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English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

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Consonant clusters: the bane of your life

In the time I've spent teaching EFL, a difficulty my students have had time and again is the...
Key Stage 1 English

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Listening to children reading - simple or not?

  One of the most regular activities that primary schools ask parents to do is to listen to...
GCSE English

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Macbeth - the author of his own downfall

People like to blame Lady Macbeth for her husband's downfall ... but consider the evidence more...
A-level English

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Differences Between Spoken & Written English

   What are the main differences between spoken English and written English? Are they the...

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  • Studying for a degree as a foreign student.

    University English Tutor (North London) Picture If you have come to this country to study for a degree and English is not your first language then you need to be applauded for your courage. You will at times feel frustrated because of the difficulties you will have in expressing yourself clearly. You may well feel that people around you don't...
  • Read,read,read again.

    A-level English Tutor (Ipswich) Picture As an examiner for an 'A' level board, I am aware that many students do not achieve the higher grades in this subject because they do not know the texts well enough to have a personal engagement with the work.Examiners are looking for thoughtfulness and reflection which is not easy to achieve if...
  • Brain Based Learning

    GCSE English Tutor (Cleveland) Picture What is 'brain-based learning'? Brain-based learning is built on the theory that, quite simply, the brain has different parts, with different functions. The two cerebral hemispheres are responsible for different aspects of our thinking/cognition. The left brain is the location of logical,...


  • Top Tips for Exam Revision

    GCSE English Tutor (West London) Picture Top Ten Revision Tips Short bursts of revision (30-40 minutes) are most effective. Your concentration lapses after about an hour and you need to take a short break (5-10 minutes). Find a quiet place to revise - your bedroom, school, the library - and refuse to be interrupted or distracted. Make...
  • I feel confident!

    English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (East London) Picture One of the main reasons that I love my job as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language is the satisfaction I get from hearing students say: "I now feel confident in speaking English, thank you!" I would like to tell you about one student I had. She was a Belgium lady who had come to England...
  • Review of The Duchess of Malfi

    A-level English Tutor (Oxford) Picture The following is my own theatre review of the "The Duchess of Malfi" which is an A-level set text. THE DUCHESS OF MALFI at OXFORD PLAYHOUSE. “I am Duchess of Malfi yet!” proclaims Webster’s heroine, locked in a gaol surrounded by lunatics, by her powerful brothers who want to drive her mad....