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Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

Primal Sound

Primal sound is a connection between the voice and the emotional core. A laugh, sighs, cries, shouts and howls,... More »
Classical Singing

Editor's Pick

What Is Good Singing?

What Is Good Singing? Well, it depends on what you call singing. If you mean can anyone learn to sing brilliant... More »

Fresh Articles

  • Confidence in yourself and in your voice!

    Marika Rauscher Classical Singing Teacher (West London) Picture
    Singing is something we all can do! I truly believe that! Yes, YOU can sing! Be it in the shower, Karaoke down the pub, a local choir or as a professional singer pursuing a career - we all have a voice! Granted not everyone will be gifted with an exceptional talent and strong determination to...
  • Thoughts on preparing a studio recording Editor's Pick

    Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture
    In January last year I made a studio recording of Benjamin Birtten's cantata 'Phaedra' for a project at the RCM. Here are some of my thoughts on the recording process. What were you thinking about as you prepared for your recording session. What do you hope for? What are your aims for the...
  • A Quick Mind and a Slow Body- Learning to Sing

    Rosie Lomas BMus(Hons) Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture
    A quick mind and a slow body: The process of learning to sing.   The art of singing is at once an immensely complicated procedure and an extremely simple one. We can all sing, yet to train in singing we must make a conscious, learned activity out of an activity which we already, unconsciously...
  • Physicality of singing Editor's Pick

    Caroline MacPhie Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    Here are a few ideas I have with regard to the technical aspect of singing. I don't think anyone can underestimate the physicality of vocal production. Good posture (based on Alexander technique), a real sense of feeling the ground through your feet and a buoyant and flexible breathing mechanism...
  • Singing and The Serious Child Editor's Pick

    Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture
    All great performers take their work very seriously indeed, but none more so than the musician. Very few art forms combine both the left and right brain in the same way as music. We only have to look at one of Bach's intricately woven chorales to realise that music is where the wayward...
  • Find your voice!

    Lukas Kargl Classical Singing Teacher (Twickenham) Picture
    My main aim through teaching singing is to find the confidence within the student to sing to the best of their vocal ability. Personality can often get in the way even if the singer is confident already, but also, this very personality is hugely important for the voice - finding characters,...
  • What do you sing?

    Classical Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture
    This is a question I'm often asked when meeting other performers for the first time or tell people I'm a singer and I find it such a strange thing to answer. Labels and pigeonholes have always bothered me, mostly because as a performer I have never fully settled into one niche. Primarily my...
  • Why Sing? Singing and Confidence Editor's Pick

    Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    Music is universal: it is not confined to a particular era or location. A society without some form of music has never existed which suggests that humans have a very deep connection - even a need - for this type of expression. Why? I believe that art is a way of creatively exploring the world...
  • Vocal Maths - Where subtraction leads to growth

    Louisa Petais Classical Singing Teacher (North London) Picture
    On my long and sometimes arduous journey to becoming a professional classical singer, nothing has struck me more than the very moment in which I realised that good, healthy singing was indeed truly simple. It was a revelation. But simple doesn't equal easy. This does not mean that it is easy to...
  • Computer technology for Singers Editor's Pick

    Janet Munro Classical Singing Teacher (Dartford) Picture
    Computer software has been used for a number of years for speech analysis (Elmer & Elmer, 2000) although vocal teachers have been slower to embrace this new technology. One of the pioneers of this type of vocal teaching was Richard Miller, who in 1989 set up a vocal laboratory, whose purpose was...

Classical Singing Teachers

  • Dan Keating-Roberts

    Janet Munro Classical Singing Teacher (Dartford) Picture
    Singing lessons are not just about learning to sing. They are about growing confidence, managing nerves, encouraging physical well-being and opening up a genuine career path.
  • Panagiota Kapnisi

    Janet Munro Classical Singing Teacher (Dartford) Picture
    Music is a way of expressing yourself! Singing and Piano lessons for very good prices from a professional musician.
  • Natalie Sinnott

    Janet Munro Classical Singing Teacher (Dartford) Picture
    I teach students ranging from teenagers to seniors, helping them to open up their voices with a strong understanding of technique, performance and enjoyment.
  • Carole Ann Lindsey

    Janet Munro Classical Singing Teacher (Dartford) Picture
    Do you want to learn how to train your voice and improve your confidence? Does your child need additional support throughout their GCSEs or A-Levels? Want to have fun singing...
  • Eleanor Janes

    Janet Munro Classical Singing Teacher (Dartford) Picture
    - I am a friendly, reliable teacher and am willing to teach all ages and ability levels. - I have much experience in a wide range of tutoring and aim to provide enjoyable and...
  • James Henshaw

    Janet Munro Classical Singing Teacher (Dartford) Picture
    I am a Cambridge Music Graduate with lots of teaching experience. I am friendly and relaxed teacher looking to pass on my enthusiasm to others.
  • Helen-Rose Field

    Janet Munro Classical Singing Teacher (Dartford) Picture
    Whether you want to just sing, play or dance for fun, improve your technique, expand your repertoire or increase your self-confidence, I offer lessons shaped to suit each...
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