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Classical Piano

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Learn Music Like a Language

Imagine you want to learn Spanish. You go to a teacher, and in the first lesson they teach you...
Classical Piano

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Mechanical developments of the piano

In this article I am going to write about the mechanical development of the piano in the first...
Classical Piano

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Tips on Reading Music, for Piano Beginners

Unless you are going to learn to play the piano by ear, being able to read music well is an...
Classical Piano

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Notes on piano pieces: Bach, Beethoven, Chopin etc

Bach, Chromatic Fantasy and fugue in D minor, BWV903 It is debateable where the piece draws its...

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  • Michael Regan Norbiton, KT3

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    I am an experienced tutor in private practice for 40 years.
  • Takami Weaver St. Albans, AL3

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Piano tuition at all levels from beginners to Grade 8 and advanced.
  • Rebekah Reid Violin tutor Withington, M20 Gold Member

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    Hi! I'm a graduate from the Royal Northern College of Music, a passionate musician and a dedicated teacher. My aim is to nurture every student's playing by encouraging a creative practice which is stimulating and rewarding for students of all ages.
  • Afrodita Kathmeridou MMus Queensferry, EH12

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    Experienced musician and composer with many years long practice in different European countries and various languages. Higher education and university professor. I teach in English, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech.
  • Sylvia Yee, Piano Tutor St. Albans, AL1 Silver Member

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    Music is an enriching subject that can vastly expand one's creative lateral-thinking. I am always trying to bring out the best potential in all my students and firmly believe that everyone can learn to play the piano with the right approach.
  • Liesbeth Allart Leytonstone, E11 Gold Member

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Come and enjoy some music making! II provide a tailor made approach for every student, with a focus on becoming a communicative, expressive musician supported by a solid technique.
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Classical Piano Articles

  • Suitable Books For Early Piano Grades

    Hannah Olbrich Classical Piano Teacher (Manchester) Picture The best books to by are Upgrade by Pamela Wedgewood. This comes in various standards. Also the Keyboard Crocodile book is good as it ranges from about grades 2-3. The Classics to Moderns books are from about grades 1-5 if you get the first two books.
  • Entering Young pupils for Graded Examinations

    Claire Pashley Music Tuition Classical Piano Teacher (Sheffield) Picture There are several examination boards that offer graded examinations for instrumentalists. Trinity College of Music first offered examinations in 1876, the London College of Music offered internal examinations in 1887, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in 1889, the Victoria...
  • Piano, digital piano, or keyboard? Editor's Pick

    Martin Offord Classical Piano Teacher (Darlington) Picture I have been asked many times by parents who are planning to have their children learn to play a keyboard instrument, what is the best choice of instrument to buy?  I have thought about this in some depth and my comments and advice would be as follows: I think there is nothing so good and...


  • A Guide to Practicing for Parents

    Luke Fraser Classical Piano Teacher (North London) Picture The following is taken from guidelines I wrote for parents of young students attending a music centre at which I teach. I hope it may be useful both for parents and other instrumental tutors: Learning any musical instrument is a long-term and often time-consuming activity, yet one for which the...
  • The Benefits Of Learning Piano Over Skype Editor's Pick

    Phoebe Garratt Classical Piano Teacher (West London) Picture Before I began teaching piano over Skype, I was not convinced by the concept of remote teaching. Surely it is better to meet face-to-face? Perhaps productivity during the lesson would be slower? However, I quickly came to realise that Skype teaching is a very effective method, and even contains...
  • Rapport and the student-teacher relationship

    Sarah Lewis-Smith Classical Piano Teacher (Twickenham) Picture As a teacher, I am learning all the time about how students react to me. As their characteristics vary so much, I believe that ultimately rapport and the student-teacher relationship are about time and patience and giving the student the security to be themselves. They must allow themselves to...