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Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

Going from Chest Voice to Head Voice

It is important to know as a singer that the way your larynx (or voice) sings higher notes is by tilting. Some... More »
Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

What Is Good Singing?

What Is Good Singing? Well, it depends on what you call singing. If you mean can anyone learn to sing brilliant... More »

Fresh Articles

  • How Singing Can Help YOU!

    Marika Rauscher Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture
    "I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing!" This article is focused on the benefits of Singing and how it really can help you all year around!   So, how exactly can singing help me I hear you ask!   Singing can help you: Improve your Concentration Improve your...
  • Using your imagination in singing

    Classical Singing Teacher (Twickenham) Picture
    Singing, at its roots, is so simple.  We can all do it from birth - listen to how loudly babies cry considering their tiny size ! As we learn more about the world this natural reflex can diminish.  But all is not lost !  With good teaching and coaching, anyone can learn about their voice and...
  • Book recommendations for Singing

    Alexandre Garziglia Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    I recommend the following books: The Structure of Singing - Richard Miller Great Singers on Great Singing - Jerome Hines Hints on Singing - Manuel Garcia Three very different and interesting books about singing!
  • Music Lessons

    Hilary Michel Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    As with any subject, practice is of the essence.  So many people do not take this into account and cannot understand why they don't progress or at least very slowly.   Exercises for fingers and voice are a must. Pieces and songs come later after a technique is established. Unfortunately, most...
  • David Jones' Articles on Singing

    Daisy Chute Music Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture
    I recommend the articles of David Jones, who is a New York-based singing practitioner with an incredible understanding of the singing voice and who writes with a great deal of clarity, giving his readers many ideas for exercises. These exercises are not the simple, mindless exercises that many...
  • Confidence in yourself and in your voice!

    Marika Rauscher Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture
    Singing is something we all can do! I truly believe that! Yes, YOU can sing! Be it in the shower, Karaoke down the pub, a local choir or as a professional singer pursuing a career - we all have a voice! Granted not everyone will be gifted with an exceptional talent and strong determination to...
  • Thoughts on preparing a studio recording Editor's Pick

    Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture
    In January last year I made a studio recording of Benjamin Birtten's cantata 'Phaedra' for a project at the RCM. Here are some of my thoughts on the recording process. What were you thinking about as you prepared for your recording session. What do you hope for? What are your aims for the...
  • A Quick Mind and a Slow Body- Learning to Sing

    Rosie Lomas BMus(Hons) Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture
    A quick mind and a slow body: The process of learning to sing.   The art of singing is at once an immensely complicated procedure and an extremely simple one. We can all sing, yet to train in singing we must make a conscious, learned activity out of an activity which we already, unconsciously...
  • Physicality of singing Editor's Pick

    Caroline MacPhie Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    Here are a few ideas I have with regard to the technical aspect of singing. I don't think anyone can underestimate the physicality of vocal production. Good posture (based on Alexander technique), a real sense of feeling the ground through your feet and a buoyant and flexible breathing mechanism...
  • Singing and The Serious Child Editor's Pick

    Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    All great performers take their work very seriously indeed, but none more so than the musician. Very few art forms combine both the left and right brain in the same way as music. We only have to look at one of Bach's intricately woven chorales to realise that music is where the wayward...

Classical Singing Teachers

  • Abigail EA Williams

    Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    Hi! My name is Abigail Williams and I'm currently studying classical singing and performing at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.
  • Lucinda Drelaud

    Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    Welcome to my tutor page- I currently have spaces for new pupils, particularly on Monday evenings and Saturdays. If you have any queries or would like to know any more info....
  • Kirby Anne Hall

    Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    My name is Kirby Anne Hall and I am a professional singer and voice teacher. My lessons are tailored to your needs and wants. Singing can be for anyone, so get in touch to...
  • Music at The Hap'ning Place

    Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    Free the Music Within You! Encouraging, fun and challenging lessons with us at The Hap'ning Place help you to find your musical voice.
  • Meta Powell/Casta Diva Voice

    Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    Take advantage of a more modern approach to voice teaching. No guessing,no vague visualizations, just a powerful combination of vocal science and experience which cuts to the...
  • Hannah Watts (GSMD, RAM)

    Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    Graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 2012 with an MA in Performance on the flute, with a fun and enthusiastic approach to teaching; encouraging and helping pupils to...
  • Simon Gfeller

    Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    SINGING TEACHER (OPERA, CLASSICAL, JAZZ) Please feel free to browse through my "Tutor pages" profile. For further questions, inquiries and to start tuition, send me a message!
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