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Classical Singing

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What Is Good Singing?

What Is Good Singing? Well, it depends on what you call singing. If you mean can anyone learn...
Classical Singing

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Expressing Yourself through Singing

Learning how to sing has been quite a journey in my life! I have sung since age 7. My mother...
Classical Singing

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Primal Sound

Primal sound is a connection between the voice and the emotional core. A laugh, sighs, cries,...
Classical Singing

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Contrasting views on Opera

Contrasting views on Opera Opinions and views on music are never the same, and this in fact is...

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  • Stop trying so hard!

    Sadhbh Dennedy Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture It's all about trust! That seems a simplistic basis for describing how to sing well, but I do believe it's one of the founding factors for singing freely and confidently. Easier said than done of course. I first had this realisation when reading The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green and...
  • Musical Introduction

    Harry T Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture “If children are not introduced to music at an early age, I believe something fundamental is actually being taken away from them.” - Pavarotti Throughout my childhood music was around me. Whether that be in the car, on the way to school or at concert during my early years at school. The human...
  • Integration of Stanislavsky method with Singing

    Molly Lynch Classical Singing Teacher (Harrow) Picture What we are doing vocally is constantly feeding our process as actors. I believe if we become truly aware of how and why this is happening we can devise a way of training that takes advantage of the fact that our larynx is a part of the psychophysical body and a muscle which uses tension and...


  • Benefits of Music Education

    Myria Ioannou Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture I would like to share this very interesting Article with you! Benefits of Music Education Benefit One: Success in Society Perhaps the basic reason that every child must have an education in music is that music is a part of the fabric of our society. The intrinsic value of music for each...
  • Learning broadens your mind!

    Julia Martinez Sanchez Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture At some point, when we grow up, we all have to work, which is exciting when we love what we do. But in a way, there is nothing like being back in those times when we were learning something new every day. Why should we leave that behind? Why not keep learning? No matter if you are still a...
  • The art of performing

    Esther Beard Classical Singing Teacher (Birmingham) Picture There is so much more than just learning a piece, a song. There is so much more than just performing what is written. There is much more to teach a student than the standard 'That sounds great! Let's move on to the next piece'. I find that it's always more about 'Ok, how does this make you...