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Study Skills

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Getting In The Correct Mindset

My daughter did her year 6 SAT's and she was so nervous. So I thought about the things I have...
Study Skills

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Be smart with your Science revision. 5 Top Tips..

One of the most common questions I get asked at this time of year from students is "Now that...
Study Skills

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Science: How to Think, Direct and Shape our World

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (St. Matthew’s Gospel) Many among...
Study Skills

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Revision tips for GCSE, A-level, and University

‘Revision guides, revision tips, revision aids’. You must be sick of hearing those words now,...

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  • Michael Ball Blakelaw, NE3 Gold Member

    Michael Ball Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    I am a tutor and proofreader. I primarily tutor in the North-East of England. I am prepared to take on students of any disposition, from the nervous and struggling type to the confident and capable type.
  • Rebekah Smith Totton, SO40

    Rebekah Smith Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    I am a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher of Classics, Ancient History and English. I have two years of teaching experience and am now branching out to offer my services as a private tutor alongside my part-time teaching job.
  • Philippa Kaina Finsbury Park, N4 Gold Member

    Philippa Kaina Picture
    from £55.00/hr View Profile
    History of Art tuition offered by an experienced private tutor and previous UCL and Courtauld Institute of Art Teaching Fellow. I have a passion for my subject and am able to bring out the best in my students and help them achieve their potential.
  • Lisa O'Donnell CSM Stoke Newington, N16

    Lisa O'Donnell CSM Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am a professional artist and trained painter. I also work with drawing, photoshop and final cut pro. I have tutored students in a variety of art subjects. I have a flexible approach to learning and would tailor every lesson for each student.
  • Gabrielle Azagury Brook Green, W14 Gold Member

    Gabrielle Azagury Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    As a tutor I am kind, caring and empathetic. I take children's needs and interests into account. In order to know where children are at in their learning I talk to you, the parent as well as to the children themselves and if possible their teachers.
  • Creative Tutor Penge, SE20

    Creative Tutor Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    I'm a friendly holistic teacher who has worked in the field of the arts and live-literature for 17 years. I have been a private tutor for two years.
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  • Getting In The Correct Mindset Editor's Pick

    Helen Lea Study Skills Tutor (Coventry) Picture My daughter did her year 6 SAT's and she was so nervous. So I thought about the things I have learnt. How do you calm your nerves and move to a better way of being. I remember some of the things that I had learnt when I did a course on NLP, which is about modelling excellent behaviour. The...
  • Tackling The Misconceptions Of Online Tutoring

    Tasneem Study Skills Tutor (Birmingham) Picture Learning is a deeply personal experience. All students have the capacity to learn, yet many are unable to do so enthusiastically or effectively at school. Parents have become increasingly worried about their child’s performance at school and are opting for tutoring for extra support. With such a...
  • Forced Recall To Improve Long-Term Memory

    Dr Anthony B Study Skills Tutor (Reading) Picture I learnt a valuable technique from the Open University - forced recall of learnt information to improve one's long-term memory of the information. Apparently, without forcing yourself to recall learnt information and without revision, the amount of information you retain is only about 25% of...


  • An Evidence-Based Pedagogical Approach

    Jonathan Ercanbrack Study Skills Tutor (South East London) Picture It is extremely important that teachers’ approach to teaching is rooted in an evidence-based pedagogical approach, which is suited to the needs of a particular student. This brief article sets out some of the most important principles of evidence-based pedagogical approaches. First and...
  • 5 Top Tips to Improve your Grades

    Charlie Field Study Skills Tutor (South West London) Picture Use these quick and effective tactics to rapidly transform your essays. Revision for essay subjects is tough! Cards, coloured highlighters and chapter summaries can often promote that feeling of progress. But sadly, it isn’t always that simple. Great knowledge doesn't always lead to good grades...
  • The Art of Learning - a brief encounter:

    Dr Alex Roberts Study Skills Tutor (North West London) Picture Good learning is a “bit-by-bit” activity which requires time - it is incredibly important to start learning as early as possible.  In essence - cramming is to be avoided at all costs!   Quite often we hold off until we “understand it all”; it is better to throw yourself into the...