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Classical Singing

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Expressing Yourself through Singing

Learning how to sing has been quite a journey in my life! I have sung since age 7. My mother...
Classical Singing

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Effects of Hormones on the Female Singing Voice

From the time a woman hits puberty to post-menopause, hormone fluctuations are an unavoidable...
Classical Singing

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Contrasting views on Opera

Contrasting views on Opera Opinions and views on music are never the same, and this in fact is...
Classical Singing

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What Is Good Singing?

What Is Good Singing? Well, it depends on what you call singing. If you mean can anyone learn...

Fresh Articles

  • A note to Parents

    Myria Ioannou Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture Dear Parents,   Please, sing with your children! It is a wonderful way of enganging and creating valuable experiences with them!  You don't need to sound like a professional singer.  All you need is enthusiasm!   Singing is beneficial in so many different ways. Did you know that...? Many children learn to recite the Alphabet by...
  • Singing exams - are they a good idea?

    Emily Phillips Classical Singing Teacher (Edinburgh) Picture Does sitting singing exams at school make children focus on their results rather than the singing journey? We're possibly all a bit guilty of not always living in the moment and projecting into what lies ahead. Arguably, we are living through a changing culture that is increasingly interested and addicted to fast relayed information...
  • How long should you have singing lessons for?

    Idit Arad Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture It is not easy to determine how long someone should take singing lessons, but it is safe to say learning to sing is a process which takes time. One can have singing lessons from one lesson to 40 years of lessons, in other words for as long as any singer wishes. However, like with any other physical discipline, to take singing lessons...
  • A basic audition manual for singers

    Idit Arad Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture Auditions are the most stressful part of one's job as a singer, especially when one is starting out and is not so confident or experienced. I therefore thought it might be worthwhile to put some general information about it here, and a little advice, in the hope some singers will find it useful!Some things to rememberEverybody hates...
  • What makes a singer truly successful?

    Idit Arad Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture My Wonderful teacher Vera Rozsa who taught for many long years several singers who achieved operatic stardom (such as Kiri Te Kanawa, Sarah Walker, Iliana Cotroubas, Karita Mattila, Ann Sophie Von Otter to name but a few) was once asked in a documentary to make a list of all the qualities which make a singer a true star.  She was...
  • Researching a play/opera- singers & actors' notes

    Idit Arad Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture Researching a play/opera - notes for singers & actors Being fond Socrates, I believe in asking questions, and that asking the right questions is far more important and complex then finding the right answers. I believe if you arrive at the right questions the answers are come fairly easily! J I therefore put down some general rules of...
  • The Importance of Understanding Breathing

    Annabel Mountford Classical Singing Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture Throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I believed a lot of my teachers presumed I had a very good technique. Singing was easy, I had a real knack for coloratura and it sounded effortless but underneath it all, I didn't really know how to sing. I had always sung and been blessed with a great voice. I think many sopranos...
  • Finding the Right Teacher for You

    Arianna Rebecca Firth Classical Singing Teacher (Bromley) Picture Throughout my 8 years of studying singing, I have been aware of my own learning styles and changes, have watched my colleagues progress through music college, and the one thing which has never failed to stay out of my mind is - you must find the RIGHT teacher for you. When you come into the lesson, you are not just working on the...
  • The Unbalanced Operatic Voice by Michael Vickers

    Michael Vickers Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture The Unbalanced Operatic Voice by Michael Vickers Across the singing community it seems that there is a predominant style of teaching in which singers are taught to bring their voice into 'balance'. By 'balance', I do not necessarily mean to refer to either chiaroscuro or any other such specific pedagogical terms, but to a more general...
  • How playing an instrument benefits your brain

    Teresa Pells Classical Singing Teacher (St Albans) Picture When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. But when you actually play an instrument, that activity becomes more like a full-body brain workout. What’s going on? Anita Collins explains the fireworks that go off in musicians’ brains when they play, and examines some of the long-term positive...

Classical Singing Teachers

  • Myria Ioannou

    Myria Ioannou Picture Hello everyone! I offer Classical Singing and Musical Theatre lessons at my house in Clapham Junction, SW11.
  • Olesya Samuelsson

    Olesya Samuelsson Picture I am a teacher of both singing and Russian. I was educated at the prestigious Mussorgsky School of Music in St Petersburg (my home town), and love to pass on my knowledge to...
  • Fiona Battisby

    Fiona Battisby Picture Singing Tutor, Acting Tutor, Vocal Coach and Speech & Drama teacher who will enhance your true potential and build life-long confidence!
  • Jenny Crapper

    Jenny Crapper Picture Excellent results for students' examination, performance, audition and competition success.
  • Emma Barr

    Emma Barr Picture Whether you want to concentrate on technique, add to your repertoire, prepare for auditions, work towards vocal exams, or just gain some more confidence in singing, I can...
  • Michael Hill

    Michael Hill Picture I'm Michael, your Authorised Complete Vocal Technique Teacher in Central London. Get the sound YOU want, in a healthy way.
  • Chloe Ayling

    Chloe Ayling Picture I am vocal teacher based in Worthing, West Sussex. I am passionate about teaching singing and bringing the best out of my students. Whether you are singing for fun or wish to...
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  • Singing teacher Milton Keynes beginner, one-to-one
  • Primary Choir Club teacher Bromley Greater London DBS check Experience
  • Vocal coach London Group lessons for j-pop group
  • Dance tutor-school club South East London 3.30pm till 4.30pm- dbs check required
  • Suzuki method tutor Bromley Suzuki tutor for toddler - any instrument
  • LAMDA Tutor North Surrey Experienced teacher rqd, private school
  • banjo lessons Wyre/Fylde beginner
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