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I would highly recommend Mel Bays Modern Guitar Methods for Plectrum Guitar along with all...
Jazz Guitar

Hawkins and Young's influence on bebop

Hawkins’ profound influence on the bebop movement manifests itself in different ways, some more...
Jazz Guitar

Guitar Books I Like

This is a set of books that I found very useful in my own development: A Modern Method for...
Jazz Guitar

Alfred's Kid's Guitar Courses: Book Review

The best selling guitar method for kids. The discs include beautiful recordings of all the music...

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  • Hawkins and Young's influence on bebop

    Will Arnold-Forster Jazz Guitar Teacher (North London) Picture Hawkins’ profound influence on the bebop movement manifests itself in different ways, some more seemingly obvious than others. One way in which we can measure this influence is by analysing the harmonic content of his work, and his relationship with harmony in a broader context. One of Hawkins’...
  • The Rewarding World Of Music

    Jazz Guitar Teacher (North London) Picture Music. Maybe the greatest thing to involve yourself in, no matter at what level. After 16 years of playing guitar and studying music, the learning never stops! Every exciting thing I have ever discovered while playing has led to the next. How great it is to know that you will never run out of...
  • A brief history of the Blues 1: Sharecropping

    Jazz Guitar Teacher (South East London) Picture The tale of the Blues is the story of America’s deep south and the people who lived and worked there.  It is the journey of black Americans to freedom from the turn of the 19th century.  Blues is one of the most important musical forms; it has influenced many and has endured to this...


  • Jazz Language

    Jazz Guitar Teacher (Cardiff) Picture It is important to transcribe your favourite players and favourite solos. It is also important to learn repertoire in order to use the language you learn. Reading music is also a useful thing for a guitarist to be able to do!
  • Blues in all its Forms

    Francis Botu Jazz Guitar Teacher (South West London) Picture In my opinion the musical genre known as the blues has been around a lot longer than some people believe. If you listen to the folk music of Western and Northern Africa you can hear clear similarities between the folk music and blues. Some people may be unaware of this so I thought I would put...
  • Jazz Guitar Techniques

    Jazz Guitar Teacher (Truro) Picture I think the best way to learn to intermediate or even advanced level on guitar is to develop a fluid legato style which enables you to perform melodic lines that have a dynamic to them. Developing your picking is essential for any electric guitar player. Learning to pick alternately with speed,...