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GCSE Latin

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Pedagogue or Tutor?

One of my Latin students was intrigued to discover the word "tutus" the other day, in a text I...
GCSE Latin

Cambridge Latin Course

I recommend the Cambridge Latin Course. This revolutionary, fun course is available online and...
GCSE Latin

What's the Problem with GCSE Latin?

Over the last few years, I have tutored several students in GCSE Latin - in fact I have had more...
GCSE Latin

Ablatively Absolutely Scandalous

Ablatively Absolutely Scandalous by Joe Hytner | 16:57 GMT, Sun 01 November 2009   Hopes of...

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  • Adam Muckle Putney, SW15 Gold Member

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    Elected as a Director in June 2015 and President from March 2016 of The Tutors' Association, awarded 'Tutor of the Year 2012 Runner-up' by a UK-nationwide tuition company, I have tutored over two hundred students one-to-one over the past seven years.
  • Niovi Clapham North, SW4 Gold Member

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    I am a qualified Classics teacher and a recent graduate of UCL (Master's degree in Classics) with 5 years' experience preparing students for Common Entrance, GCSE and A-Level exams.
  • Reg Williams Coulsdon, CR5 Silver Member

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    The most important thing is for us to work together. I will always put in a lot of time to preparing your lessons and materials. As long as you are focussed on success too, there is no reason we can't achieve that.
  • David Pope Abingdon, OX14 Gold Member

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    Welcome! A freelance tutor and singer, I give "Personal tuition in the right key". I can help you get the highest grades in exams, and study in the "key" that best suits you. Like the right song choices, I often inspire my students to succeed.
  • Sue Smith Swallowfield, RG7 Gold Member

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    I have been a private tutor for over 25 years and enjoy helping individual students realise their potential and improve their grades.
  • Nick Rawson Shirley, B90 Gold Member

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    Nicholas Rawson Language Teaching offers home tuition in French Spanish, Latin, Portuguese and Norwegian at various levels from Beginner right through to GCSE, A level and International Baccalaureate.
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  • What's the Problem with GCSE Latin?

    Mary-Jannet Leith GCSE Latin Tutor (West London) Picture Over the last few years, I have tutored several students in GCSE Latin - in fact I have had more demand for this subject at this level than any other! I think that in some cases, the reason has been simple: the student has been encouraged to take Latin for GCSE against their own wishes. If a...
  • Why study Latin

    GCSE Latin Tutor (Reading) Picture   Why study Latin?   This subject gives you the opportunity to study the language and literature of ancient Rome, reading the works of authors such as Virgil, Ovid and Horace. You will experience at first hand elements of the culture, language and social and political life of the Roman...
  • How to make your language learning successful

    GCSE Latin Tutor (South West London) Picture In Latin teaching for children there is inevitably initially much learning of grammar at the expense of a more aesthetic appreciation of the language as a living social phenomenon. Latin grammar is a fascinating topic which students can find interesting and rewarding. However this must be...


  • How to learn your Vocabulary list for GCSE Latin

    Rachel Carter GCSE Latin Tutor (Stevenage) Picture Finding it tough to learn all the 450 Latin words required for GCSE? (and that’s not including the numbers, compound verbs and adverb forms  etc). Take heart – there are a number of strategies which can help. Strategy no. 1    - know what you have to do. -          Print out the...
  • Pedagogue or Tutor? Editor's Pick

    David Pope GCSE Latin Tutor (Oxford) Picture One of my Latin students was intrigued to discover the word "tutus" the other day, in a text I had asked him to translate. He was even more pleased when I told him it meant (he was) "safe or secure." We proceeded to have a discussion about the role of the modern Tutor, and I came away agreeing...
  • Grammar's No Enemy

    Joe Hytner GCSE Latin Tutor (North West London) Picture Modern Classics teaching tends to shy away from grammar, which supposedly detracts from students' enjoyment of the subject. Why? When Classics was abolished as an Oxbridge entrance requirement in 1960, there was a backlash against traditional teaching methods, which were seen as dry and...