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Classical Singing

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Singing Wagner

Recently I was invited by Dame Anne Evans to sing the Liebestod from Wagner's Tristan und Isolde...
Classical Singing

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Breath Support in Singing

During my own studies I have looked extensively into the importance of the correct use of breath...
Classical Singing

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"But I can't sing!"

"But, I can't sing!" This is a cry I hear often when people are asked to sing at family...
Classical Singing

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Contrasting views on Opera

Contrasting views on Opera Opinions and views on music are never the same, and this in fact is...

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  • Singing Tips Editor's Pick

    Emir Buran Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture Singers are unique in that, unlike instrumentalists, they have their instrument inside them and there is nothing external to 'play'. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage! An advantage in that we do not have to carry around anything extra when travelling (many larger instruments...
  • Directional Language and Controlling Emotions

    Christopher Jacklin Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture Controlling Emotions – the power of Directional Language   We all know the frustration that can come when we “don’t feel in good voice” – especially when we can’t explain why. The obvious answer when we’re struggling to focus is to take a break and come back to it later but this...
  • Beginning with Breath

    Andrew Randall Classical Singing Teacher (Birmingham) Picture I am a strong believer that every student, no matter their level of experience, understands vocal production. This, taken to the most primary level, means understanding the importance and application of correct breathing and support. Very many artists, both professional and amateur, are guilty...


  • Has your singing lost direction? Finding the path

    Angela Durrant Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture Have you ever wondered if you are headed in the right direction? You know what I mean, you make a decision and begin to travel down a certain road only to get about a quarter of the way through and begin to wonder if you made a mistake? The road seems long and at first you are content with that...
  • Opera Auditions

    Wyn Pencarreg Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture Auditioning There is little worse than the prospect of a looming audition to strike fear into the heart of a singer. Even a seasoned professional, such as myself, finds auditioning to be one of the least enjoyable aspects of a career in opera and, unfortunately, I still find myself having to...
  • Singing and the body: a short intro

    Thomas Colwell Classical Singing Teacher (Guildford) Picture As a professional opera singer and singing teacher I spend a lot of my time working with singers, coaches, accompanists, directors and students of all ages and abilities. I also spend a great deal of time listening to and observing other singers. An area that is constantly in focus is the...