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Key Stage 2 English

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Learning new spellings, remembering old spellings

Advice for students and parents It isn't always easy learning how to spell new words. It isn't...
Key Stage 2 English

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Try This Spelling Game: Ghost

This is a nice game that you can play with your child, or they can play with siblings or...
Key Stage 2 English

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Reading is the Key

For a child's literacy skills to be improved all round I reccommend reading lots of different...
Key Stage 2 English

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Speaking in front of an audience

“But my child or teenager is already a first language English speaker!” I hear you say. Yes,...

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  • Pie Corbett - Jumpstart Literacy

    Jim Asbery Key Stage 2 English Tutor (Wakefield) Picture Pie Corbett - Jumpstart! : Literacy - Games and Activities for Ages 7-14 This is an invaluable book for any parent or teacher. Every page is packed with great ideas for developing just the types of skills that young writers need. Pie is an internationally known authority on English and how it...
  • Improving Sentences

    David Cummings Key Stage 2 English Tutor (Uxbridge) Picture Improving Sentences These sentences are really boring and need to be made more interesting! Rewrite each one neatly in your homework book. Think about all the ways we have been learning to improve our sentences in class: use adjectives (but not too many!) to describe the noun use powerful...
  • Helpful English puzzles

    Charlotte Watson Key Stage 2 English Tutor (Sutton) Picture Many exams or tests contain little challenges to show you can think 'outside the box'. We are so used to being drilled for comprehension questions or creative writing essays that we forget that our brain can work in other ways. If you do not exercise your brain with puzzles and challenges that...


  • It has to be relevant!

    Doja Sowunmi Key Stage 2 English Tutor (Enfield) Picture My first term as a teacher was an interesting one. Days went slowly, children sat reluctantly in my classroom watching the clock tick (although not being able to tell the time) hearing every word I was saying but not actually listening to a word. "Repeat what I just said Daniel!" Daniel shrugged...
  • My Experience with Flexi Schooling

    Stephen Barton-King Key Stage 2 English Tutor (North London) Picture My Experiences with Flexi schooling She is fully of empathy, wise beyond her years, kind, artistic and a delight to be with, but when my six year old daughter started struggling in year one, we made the decision with support from her school to try flexi schooling. The aim was to increase her...
  • Reading is the key to improved English

    Mrs. Marlene Poteratchi Key Stage 2 English Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture In my vast and varied experience of teaching pupils of all ages, it has become quite clear to me that the biggest hindrance to a child succeeding in all forms of English tests (reading, writing and comprehension) is down to the amount of reading they have done form infancy. Unfortunately, boys...