London) Picture The start of the year is approaching and the bar has been set higher than ever. You have an overwhelming desire and enthusiasm to achieve the A or B to secure that university course but find the sheer level of organisation required to achieve this daunting. Don't panic, here are some simple...


  • How not to be surprised in a biology exam Editor's Pick

    Bio-Steve A-level Biology Tutor (East London) Picture During my research years I spent some time tracking the differentiation of stem cells into the specialised heart cells. Analysing what genes are are turned off and on during the process, and finally concluding they had become heart cells by the inclusion of a genetic marker which indicated the...
  • Playing the Game - The Game of Exams

    Kazira von Selmont A-level Biology Tutor (Luton) Picture How many times have we come upon people who have gained an A grade in their GCSE or A-Level language exams, only to find that they can’t speak a single word spontaneously in that language? Actually this is far more common than one might think. With sufficient knowledge of the exam specification,...
  • Who said learning isn't fun?

    Marta Braga A-level Biology Tutor (South West London) Picture School seems to be one of the biggest nightmares of most students students - and their parents - in the current times. Why is that? I believe this is only the reflection of the connotation we give to the words 'school', 'classes' or even 'learning'. Growing up, we have to go to school, we need...