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Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

Singing Wagner

Recently I was invited by Dame Anne Evans to sing the Liebestod from Wagner's Tristan und Isolde...
Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

Contrasting views on Opera

Contrasting views on Opera Opinions and views on music are never the same, and this in fact is...
Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

Expressing Yourself through Singing

Learning how to sing has been quite a journey in my life! I have sung since age 7. My mother...
Classical Singing

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A Personal and Tailored Approach to Teaching

An important  aspect of my approach to teaching is that every lesson should be tailored to the...

Fresh Articles

  • Finding the Right Teacher for You

    Arianna Rebecca Firth Classical Singing Teacher (Bromley) Picture Throughout my 8 years of studying singing, I have been aware of my own learning styles and changes, have watched my colleagues progress through music college, and the one thing which has never failed to stay out of my mind is - you must find the RIGHT teacher for you. When you come into the lesson, you are not just working on the...
  • The Unbalanced Operatic Voice by Michael Vickers

    Michael Vickers Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture The Unbalanced Operatic Voice by Michael Vickers Across the singing community it seems that there is a predominant style of teaching in which singers are taught to bring their voice into 'balance'. By 'balance', I do not necessarily mean to refer to either chiaroscuro or any other such specific pedagogical terms, but to a more general...
  • How playing an instrument benefits your brain

    Teresa Pells Classical Singing Teacher (St Albans) Picture When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. But when you actually play an instrument, that activity becomes more like a full-body brain workout. What’s going on? Anita Collins explains the fireworks that go off in musicians’ brains when they play, and examines some of the long-term positive...
  • The voice: a precious instrument

    Leonel Pinheiro Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture The voice is one of the most precious instruments the human body has but also one of the most neglected. We use the voice to call the taxi, to express emotions from happiness to anger, to sing, and most of all to talk. We take it as granted but for many people it's impossible to imagine that the vocal chords are one of the most...
  • The Importance of Arts Education

    Katherine Adams Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture Especially in light of the recent election it is so important to think about the continuing cuts to arts funding, we must think about how detrimental these cuts could be to this generation's education. For me, receiving an education in the arts was absolutely crucial in determining who I am as a person - on and off the stage today. I...
  • Everyone can improve their singing!

    Miriam Sharrad Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture When I tell people that I teach singing, I'm often met with one or more of the following responses: "I would LOVE to be able to sing"- "I can't sing" - "I'm tone deaf" - "I was discouraged from joining my school choir" - "Someone told me I sounded awful when I was young and I've never really sung again". Now, without getting into how...
  • The Benefits of Youth Choirs

    Laura Cheetham Classical Singing Teacher (Twickenham) Picture A long term student of mine has recently joined, and is very much enjoying her time with, the brilliant London Youth Choir. It has reminded me of my many years spent with The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and reaffirmed the value of being involved with such organisations. From the ages of 16 to 21 the courses I took with...
  • Article in Huffington Post UK

    Simon Wallfisch Classical Singing Teacher (North West London) Picture Without a shadow of a doubt, the cello saved my grandmother's life. When I was very young, I remember asking her (Anita Lasker-Wallfisch) about her survival in Auschwitz-Birkenau. One story she told me was as follows: Shortly after her arrival at the camp, when she was lying ill with typhus fever in the 'Revier' two SS men came in...
  • Thoughts and Recommendations

    Chloe Ayling Classical Singing Teacher (Brighton) Picture Singing for me has always been something I have HAD to do. Singing has been recognised to promote general health and well-being, contributes to social development through collaboration, and improves confidence and learning in other subjects.  Engaging the body and supporting our instrument is the top priority to creating an open,...
  • The Importance of Performance Skills Editor's Pick

    Katie Cochrane Classical Singing Teacher (Oxford) Picture Good singing or playing requires sound technique, and thorough work on repertoire requires intellectual and emotional grasp of the music, as well as a sense of our own personal response to it. In addition with singing it is essential to understand the meaning, rhythm and drama of the text to fully realise a piece in any genre. What...

Classical Singing Teachers

  • Lowri Lewis Jones

    Lowri Lewis Jones Picture I am a trained Opera singer based in Wandsworth Town. I perform and teach privately at my home or in the surrounding area. If you love singing and would like to get better at...
  • Chloe Ayling

    Chloe Ayling Picture I am vocal teacher based in Worthing, West Sussex. I am passionate about teaching singing and bringing the best out of my students. Whether you are singing for fun or wish to...
  • georgenaylor

    georgenaylor Picture I am an enthusiastic and approachable graduate, and I relish the opportunity to teach.
  • Lucinda Drelaud

    Lucinda Drelaud Picture Welcome to my tutor page- if you have any queries or can't find the info. you need below, please don't hesitate to contact me. * SLOTS AVAILABLE NOW for new students during...
  • Eleanor Janes

    Eleanor Janes Picture - I am a friendly and reliable tutor who has much experience in a wide range of tutoring and aim to provide enjoyable and rewarding lessons. - I can help thoroughly prepare...
  • Jamie Rock

    Jamie Rock Picture As an active & experienced professional teacher & singer, I'm well placed to teach singers of all abilities. "Jamie is very skilled, patient and motivating. Lessons are...
  • Natalie Sinnott

    Natalie Sinnott Picture I teach students ranging from teenagers to seniors, helping them to open up their voices with a strong understanding of technique, performance and enjoyment.
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  • Dance tutor-school club South East London 3.30pm till 4.30pm- dbs check required
  • Suzuki method tutor Bromley Suzuki tutor for toddler - any instrument
  • LAMDA Tutor North Surrey Experienced teacher rqd, private school
  • banjo lessons Wyre/Fylde beginner
  • piano tutor east london dbs check preferred
  • violin tutor wanstead, london experience essential
  • Piano Teacher to join team Battersea/ Balham, SW London beg/int children, 1:1, 8-12 lessons/week
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