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GCSE History

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How To Please Your Examiner

I have been an examiner for 12 years and here are some tips. Some of these might seem obviously...
A-level History

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Political Ideology: Conservatism. Revision.

Revision prompts for A Level Government and Politics Students studying Ideology:...
A-level History

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In Defence of History (Degrees)

“Society doesn’t need any more 21-year-old sixth century historians.” So said the Vice...
A-level History

Effective Essay Writing for 'A' Level History

      The more students I tutor at 'A' Level the more I can see that they are usually...

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  • Simon JC Lawrence Kennington, SE11 Gold Member

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    I have tutored for 12 years and I really love it! I have managed a school in Brazil, trained and taught in London, both in Academy schools and at a private school, instructed as a Captain in the British Army and now run my own premium agency.
  • Kate Meyer-Currey Portswood, SO17

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    Learning is a lifelong journey. I have supported learning and studied myself for 22 years. I have plenty of knowledge and skills to share.
  • Sam Berkson Homerton, E5

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    I am an experienced and qualified teacher with an English degree from Oxford University and A Levels in English Literature, Double Maths, History and French.
  • Thomas Wigley Finsbury Park, N4 Gold Member

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    I am a 35 year old PhD student with some years teaching and tutoring experience at both secondary school and uni level. I have experience of tutoring all the GCSE sciences and all the exam boards.
  • Emma Storey Fulham, SW6 Gold Member

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    I am a 30 year old female working as a Full Time Private Tutor in London and also run my own business. I have four years of one to one private tutoring experience in London and overseas.
  • Richard Buxton East Sheen, SW14 Gold Member

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    I am a veteran professional having graduated in 1974.Taken many exams and I know how to pass,in my chosen subjects .Happy to help anyone keen to learn. Based between Putney and Richmond -on 3 major bus routes and short walk from Barnes
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History Articles

  • Was the UK's exit from the EU inevitable?

    John Lewis A-level History Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture David Cameron's decision to hold a referendum on the future of Britain in the EU had more to do with his authority within the Conservative Party than over anything to do with the national interest. The fact that Nigel Farage and the Tory Right were able to goad him into such a car crash decision...
  • The Key to Writing a Good History Essay.

    Dr Janet Rose A-level History Tutor (Bath) Picture If there is one key thing that you must do to get a good mark in an AS or A-level history essay, it is to answer the question.  It sounds easy, doesn’t it? And yet any history teacher or examiner will tell you that they have been forced to award low marks to essays that fail to address the...
  • In Defence of History (Degrees) Editor's Pick

    Will Sharp A-level History Tutor (South East London) Picture “Society doesn’t need any more 21-year-old sixth century historians.” So said the Vice Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast two months ago, one of the latest high-profile voices to condemn History as an essentially ‘pointless’ degree. In doing so, he joins the likes of entrepreneur Kevin...


  • History as a Pedagogical Tool

    Jonathan B. Key Stage 3 History Tutor (North West London) Picture History is widely recognized as an essential subject in a curriculum. However, it is not as widely recognized that history can be used as a tool to teach other subjects. History can be used as an outline to structure and integrate a curriculum. For example, the study of literature can be made...
  • Revision getting you down? Try this...

    Nathan Williams University History Tutor (Bristol) Picture When I was at university, I was plagued by worry about the number of essay questions I'd inevitably have to do, when I was studying first history, and then law. I soon found though, that the answer to cracking the problem, didn't merely involve burying myself in my books, and hoping that my...
  • East-Central Europe - Sample Essay Editor's Pick

    A-level History Tutor (South East London) Picture What grievances provoked episodes of mass opposition to East-Central Europe’s Communist regimes prior to 1989? Answer with reference to episodes from at least TWO East-Central European countries and at least TWO decades. The conventional conclusion when accounting for opposition to communist...