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A-level French

Editor's Pick

The Importance of Studying a Language

At a time when the take-up of languages at GCSE, 'A' Level and beyond is decreasing, I want to encourage young... More »
A-level French

Editor's Pick

The A Level French Oral exam

No doubt as a student preparing for your A level French language exam, you will be inundated with advice... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Time Flies When You Are Having Fun! Editor's Pick

    A-level French Tutor (Worcester) Picture
    The relationship between a student and tutor is a very precious one. The weekly hour spent at a kitchen or dining room table, debating the merits of mobile phones, making a fruit salad whist conversing in French or colouring in a picture of different coloured clothes is an experience I...
  • How to Improve in Languages

    A-level French Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture
    French and German are usually perceived to be very difficult languages by most students. An important step whilst learning them is to become familiar with grammar rules. However, it is essential to use every opportunity of contact with the language to improve a student’s general feeling for the...
  • Advice for Language Learning (GCSE and A-level) Editor's Pick

    A-level French Tutor (North London) Picture
    As well as doing the work set during lessons, there are many ways you can improve outside the classroom which aren’t necessarily hard work. Here are a few tips that have worked for me in the past: VOCABULARY BOOKS As a language student, you probably already have a bilingual dictionary and a...
  • Spoken French Editor's Pick

    A-level French Tutor (West Central London) Picture
    Spoken French, every student's biggest fear! Are you frantically going through vocabulary sheets, and trying to absorb as much French as you can? Well here are my key tips for the spoken exam: - first of all, as silly as this may sound, pop on a French DVD. It doesn't really matter if you...
  • MaFrance on BBC website is an Excelllent Resource!

    A-level French Tutor (Oxford) Picture
    The BBC 'MaFrance' website is an ideal self study resource for French students as it enables you to turn on and off, the audio or video or written components of several topic based French resources. Check it out!
  • How to face As French?

    A-level French Tutor (Sheffield) Picture
    If you have just completed your French GCSE and decided to take it further to an AS level, you will find that there is a big gap between GCSE and As. You must not panic. If you are able to go to France in the summer and during any other holidays, please do not hesitate to go and spend time...
  • A2 French Exam- useful sentences

    Helen McMahon BA Hons A-level French Tutor (Uxbridge) Picture
    A2 & AS French Exam-useful sentences je considère que... il me Je pense que.. ... je ne suis pas d'accord' • Je vous concède que... • je suis convaincu que... • on va trop loin en disant que... • par ailleurs... • il n'a pas été démontré que... • on exagère quand on affirme que... • on...
  • Help Yourself to Get a Better Grade in Languages

    A-level French Tutor (Manchester) Picture
    This article applies to any language. It is just a little advice for all of you taking exams in languages who would like some tips on improving your own language learning at home. If you have internet access, there are many news websites you can visit to help you read in a foreign language. ...
  • Grammar Book Recommendation

    A-level French Tutor (Birmingham) Picture
    Affaires à Suivre This book can significantly help your French grammar. It is a French book and can be bought online easily through either (see here) or It is relevant to how French grammar is perceived and taught in France, and will therefore enhance your grammar to become...
  • Living French to learn French

    A-level French Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    Learning French can seem like a never-ending battle, in which there is always more to learn, more to practice and, indeed, more to forget! This I know very well from my own experience. A-Level French to me consisted of endless vocabulary lists and grammar tables, which can not only be daunting...

A-level French Tutors

  • Matthew Collins

    A-level French Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    For 25 years I've been a professional speaker - presenting on TV, giving after-dinner speeches (in English & French) and hosting conferences for English & French speaking...
  • Carole Palfreman

    A-level French Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    Hi, I am a French native teacher. I have successfully prepared students from GCSE up to A-level. I lived in Germany for 4 years. I am patient and very enthusiastic about what I...
  • Jessica Mills

    A-level French Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    I am keen to get those I teach loving languages as much as I do. Having had experience both as a teaching assistant and a classroom teacher, I believe strongly in tailoring...
  • Esther Thomas

    A-level French Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    I am a friendly and enthusiastic tutor who enjoys teaching one-on-one lessons for a variety of levels and subjects. I enjoy using a large range of teaching styles and...
  • Marianne Ellalasingham

    A-level French Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    I come from the south of France. I have been trained to teach French as a foreign language in France and in the UK.
  • Colin Openshaw

    A-level French Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    Who can learn without repeating over again?
  • David Cleary

    A-level French Tutor (Rochester) Picture
    I teach Spanish, French and English language and literature to university level. With over 30 years experience, I can deliver success for willing tutees. It can also be enjoyable!
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  • A'Level Eng. Language-CIE9093 online, skype, email only Plan for course study+tutor marking requ.
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  • maths chemistry physics tutor Near Barnet/ london A level
  • A Level Environmental Studies online or West Wales AQA revision help
  • MATHS KS2 tutor clapham/ wandsworth mature teacher for bright 9 year old
  • AS Level Psychology tutor AQA North West London For my 17 year old son
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