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Classical Singing

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"But I can't sing!"

"But, I can't sing!" This is a cry I hear often when people are asked to sing at family...
Classical Singing

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A Personal and Tailored Approach to Teaching

An important  aspect of my approach to teaching is that every lesson should be tailored to the...
Classical Singing

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What Is Good Singing?

What Is Good Singing? Well, it depends on what you call singing. If you mean can anyone learn...
Classical Singing

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The Importance of Performance Skills

Good singing or playing requires sound technique, and thorough work on repertoire requires...

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  • Breathing and Vocal Freedom

    Cenk Karaferya Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture Breathing and support are two fundamental pillars in building a sound technique. Even though we have made many advances in science in the understanding of the function of the respiratory system, there are still many singing teachers who have no understanding or knowledge of proven facts....
  • The Art of Singing Your Best

    Chris Turner - Opera Singer Classical Singing Teacher (Birmingham) Picture Many singers for many years have wondered whether they will ever perfect this art: the answer to this question is - NO! The art of singing your best is a difficult one - it's a very subjective subject. Often, after an audition or a performance we re-live the very bad moments. Truthfully these...
  • A note to Parents

    Myria Ioannou Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture Dear Parents,   Please, sing with your children! It is a wonderful way of enganging and creating valuable experiences with them!  You don't need to sound like a professional singer.  All you need is enthusiasm!   Singing is beneficial in so many different ways. Did you know that...? Many...


  • Singing exams - are they a good idea?

    Emily Phillips Classical Singing Teacher (Edinburgh) Picture Does sitting singing exams at school make children focus on their results rather than the singing journey? We're possibly all a bit guilty of not always living in the moment and projecting into what lies ahead. Arguably, we are living through a changing culture that is increasingly interested...
  • How long should you have singing lessons for?

    Idit Arad Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture It is not easy to determine how long someone should take singing lessons, but it is safe to say learning to sing is a process which takes time. One can have singing lessons from one lesson to 40 years of lessons, in other words for as long as any singer wishes. However, like with any other...
  • A basic audition manual for singers

    Idit Arad Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture Auditions are the most stressful part of one's job as a singer, especially when one is starting out and is not so confident or experienced. I therefore thought it might be worthwhile to put some general information about it here, and a little advice, in the hope some singers will find it...