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Classical Guitar

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The Road to Happiness in Playing Music

We hear a great master of the guitar, and say to ourselves, "I want to be able to play like...
Classical Guitar

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Why play scales and arpeggios?

To many students, scales and arpeggios are seen as a chore; the boring bit before playing...
Classical Guitar

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The Importance of Listening

We, as musicians, need to spend many hours practicing our instruments and developing our...
Classical Guitar

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Practise the classical guitar tremolo

I'm sure many of you will have heard the beautiful guitar piece by Tarrega entitled Recuerdos...

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  • Tim Farnhill Acomb, YO26 Gold Member

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    from £33.00/hr View Profile
    Hi! I am an experienced and highly qualified musician with a passion for teaching. I teach all ages and all standards. So, if you are a serious music student or just learning as an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby then please contact me.
  • Peter Scarfe Witney, OX28 Gold Member

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    from £22.00/hr View Profile
    Hello my name is Peter and I teach the guitar privately and in schools. Please feel free to contact me for guitar lessons with a very patient teacher.
  • Joel Sopel Golders Green, NW11 Gold Member

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    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Playing the guitar is primarily about enjoyment and my lessons emphasize the 'fun' aspect of learning an instrument.
  • Iain Dingle London Bridge, SE1 Gold Member

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    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    My name is Iain, I am a professional saxophonist and guitarist working in London. I'm passionate about music performance and apply this to my teaching to help students develop effectively. I teach from my home in SE1, a short walk from London Bridge.
  • Peter Gates Hemel Hempstead, HP3 Silver Member

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am a well established professional guitarist and qualified teacher with over 25 years experience. I am currently teaching at Watford Grammar school for Boys. I also undertake guitar repairs and restrings, please see my website for more details.
  • Tom Clegg Ilkley, LS29 Gold Member

    Tom Clegg Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    Instrumental lessons taught by a qualified and experienced musician working in Wharfedale
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  • Posture and Classical Guitar

    Gareth Parker Classical Guitar Teacher (Bromley) Picture I would highly recommend that any study of classical guitar also entails a study of how one holds oneself. Over the years, classical guitarists have always sort to find the best position in which to sit and whether to use a footstool, A-frame, cushion or any other support device. Having tried...
  • Making arrangements for the classical guitar Editor's Pick

    Antero Pellikka Classical Guitar Teacher (South East London) Picture Making arrangements and transcriptions for the guitar and other plucked instruments is a long established tradition. Already in the 16th century there were arrangements of polyphonic vocal music for vihuela and lute, possibly the most famous example being the arrangement of Josquin’s motet Mille...
  • Purpose of Music

    Miguel C. Classical Guitar Teacher (South West London) Picture "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent" Victor Hugo Music is for the soul. It is a form of art that comes as a story of waves, a story of vibration. Music is inside us throughout our daily lives. It comes out when we shave in the morning, when...


  • What is the best way to start learning the guitar?

    Filipe Monteiro Classical Guitar Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture This can be an interesting subject; how to start learning the guitar? Based on my own musical and personal experience I have developed a very effective way to start learning this instrument, which consequently will allow the student to evolve into a musician if desired. I strongly believe in...
  • The Importance of Listening Editor's Pick

    Nedelina Zheleva Classical Guitar Teacher (South East London) Picture We, as musicians, need to spend many hours practicing our instruments and developing our musicality in order to master our craft. Focusing on the physical side of things, we often forget to listen. Truly listen. From an early age we are taught how to read and write, but never how to really...
  • The Modern Musician

    Jack Pennifold Classical Guitar Teacher (South East London) Picture As I progress through my career I realise more and more that people are missing out on experiences because they are unable to be flexible and intuitive with the jobs they are given. As a musician, who also works within production, I think that being versatile and willing to explore avenues...