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Classical Violin

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Performance Anxiety and Violinists

Abstract:A performance task and survey was given to violin students at the UWA School of Music...
Classical Violin

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Teamwork in Teaching

I would prefer not to say ‘I teach my student', but rather ‘I work with my student.’ This...
Classical Violin

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I Just Can't Get Music Out Of My Head!

Little do my friends know, but all day long, music goes round and round in my head. I have my...
Classical Violin

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HELP...I Don't Know My Grade 4 Scales!

One of my adult students told me that her daughter was getting ready for her Grade 4 violin...

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  • Imogen Clarke Fulford, YO10

    Imogen Clarke Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    I am a friendly teacher working in the York area, where I am currently taking on new students. I prioritise making sure my students enjoy their lessons and the instrument they are learning and my aim is to suit lessons to each individual.
  • Michelle C Gibson Tettenhall, WV6 Gold Member

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    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I am fully qualified premium teacher of Special Needs/Music with a Masters/P.G.C.E. and run my own private special needs and music company 'Calm Seas' and I'm looking for new pupils. I believe in giving students the best possible education.
  • Helen Vulin South Ruislip, HA4

    Helen Vulin Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    As an experienced and qualified violinist and teacher, I have an excellent track record of inspiring my students to be the best violinists they can be!
  • Michael Joel Acton Green, W4 Gold Member

    Michael Joel Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Hi! I'm a very experienced teacher and musician whose speciality is focussing on each individual student and encouraging them to excel.
  • Gregory Emfietzis Teddington, TW11 Gold Member

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    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I offer calm, effective and challenging lessons by adapting to the needs of each individual student, no matter his/her age and level!
  • Tim Rathbone Central Manchester, M15 Gold Member

    Tim Rathbone Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    I am an experienced and dedicated teacher who is passionate about sharing my love of music. I am friendly and approachable and believe strongly in the benefits of learning of exploring music, whether you want to learn seriously or just for fun!
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  • Music Performance

    Iulian T Classical Violin Teacher (South West London) Picture Performance related anxiety can be very much helped by a supportive tutor and if you have the perfect tutor for you this can be very much calmed down with a few breathing exercises and correct preparation. Remember to relax your breathing before a performance to keep those pesky nerves under...
  • Teaching Weightlifters to Play Violin

    Declan McErlane Classical Violin Teacher (South West London) Picture Dmitry Klokov and Dmitry Berestov's First Violin Lesson! In October of 2016 I went to Chekhov Russia to learn the fundamentals of Soviet School Olympic Weightlifting with two of my weightlifting idols. After two long weeks of training 9 times a week, we had a party, played pool and the two...
  • The Love of Music Editor's Pick

    John Craig Classical Violin Teacher (Perth) Picture Those of us who have sometimes wished to play a musical instrument must all have a reason for doing so. In my own case, it is purely because of loving music so much, and I presume therefore, of wanting to explore it more. Why then, do I love music so much? It seems to me because, in it we find...


  • Learning the Violin From Beginner To Pro

    Raffaele Squillante Classical Violin Teacher (Sutton) Picture The Flesch Violin Technique was developed by Carl Flesch and his pupils were C. Romano, E. Bélanger, B. Gimpel, I. Gitlis, S. Goldberg, I. Haendel, J. Hassid, A. Leschinski, A. Moodie, G. Neveu, Y. Neaman, R. Odnoposoff, E. Rosenblith, M. Rostal, H. Szeryng, H. Temianka, R. Totenberg and J....
  • Performance Anxiety - Top Tips!

    Xandrija Classical Violin Teacher (Bromley) Picture The vast majority of people suffer from some kind of performance anxiety at some point in their career – you are not alone! Here are some of my top tips to help you overcome this. Learning to control the mind is a key step in overcoming anxiety. If we focus on the thought process, one of the...
  • Choosing An Instrument

    Chris Heron Classical Violin Teacher (Leeds) Picture Choosing an instrument to begin is difficult, for the beginner and possibly the parent of the child wishing to start. There are many different equations to think about before making the decision but usually, they aren’t thought out processes. in my experience, at this period of time, music is...