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Classical Singing

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Singing Wagner

Recently I was invited by Dame Anne Evans to sing the Liebestod from Wagner's Tristan und Isolde...
Classical Singing

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Breath Support in Singing

During my own studies I have looked extensively into the importance of the correct use of breath...
Classical Singing

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Am I doing it right?

As musicians, at some point or another we have all questioned ourselves: Am I doing it right? It...
Classical Singing

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Breathing for Singing

One of the most common questions from aspiring singers is 'how do you breathe?' The answer can...

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  • The importance of communication

    Jassy Husk Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture Most teachers consider themselves technicians, but the best tutors are able to give all the tools to students of any age so they are able to use their instrument to its full potential. But the teacher knowing and the student learning are often too far apart. To be able to communicate these...
  • The importance of suiting the student Editor's Pick

    Kate Howden Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture Singing is different for everyone and everyone's bodies are different. We differ from those learning instruments in that you can't see what's going on inside our throats in the way that one could teach someone how to hold a bow. Singing teachers need to have sharp ears and be able to adapt the...
  • From Stage to Church and back again!

    Alastair Merry Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture Singing has always been an important part of my life. I moved to Germany when I was 9 - my father was a professional conductor and landed a job in one of the country's many opera houses. I sang 1st boy in the Magic Flute and loved it. I never wanted the rehearsals to end! Since then I have sung...


  • Eurhythmics and Singing

    James Gregory Singing Teacher Classical Singing Teacher (Walsall) Picture Eurhythmics was developed in the early 20th century by Swiss musician and educator Emile Jacques-Dalcroze. Dalcroze Eurythmics teaches the concepts of rhythm, structure and musical expression using movement, which is a key component for reinforcing musical concepts. By learning to interpret and...
  • Breathing for Singing Editor's Pick

    John Rodger, Tenor Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture One of the most common questions from aspiring singers is 'how do you breathe?' The answer can be both simple and complex. I will attempt to make it as simple as possible...but not simpler!: We need to learn to take a breath for singing that will adequately support the voice we have and will...
  • Singing Tips Editor's Pick

    Emir Buran Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture Singers are unique in that, unlike instrumentalists, they have their instrument inside them and there is nothing external to 'play'. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage! An advantage in that we do not have to carry around anything extra when travelling (many larger instruments...