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Jeff Bragg 11+ exam Tutor (Sutton)

Jeff Bragg Gold Member

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Personal Message
I am a fully-qualified professional teacher with 25 years of classroom and one-to-one experience. I regard myself as a friendly and approachable tutor, as well as honest and conscientious, and am able to communicate with students of all ages.
Which subject(s) do you teach?
The majority of my tutoring is for English, especially the 11+ and Common Entrance exams. In fact, I tutored my own sons through these exams, and they are now both enjoying themselves (or so I believe!) at WCGS. In addition, I provide tutoring and interview coaching for the local independent schools.

I also tutor regularly for Spanish and English at GCSE and A-level, and teach IELTS and any of the Cambridge EFL/ESL exams, such as FCE and PET. I am certificated as an official examiner for these exams, so I can offer specialist tuition.

I also provide personal tuition in ESSAY WRITING and STUDY SKILLS, as my experience has taught me that many students face real problems in these areas. By working together on your essays, substantial improvements can be made in style, organisation, argument, presentation, and much more. This way, I can teach you how produce more effective and mature assignments, and thus help you to obtain better grades and increase your confidence in producing written work.
Tell me about your qualifications.
A-levels in English, Spanish, History, Law, and Russian (AS)
BA (Hons) Spanish & Political Science
Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Authorship & Communication
Post Graduate Translation Diploma (Spanish/English)
PGCE (English/ESL and Spanish)
DELTA / Postgrad ESOL Diploma MEd (in progress)
What kind of experience do you have?
I have more than 25 years of teaching and tutoring experience, at schools and colleges in the UK and abroad. I have taught and tutored English (including IGCSE, EFL and IELTS) in Spain, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Abu Dhabi, and also for many years in the UK of course. In my most recent positions in the UK I have taught Academic Writing for East Anglia University, and English for Common Entrance and Eleven Plus at an independent school in Sutton.

I have worked as a private tutor ever since I started teaching, as I realised that the existing state and private education providers could not meet the demand for high-quality personal tuition.

Over the past three years I have successfully tutored students for the following schools and universities:

Schools: Sutton Grammar, Wilsons, Wallington County, Wallington High, Nonsuch, Whitgift, Trinity, Wimbledon High, Kings School, Westminster, City of London, Epsom College, Ewell Castle, and several others.

Universities: Manchester, Warwick, City, East Anglia, St Martins, Lincoln, Bournemouth, and several others.
How much do you charge?
Please note that my fees are very affordable, bearing in mind that I travel to your house and offer a personalised tutoring programme.

I now charge a flat rate of £35 per hour in every subject at all levels for peak time lessons. For those who prefer daytime classes Monday to Friday, the hourly rate is £30.

Nowadays 75- and 90-minute lessons are a popular option , and these are priced at a discount. I also offer daytime classes in the week at 10% discount, and tuition via Skype at 10% discount too.

NB: Any classes that involve more than 6 miles travel (round trip) usually incur a small extra charge.
Where do you teach?
I am available for tutoring at students' homes in the borough of Sutton and close by.
When are you available?
I am now available most afternoons and evenings, with occasional extra availability during school and college holidays. I also tutor on Sundays - in fact, my only day off is Saturday.
Which ages and levels do you teach?
From 8 to 80! From Key Stage 2 to undergraduate.
Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?
The majority of my personal tutoring is for the following exams: 11+. Common Entrance (13+), GCSE, GCE (A-level), IB and IELTS.

I am happy to report that 14 of my 15 11+ tutees passed the SET (Selective Eligibility Test) for Sutton's grammar schools in September 2014. My GCSE and A-level students also passed with grades from B to A*.

In one part, their success was due to the fact that I helped to improve their study skills, and was able to help them overcome the difficulties that they found in expressing themselves well in writing. The other parts include the hard work that they put in, the regular homework that they did, and the high level of parental support that they received.
Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?
Yes: issued in December, 2013
Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.
I am happy to use Skype, especially for overseas students, but also within the UK too.
Do you belong to any professional organisations?
Where and with whom did you train?
I did my first teaching qualification for EFL at International House in 1989. After that I studied at Wolverhampton University (PGCE) in 1993-4, and Sheffield Hallam University (PGDip) from 1996 to 1997. I am also currently undertaking a part-time Masters degree in Education via the Open University.
Tell me about some of your current students.
At present I have a very wide range of students - mostly 11+ English and Common Entrance, but also GCSE English and Spanish, A-level English Literature and Classics, plus IELTS.

If you are looking for a fully-qualified and highly-experienced teacher of English, in all its varieties, you need look no further. Here are a few messages from some of my most recent tutees:

Hello Jeff, I just got my IELTS results and I FINALLY passed it! Listening 8, Reading 7.5, Writing 7, Speaking 7.5 and it`s 7.5 overall. I would like to THANK you sooooo MUCH for your help and all advice you have given me! It would not be possible otherwise. (Vanja)

Sam got into Wilsons and we are pretty sure that his English performance carried him through. Sam said we ought to say `thanks` to you as you made a massive difference to his standard of English in a very short period of time. Not sure how, but you made something click in his brain where his school teachers had failed! (Cathy)

Jeff is tutoring my son and daughter in English literature and both really appreciate the assistance he is giving them. My son who is grappling with gothic texts at A level says Jeff is managing to `teach him by stealth` so he is learning skills in a painless way. My daughter who is studying GCSE was delighted that after a few weeks with Jeff her English grade moved from D to B. Overall I`m extremely pleased at the way Jeff is tutoring them. (Helen)

Hi Jeff, hope you are well. I am extremely delighted to tell you that Rick has a place at Westminster, and we are going ahead with that. He has also had offers from HABS, KCS and RGS Guildford. Thank you so much for all your support. (Animesh)

Hi Jeff, just to let you know that Dillon got a place at Sutton Grammar on Monday. He also received places at Whitgift, Trinity and Epsom. We have decided to accept Sutton Grammar, and thank you for all your help and time. Thanks - Paulomi and Dillon.

Dear Jeff! Thanks you so much for tutoring me last year. You have helped my English greatly and without your advice and guidance I would have had a nervous breakdown when I was given the task of an essay. You taught me about causal connectives, signpost words, paragraph structure and much more vital strategies of writing an amazing essay.
Finally, I am happy that I got a place at Wilsons and know I would have faled the English language test without what you taught me. I am very grateful that you gave up your time to help me pass.
Yours Sincerely, Makar

Hi Jeff, I hope you're well. I just wanted to let you know that Andriy got offered a place at Whitgift and we have accepted it. Thank you very much for helping and recommending this great school to us. Andriy is really excited about it and cannot wait to start.
Do you have a personal message for students?
Yes! I have had a near total success record every year, and this was partially because my students worked hard and produced plenty of homework. In fact, it is part of my approach that all tutees produce regular homework to a high standard. If you require the same sort of success, and are ready to make the sacrifice that success demands, then please contact me.

Tutors in: Benhilton, Carshalton, Carshalton Beeches, Cheam, Mitcham Junction, North Beddington, North Cheam, South Beddington, St. Helier, Sutton Central, The Wrythe, Wallington, West Sutton, Worcester Park