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Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

Should I have Singing Lessons?

If you sing in the bath or shower, find yourself drawn to karaoke, or, perhaps, sing along to the radio or... More »
Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

Belt or Not to Belt?

The main problem with singing honestly is the fear of being laughed at, so most people, consciously or ... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Going through the Passaggio (breaks in your voice

    Michael Park Classical Singing Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture
    Further to my previous article I want to talk in more detail about going through the different registers of the voice.  You have to think of your voice as one whole connected voice from bottom to top and top to bottom. Although it has different parts to it, psychologically it's best to think...
  • Book Recommenadation on Classical Singing

    Theodora Stamoulaki Classical Singing Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture
    During My Singing Journey I have read and used many books which have proved valuable to my Singing and to the improvement of my singing teaching practice: Books on Vocal Techinque How to Sing by Lilli Lehmann Singing and Teaching Singing, A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice by Janice...
  • Technique and Italian

    René Bloice-Sanders Classical Singing Teacher (East London) Picture
    For a solid start working on good singing technique I highly recommend looking at Arie Antique, a useful volume of which being Shirmer's 24 Italian Songs and Arias. Though the language may be relatively alien to you, it provides the ideal line, support and pure vowels for working on vocal...
  • But I Can't Read Music?!

    Frances Israel Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    Don't panic. For many singers, the ability to read music does not impact on their ability to sing. However, those singers who can look at their sheet music and have an idea of what it is telling them tend to progress a little quicker and benefit from an increased confidence in their...
  • Stammers and Tourette's - Musical Healing

    Classical Singing Teacher (Sheffield) Picture
    Should musicians consider themselves as healers? With specific insight into stammers and Tourette’s. Has the time come for musicians to understand and utilise their skills to heal through the power of music? It has become a common perception among many people that Music Therapy is a new age...
  • What makes a good teacher?

    RLM Singing Lessons Classical Singing Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    I asked myself exactly the same question 6 years ago whilst sat in my teaching skills lecture at College. For me, musical education is incredibly important in all areas of people's lives and sadly this is somewhat neglected, particularly in schools. Singing gives people a chance to express...
  • How to approach learning a new piece of music

    Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    Students often ask me for advice on learning a new piece of music for the first time. Although this varies so much depending on the instrument and difficulty of the piece, when faced with a new aria or song to learn I always consider the following before even looking at learning the notes: If...
  • Rehearsal Techniques

    Classical Singing Teacher (Wakefield) Picture
    ANY IDEAS FOR REHEARSING ? Can you tick which of the following rehearsal techniques you use at the moment? Can you add any additional ones in the blank spaces? LISTEN/ PLAY Reason? Tick Buy a CD to listen Familiarise with structure / harmonies of whole...
  • Sing Together! 100 Songs for Unison Singing

    Gustavo Quintéro-Fryatt Classical Singing Teacher (Redhill) Picture
    I recommend the following resource: Sing Together! 100 Songs for Unison Singing by William Appleby This is a useful book to use when teaching young vocal beginners. The book contains lots of well known nursery rhymes and folksongs that are easy to learn and teach. With the simple piano...
  • Singing Is Happiness

    Sebastian Embrel Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    Singing is happiness. You can find the best of your self when you sing. It is an act of generosity for yourself and for others when you sing onstage. I believe you can experience a huge number of emotions by singing and make others feel those emotions and interact with you. Singing is an art you...

Classical Singing Teachers

  • Jamie Rock

    Sebastian Embrel Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    As an active & experienced professional opera singer, I'm well placed to teach singers of all abilities. "Jamie is very skilled, patient and motivating. Lessons are pleasant,...
  • Ian Belsey

    Sebastian Embrel Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    I am a highly experienced and successful singing teacher with students ranging from amateur to professional. I am motivated to get the best results possible from each student.
  • Michael Vickers

    Sebastian Embrel Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    A solid technical grounding is crucial, however, there are many other important factors to great singing. Lessons are designed for each pupil to realise their vocal potential...
  • Adam Cigman-Mark

    Sebastian Embrel Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    I am a recent Cambridge English graduate, who has been lucky enough to experience some wonderful teaching, which I'd like to try and emulate. I am also moving towards a career...
  • Marjorie Renwick-Forster

    Sebastian Embrel Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    I offer my first half hour lesson for free so that we can determine a course for your singing. I believe that each student has his or her own unique voice. I teach in a...
  • Duncan Rutherford

    Sebastian Embrel Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    Hi, I'm Duncan. I provide fun, relaxed and quality music tuition to you at home, throughout London and The Home Counties. I offer a free trial to all new pupils. Contact me...
  • Myria Ioannou

    Sebastian Embrel Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    Hello. I am a classically trained soprano, passionate about singing and theatre, enthusiastic about inspiring and encouraging my students to sing and get involved in music!
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  • Blues/Rock Guitar Lessons Rayleigh or Internet Advanced
  • Piano Teacher Near Castle Cary (BA7) 15, Beginner, small theory (GCSE music)
  • Harp Teacher Cambridge or London Beginner
  • Violin beginner lessons South Kensington/Fulham Beginner level teaching for 18 year olds
  • Drama and dance teachers North and South London teaching 7-10 year olds - primary schools
  • Vocal Tutor for 16 year old Swansea-Plasmarl DBS/CRB check, proof of ID, CV
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