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Unconventional Instruments and the Musical Saw

Your musicianship can be significantly broadened by searching for enlightening musical hobbies...

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Music and Synaesthesia

We have always invented terms to describe the world around us. Reality exists because we name it...

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What is the point of being a musician?

If you suffer from pre-show nerves, like so many other performers, you might benefit from asking...

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Why Music is Important

It is impossible to love something without feeling the urge to share it. Whether it’s your...

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  • Helena Ruinard Wimbledon, SW20 Gold Member

    Helena Ruinard Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I am a professional violinist and teacher and love the diversity of what I do; each area of work feeds the other.
  • Rob Brockway Hexham, NE46 Gold Member

    Rob Brockway Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Being a musician can bring all sorts of fun and rewards. I'd love to help you find them.
  • Martin Rowberry Sutton Coldfield, B75 Gold Member

    Martin Rowberry Picture
    from £28.00/hr View Profile
    (please also visit my website at for a complete look at the way I teach, lessons should be about having fun and playing music that you can relate to! Visit to see some of my students perform.
  • Mitch Jones Music Central Brighton, BN1 Gold Member

    Mitch Jones Music Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Classical Piano distinction Grade 8. BMus Jazz Performance (1st). Toured with Jessie Ware, Ella Henderson, John Newman, Pixie Lott. Accompanist for 'The X Factor'. Taught for 2 years at Reigate Grammar School (before relocating to Brighton).
  • Samuel Bordoli Sydenham, SE26 Gold Member

    Samuel Bordoli Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I am an experienced music teacher, pianist and composer working in London. I enjoy teaching music to people of all ages and finding new approaches for each student. So far I have a 100% pass rate for all students entered into ABRSM exams.
  • Theodora Stamoulaki Kingston, KT6 Gold Member

    Theodora Stamoulaki Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I am a Professional Soprano! I teach singing, voice projection and elocution. I use the classic technique which focuses on breathing that can produce beautifully connected phrases , voice projection and delivery. Learning to sing should be Fun!
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Musicianship Articles

  • The Early Years

    Megan I Skinner Musicianship Teacher (Tonbridge) Picture These years are perhaps the most important for any pupil. If a pupil is matched to the ‘wrong’ teacher, lessons can be a catastrophe, and the wrongs will take a very long time to right. Who is a wrong teacher? One who does not take an interest in the pupil as a person, one who is not willing to...
  • Structuring a Two-Week Practice Plan - Brass

    James Johnson Musicianship Teacher (Brighton) Picture Whether a professional or a student brass player, a two-week practice plan can help focus one’s learning efficiently for a short-term goal, whilst providing great long-term benefits. The advantage of the plan is that it is flexible with a view to preparing for a specific goal – be that a...
  • What is the point of being a musician? Editor's Pick

    Miss Philippa Healey Musicianship Teacher (Stevenage) Picture If you suffer from pre-show nerves, like so many other performers, you might benefit from asking yourself: what is the point? Am I here to impress people? "Wow" them, with my technique? Get the best grade, or marking possible? It is my firm belief that, as I get older, these things are less and...


  • Ownership, Appropriation and Identity

    Tom Newell Musicianship Teacher (South East London) Picture Ownership, Appropriation and Identity in the Globalised Musical World   An Essay by Tom Newell   The concept of intellectual property is one which, despite being codified in law in the form of copyright, creates an area of debate for musicians, listeners and ethnomusicologists alike.  The...
  • Unconventional Instruments and the Musical Saw Editor's Pick

    Austin Blackburn Musicianship Teacher (Reading) Picture Your musicianship can be significantly broadened by searching for enlightening musical hobbies that will keep the musical brain always expanding and developing. Some good ways of doing this is to train the ear by joining choirs, doing lots of aural exercises or practising singing. Singing is the...
  • 7 Habits for Effective Learning & Music-Making Editor's Pick

    Musicianship Teacher (South East London) Picture The fantastic and special quality of music-making is that as an art form, its qualities are transferrable and relatable to so many aspects of life - and there are no catches! The practice of music goes hand-in-hand with education, personal growth, discipline, team-work and enjoyment. Having...