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GCSE Italian

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Tips to succeed in learning Italian

Several students join beginner courses thinking that attending one 2 hours session per week...
GCSE Italian

Editor's Pick

Italian tuition

Italian is a beautiful language and there are many courses to choose from, I studied at...

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  • Tips to succeed in learning Italian

    Giorgia Benuzzi GCSE Italian Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Several students join beginner courses thinking that attending one 2 hours session per week would be enough to master Italian and just learning by heart a few sentences would be sufficient to hold a decent conversation. Well, the truth is that to become good in Italian (or any other language) you must be really motivated and set...
  • Italian tuition

    Charmaine Wohlmann GCSE Italian Tutor (North London) Picture Italian is a beautiful language and there are many courses to choose from, I studied at University and in Florence and am passionate about the language. the BBC do many beginners courses and its a good idea to listen to the radio, watch films and read magazines and newspapers to get a feel of the language. Its advisable to say learn...
  • La pronuncia

    GCSE Italian Tutor (York) Picture Ascoltate sempre alla gente che parla la tua lingua con un'accento - e' quest'accento ch'e' il segreto alla pronuncia perfetta! Always listen to people who speak your language with an accent - it is this accent which is the the secret to perfect pronunciation.
  • Intense Italian course book

    GCSE Italian Tutor (South West London) Picture Rapid@mente is an intense Italian course written by Leonardo Oriolo. It helps learners in reaching a communicative competence corresponding to level B1 of the Common European Framework. This book is in line with the Revised GCSE syllabuses for Italian so that learners can benefit both for practical communication and to continue with...

GCSE Italian Tutors

  • Sue Huggins

    Sue Huggins Picture Parents say I have really given their children confidence and made a big difference.
  • Letizia Parisi

    Letizia Parisi Picture Hi, I am Letizia, bilingual (Spanish and Italian). I am a qualified and experienced Spanish and Italian language teacher in London.
  • Lauren Tutor

    Lauren Tutor Picture I am a first class honours graduate in Spanish and Italian from Exeter University. My degree includes distinction in spoken Spanish and Italian. I have lived in Bolivia, Italy...
  • Lauren Higson

    Lauren Higson Picture Hello, I am a qualified teacher at an outstanding school, who is passionate about languages. I want my students to do well and will make every effort I can to help them achieve...
  • Silvina83

    Silvina83 Picture Professional fully qualified native Italian teacher offers the highest quality tuition in Italian and Spanish languages. Ten years of experience as a language tutor, to any...
  • Caroline Thomson

    Caroline Thomson Picture Hello, I am Caroline and I am a fully qualified and experienced languages teacher and tutor. I cater for all levels.
  • Federica Mossone

    Federica Mossone Picture Young, committed and enthusiastic person, I love teaching as every lesson is a new experience and new challenge. The key in learning is to enjoy and I always make sure that my...
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