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  • Persian language

    Native Iranian Persian speakers call it Fārsi Farsi is the Arabicized form of Pārsi, due to a lack of the 'p' phoneme in Standard Arabic ...
  • Dari (Persian dialect)

    Because of a preponderance of Dari native speakers, who normally refer to the language as Fārsi (فارسی; "Persian"), it is also known as ...
  • Farsi Island

    Farsi Island (Persian : جزیره فارسی, jazireye Farsi) is one of the Iran ian islands in the Persian Gulf . There is an IRGC Navy base on ...
  • Farsi, Afghanistan

    Farsi (Qal'a Farsi) is a village and the center of Farsi District in Herat Province , Afghanistan on 33.7846 | N | 63.2450 | E | at 2276 ...
  • Farsi District

    Farsi (ولایت فارسی) is a district the west of Herat Province , Afghanistan . It borders on Obe District to the north, Adraskan District ...
  • Western Persian

    Western Persian is also known as Iranian Persian, Farsi, Western Farsi, or simply Persian. References : Category:Persian dialects and ...
  • Kamāl al-Dīn al-Fārisī

    other individuals bearing the same name | al-Farisi region Persian scholar | color B0C4DE - | name Kamal al-Din al-Fārisī | birth_date ...
  • Eid Al-Farsi

    Eid Mohammed Al-Farsi commonly known as Eid Al-Farsi. (عيد بن محمد الفارسي. born 29 January 1987) is an Oman i footballer who plays for Al- ...
  • Jalaleddin Farsi

    Jaleleddin Farsi (جلال‌الدین فارسی in Persian ), born as Hekmatollah Baaraan-Cheshmeh(حکمت الله باران چشمه in Persian), was the ...
  • Farsi (disambiguation)

    Farsi is the indigenous name for the Persian language . Farsi may also refer to: Persian people Farsi, Afghanistan Farsi District in Herat ...

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