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Ridgestone Guitar Tuition Folk Guitar Teacher (Rochester)

Ridgestone Guitar Tuition

  • Rochester (ME1)
  • Last Logged In: 19 Jun 2015
  • Sex: Male
  • Can Travel To: Ashford, Bexley, Bromley, Canterbury, Croydon, Gravesham, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Swale, Tonbridge and Malling

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Personal Message
How often have you wished you could pick up the guitar or any other instrument and be able to confidently play. One time or another many have had the desire but have not had the confidence to do so. Ridgestone can help
Which subject(s) do you teach?
Guitar (Electric - Acoustic - Classical - 12 string - Slide - Base) - Mandolin & Mandola - Banjo 4 & 5 String - Ukulele -Techniques include..... Legato (Hammer on and Pull Off) - Vibrato - Tremelo - Harmonics - Pizzicato (Palm Muting) - String Bending - Glissando (Slide) Alternate Picking - Hybrid Picking - Blugrass - Frayling

Harmonica (Diatonic/Blues/Country/Folk.)Techniques include 1st position, major key - cross harp 2nd position, blues key - 3rd Position Dorian minor key - Note Bending - Vibrato - Tremeolo - Pizzicato

Theory. Scales Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Blues, the 7 modal scales - Chord Progression - Circle of 4th and 5ths - Improvistion - Music Reading
Tell me about your qualifications.
Originally classicaly trained piano as a child in the 1960s. From the age of 16 I chose to devote my musical energies to the guitar. Teaching myself I used my existing knowledge that I had gained in learning the piano to good effect and was a regualr player. For 2 years in the 1990s I was a guitarist/musician at the Spiral Arts Community Arts Centre and Folk at the Oast in Rainham. The Mandolin, Banjo, Ukelele and Harmonica have been added to my repertoire of teaching since 1992
What kind of experience do you have?
30 years guitar playing experience, 16 years in traveling the county as a guitar teacher. Have performed at Lordswood and Swingate Schools in Chatham; Moore or Less and White Horse folk clubs in Rainham; Horniman's Museum Dulwich; Equinox Charity Rochester; Parkwood Nursery Rainham; Walderslade Rest Home; Radio Kent; Worked for and performed at Gillingham Borough Council's (Now Part of Medway Council) community arts organizations Spiral Arts for 2 years. I've been playing guitar for decades and am a dedicated musician
How much do you charge?
£15 Trial lesson for 20 minutes: £20 for half hour lesson: £20 for Skype Lesson: £30 for hour lesson: £40 for hour and half lesson:
£250 for a series of 10 lessons (1 hour each)
Where do you teach?
At Students' homes or at my own home. From Rochester in Kent II have travelled the County to conduct lessons in the Medway Towns, Sittingbourne, Canterbury, Ashford, Herne Bay, Faversham, Dover, Maidsone, Harrietsham, Staplehurst, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Crowborogh, Wouldham, Larkfiled, Aylesford, Addington, Halstead, Riverhead, Orpington, Greenhithe, Meopham, Higham, Gravesend, Northfleet, Chalk, Isle of Grain: I can travel anywhere in the county to conduct the lessons. Skype lessons welcome (useful for pupils who live outside the Countu of Kent)
When are you available?
7 days per week by appointment (times mutually agreed)
Which ages and levels do you teach?
Children/Young People 10 yrs. to 19 yrs.: Grown ups 20yrs to 70yrs and beyond.

Acoustic Guitar Beginners to Advanced level
Electric Guitar Beginner to Advanced level
Base Guitar Beginner to Intermediate Level
Slide Guitar Beginner to Intermediate Level
Mandolin Beginners to Advanced level
Mandola Beginner to Advanced Level
Ukulele Beginner to Advanced Level
Harmonica Beginner to Intermediate Level
Flagolet Beginner
Pan Pipe Beginner
Jaws Harp Beginner
Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?
I prepare students for those that require it the necessary exercises but concentrate on pupils playing abilities and enjoyment. Should specific examination be required, I would refer to a tutor who would specialise in that field.
Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?
Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.
Skype or Google Plus Lessons
Do you belong to any professional organisations?
Myguitarlessons Franchise: National Harmonica League
Where and with whom did you train?
Classically Home Tutored Piano
Tell me about some of your current students.
My students have come from a variety of backgrounds who wish to learn the guitar and other fretted stringed instruments such as Banjo Mandolin, Ukulele, Balalaika. Harmonica has also been taught and music theory. The majority of students have had their lessons at their home address and on occasions they have come to my home address.

Testimonial 1- "We are very pleased with the guitar lessons John is providing our 11 year old daughter with. Not only is he knowledgeable and passionate about his music, he also shows great versatility when encouraging my daughter to learn songs of her own choice. He is very accommodating of our queries and thoughts as parents, and will always take time to answer our questions.
John has the patience required to teach all levels and has been tremendous support in keeping my daughter motivated. He is extremely reliable, which I feel is key to maintaining progression.”
Louise; Kent

Testimonial 2: John has tutored my 12 year old daughter in Guitar for the last 3 years. I would not have anybody else. He puts a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge into his teaching and often gets carried away so is never clock watching which I have experienced with other teachers. Emily is a particularly difficult student who can get bored easily especially if what she is doing is repetitive and she feels she has already learnt it or is not learning from the session. John is excellent at moving her on and teaching her the same thing in a different way so that she doesn’t get bored with it. She usually can’t wait for her lessons and does practice, however John is not a hard task master and does not expect heavy amounts of homework done on top of other commitments. He does encourage her to play all the time and as my daughter is quite creative she has been inspired by John to make up some songs and try other instruments which she is doing through school. John always comes prepared to the lesson and my daughter has been able to play different guitars and understand the difference between them, playing many different styles of music with in their lessons. Also on a more practical note I get all of this and a happy daughter for a very reasonable price and think it is well worth what I pay.
Cheryl; Kent

Testimonial 3: John is a very patient and enthusiastic guitar/mandolin teacher which is good because I’m a novice musician and my playing probably hurts his ears. He has taken on board my inspirations and musical preferences and he prepares appropriate pieces of music for us to try out in our lessons. I would gladly recommend John to anyone.
Monica: Essex
Do you have a personal message for students?
Whatever stringed/fretted instrument you have, be it a Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo or Ukulele, whether you play classical, rock, Folk, the blues or 60s music, you will find enjoyable lessons presented. No minimum lesson requirement, you the pupil can have as many or as few lessons as required, perhaps for a “One Off” lesson to inspire confidence and go it alone or, as a trial lesson to assess suitability, or, a long term series of lessons in which we can explore the more advanced styles and techniques of playing. Typically a beginner’s lesson would deal with correct instrument positioning to optimize maximum comfort, ensuring correct instrument “set up/gauge” for ease of playing, learning basic/First Position Chords, Modal and Pentatonic Scales (that can be used for improvisation), Music Theory (made understandable), Techniques that individually suit, Fretboard Navigation, and of course learning Favorite songs, Instrumental pieces, Riffs and Licks.

Tutors in: Beckenham, Bickley, Biggin Hill, Birkbeck, Bromley, Chelsfield, Chiselhurst, Chislehurst, Cray Valley, Crystal Palace, Darwin, Eden Park, Farnborough, Hayes, Keston, Orpington, Penge, Petts Wood, Plaistow, Shortlands, West Wickham