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Classical Violin

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Why Play Scales?

I have had quite a few students ask me why we play scales. One keeps saying they are boring and...
Classical Violin

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Developing Musicianship

When playing any musical instrument (such as the violin or viola) it is good to start developing...
Classical Violin

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The Importance Of Music In Today's Society

As a musician and a violinist I feel I have the responsibility to be caring and dedicated to the...
Classical Violin

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Musician On Tour!

Standing on my local platform, Southport, waiting for the Manchester train, bright autumn sun...

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  • Tim Rathbone Central Manchester, M15 Gold Member

    Tim Rathbone Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    I am an experienced and dedicated teacher who is passionate about sharing my love of music. I am friendly and approachable and believe strongly in the benefits of learning of exploring music, whether you want to learn seriously or just for fun!
  • Leigh Canning Blackwood, NP12 Gold Member

    Leigh Canning Picture
    from £21.00/hr View Profile
    Well respected private tutoring company with excellent 5 star feedback! Beginners welcome. Children & Adults catered for. Male or female teacher available.
  • Simon Exton Siston, BS30

    Simon Exton Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am a friendly, enthusiastic teacher who enjoys bringing the best out of pupils and helping them to achieve their goals.
  • Irma Vastakaite Carfax, OX1 Gold Member

    Irma Vastakaite Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Professional, experienced and highly motivated musician who is keen to teach and share her knowledge and passion for music.
  • Knarika Karapetian Isleworth, TW7 Gold Member

    Knarika Karapetian Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I am an experienced violin and viola teacher. As a professional musician it's very important for me to work as a teacher and to be able to nurture the skills and talent of young musicians.
  • Emily Graff Dormansland, RH7 Gold Member

    Emily Graff Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I teach from home for both beginners through to more established players. 16 Years of Orchestral and Ensemble experiance, 10 Years of Music tuition experience in Violin, Viola and Piano.
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Classical Violin Articles

  • The Love of Music Editor's Pick

    John Craig Classical Violin Teacher (Perth) Picture Those of us who have sometimes wished to play a musical instrument must all have a reason for doing so. In my own case, it is purely because of loving music so much, and I presume therefore, of wanting to explore it more. Why then, do I love music so much? It seems to me because, in it we find...
  • Learning the Violin From Beginner To Pro

    Raffaele Squillante Classical Violin Teacher (Sutton) Picture The Flesch Violin Technique was developed by Carl Flesch and his pupils were C. Romano, E. Bélanger, B. Gimpel, I. Gitlis, S. Goldberg, I. Haendel, J. Hassid, A. Leschinski, A. Moodie, G. Neveu, Y. Neaman, R. Odnoposoff, E. Rosenblith, M. Rostal, H. Szeryng, H. Temianka, R. Totenberg and J....
  • Performance Anxiety - Top Tips!

    Xandrija Classical Violin Teacher (Bromley) Picture The vast majority of people suffer from some kind of performance anxiety at some point in their career – you are not alone! Here are some of my top tips to help you overcome this. Learning to control the mind is a key step in overcoming anxiety. If we focus on the thought process, one of the...


  • Choosing An Instrument

    Chris Heron Classical Violin Teacher (Leeds) Picture Choosing an instrument to begin is difficult, for the beginner and possibly the parent of the child wishing to start. There are many different equations to think about before making the decision but usually, they aren’t thought out processes. in my experience, at this period of time, music is...
  • Approach To Teaching

    Conor Masterson Classical Violin Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture When discussing which skills are essential for a teacher to have in order to be an effective teacher, the words patience, empathy and adaptability are always arising. These are useful skills to create a positive working environment for the pupil. There will be times when it will take...
  • The Importance Of A Good Teacher

    Gabriela Secula Classical Violin Teacher (Ilford) Picture A teacher's main concern shouldn't be to only correct their pupils. Only pointing out mistakes, but not coming with a solution to solve them will not benefit the student. He will only become irritated, his confidence will drop, and he will no longer enjoy playing the instrument. Probably he will...