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Classical Singing

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Singing Tips

Singers are unique in that, unlike instrumentalists, they have their instrument inside them and...
Classical Singing

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"But I can't sing!"

"But, I can't sing!" This is a cry I hear often when people are asked to sing at family...
Classical Singing

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The use of imagery in learning how to sing

I'm sure at one stage in our lives we have been told to imagine a piece of string attached to...
Classical Singing

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The Many Benefits of Singing in a Choir

Singing in choirs is more popular than ever right now. Performing in a group has really grown in...

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  • Does Posture Affect Your Singing?

    H Moodie Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture Teachers will often mention good posture, but do you really understand why, and why it is so important? This is a subject vast enough to write at least a book on, but I would like to share some observations based on my own experience. In order to sing well I think we can all agree that knowing...
  • How To Prepare For Singing Auditions

    Thalie Knights Classical Singing Teacher (Brighton) Picture At some stage, all performers will be faced with the daunting task of an audition! Here are a few points I've obtained over the past couple of years, and advice which has been passed on via Casting Departments at several of the top UK Opera Companies. What you sing, and how you sing it How you...
  • Preparing A Song Recital vs. Preparing A Role Editor's Pick

    Ricardo Panela Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture One of the biggest differences of preparing a recital compared to preparing a role, is that with a recital you have almost complete freedom to choose what programme you want to sing, whereas a role is a completely closed experience by comparison. You can choose how you want to portray it, but...


  • Embrace and Enjoy Your Singing Authenticity!

    Marie-Claire op ten Noort Classical Singing Teacher (Colchester) Picture Throughout our lives we get to hear many a time that we should improve ourselves. It starts at primary school, for some even before, and goes on right until retirement and for some, even after. Improve your writing, your sports, your knowledge, your attitude, even your dreams. Through that we...
  • The Many Benefits of Singing in a Choir Editor's Pick

    Greg Link Classical Singing Teacher (East London) Picture Singing in choirs is more popular than ever right now. Performing in a group has really grown in popularity across all age ranges in recent years, partly down to the huge popularity of modern a cappella groups like Pentatonix alongside steady growth of local choir numbers through a heightened...
  • Singing For You!

    Constance Shackleton Jachnik Classical Singing Teacher (Swindon) Picture Singing is, and should be a joy. When it comes to being a 'singer' we shouldn't concentrate so much on the technical ability but on the raw beauty of its sound. We all posses the ability to sing; like any other instrument it can be moulded and sculpted to become something more fine and...