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"Personalise" your formulae list

The most secure way to prepare for any examination is to expand (annotate/personalise) the...

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  • Michael M. Whitton, TW2 Gold Member

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    Dear Parent / Student, I offer top quality personal tuition in Maths and / or Physics - friendly, patient and reliable - to meet the needs of the individual student, young or old. I am a fully qualified, very experienced teacher and tutor.
  • Tom C Livingston, EH54 Gold Member

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    Experienced and well qualified tutor in secondary, adult and university Maths, Physics. With a positive attitude and engaging personality I get on well with my students.
  • Philip Bradfield Dunfermline, KY12 Gold Member

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    An experienced Private Tutor, retired Senior Lecturer, Wolverhampton University Formerly at Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities
  • Dr Alan Gray Central Edinburgh, EH11 Gold Member

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    I am a highly qualified and experienced professional academic offering quality online tuition in physics and maths.
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  • "Personalise" your formulae list

    Philip Bradfield Higher Physics Tutor (Kirkcaldy) Picture The most secure way to prepare for any examination is to expand (annotate/personalise) the standard given lists of formulae - to make sure you know the meaning and context of every equation/formula. This will be built up during your study  year(s), and will not only act as a revision guide,...