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  • Persian language

    "Farsi" redirects here. For the village in Iran, see Farsi, Iran. Persian (/ˈpɜrʒən/ or /ˈpɜrʃən/; فارسی fārsi [fɒːɾˈsiː] ( listen)) is the predominant
  • Farsi, Afghanistan

    Farsi (Qal'a Farsi) is a village and the center of Farsi District in Herat Province, Afghanistan on 33°47′05″N 63°14′42″E / 33.7846°N 63.2450°E / 33
  • Merrifieldia farsi

    Merrifieldia farsi is a moth of the Pterophoridae family that is found in Azerbaijan and Iran. The wingspan is 23–25 millimetres (0.91–0.98 in). The ground
  • Mazraeh-ye Salman Farsi

    Mazraeh-ye Salman Farsi (Persian: مزرعه سلمان فارسي‎, also Romanized as Mazra‘eh-ye Salmān Fārsī) is a village in Kongor Rural District, in the Central
  • Farsi Island

    Farsi Island (Persian: جزیره فارسی, jazireye Farsi) is one of the Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf. There is an IRGC Navy base on this Island. The island
  • Farsi Jan, Markazi

    Farsi Jan (Persian: فارسيجان‎, also Romanized as Fārsī Jān) is a village in Saruq Rural District, Saruq District, Farahan County, Markazi Province, Iran
  • Salman the Persian

    other uses, see Salman (disambiguation). Salman the Persian or Salman al-Farsi (Persian: سلمان فارسی‎, born روزبه Rouzbeh, Turkish: Selman-ı Farisî, Arabic:
  • Farsi, Iran

    Farsi (Persian: فارسي‎, also Romanized as Fārsī and Fāresī) is a village in Kushk-e Nar Rural District, Kushk-e Nar District, Parsian County, Hormozgan
  • Farsi District

    Farsi (Persian: ولایت فارسی‎) is a district the west of Herat Province, Afghanistan. It borders on Obe District to the north, Adraskan District to the
  • Menzel Farsi

    Menzel Farsi is a town and commune in the Monastir Governorate, Tunisia. List of cities in Tunisia Coordinates: 35°32′24″N 10°52′12″E / 35.54000°N

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