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Answering The Flaming Question!

So you've heard it all before right? Your teacher has told you one million-trillion times that...
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How to write an essay; structure & planning

Essay structure How to write an essay Thesis, antithesis, dialectic (Tutor to explain the...
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Essay Writing: unique problems and personal style

Essay technique and writing style is one of the most common problems facing students of every...
Essay Writing

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How to Write an Essay

With so many essays available for purchase at the touch of a button, you might wonder what the...

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  • Post-9/11 according to Art Spiegelman

    Aletta Verwoerd Essay Writing Tutor (East London) Picture On September 11, 2001, Art Spiegelman, son of Auschwitz survivors and renowned author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel Maus (1992), found himself on a “ringside seat” to the attacks on the WTC (Spiegelman, 2004: p. 2). This was it; the moment his parents had anticipated when they...
  • The fail-safe formula for excellent essays

    Rebecca Felton Essay Writing Tutor (South West London) Picture GOLDEN RULE 1: SHOW DON'T TELL A good essay NEVER makes claims without evidence. Don't tell me what the text is doing;show me using persuasive quotation. GOLDEN RULE 2: TAKE YOUR AUDIENCE WITH YOU Be considerate of your readers. Don't make wild leaps of assumption that they can't follow,...
  • The PEE method explained

    Barbara Njau Essay Writing Tutor (South East London) Picture Introduction:The introduction presents the essay. Always begin with a topic sentence which states what theme/concept/aspect of the text you will be discussing in the paragraph. Make sure you always have a succinct beginning paragraph in which you give an overview of your response to the...


  • Ben Jonson and Early Modern Morality

    Roisin O'Mahony Essay Writing Tutor (North London) Picture Are Volpone and The Alchemist the same play? A brief introduction to two of Ben Jonson’s seminal dramas. Jonson’s plays are full ‘Of pisse, and eggs-shelles’ which his avaricious cast hope to transmute into gold. Volpone and The Alchemist are a specific brand of social satire alike in their...
  • essay technique

    Essay Writing Tutor (North London) Picture Writing an interesting essay isn't as easy as you may think. A good plan and structure is key, it may only take five minutes to plan your work, but the results are worth it and it gets the creative juices going.Some students may struggle with creative ideas so brainstorming or planning is always...
  • Reincarnations of the Comic in the Four Quartets

    Essay Writing Tutor (North London) Picture An extract from some of my recent academic work on T S Eliot for my Masters: 'The hidden laughter of children': Reincarnations of the comic in the Four Quartets The Four Quartets are in one sense T. S. Eliot’s most serious poetic project. The poems have a sincere religious agenda, and have a...