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Editor's Pick

The benefits of learning flute or recorder

Learning flute or recorder has many more benefits than meets the eye. I recommend younger children (from about 5... More »

Editor's Pick

The Importance of Breath Control

Good breathing or breath control is the fundamental basis of good flute playing. The first thing you must do is to... More »

Fresh Articles

  • A Holistic Approach to Playing the Flute

    Jane Fisher Flute Teacher (South West London) Picture
    I like to adopt a "holistic" approach to my teaching. Tone quality, posture, finger technique and breath control are all extremely important. When a student is starting to learn a new piece, I like to integrate these in the following maner: I will help the student find patterns in the music...
  • Nurturing wellbeing through music

    Ruth.flute Flute Teacher (Harrow) Picture
    I believe that each one of us has a musical voice and this sounds our emotions and helps us connect with each other. I feel that our health and wellbeing is nurtured by expressing our inner creativity through music. I hope to transfer my passion for flute and music to each one of my students...
  • Does mental practice help musicians or not? Editor's Pick

    Sirius Chau Flute Teacher (South West London) Picture
    I was introduced the idea of 'Mental Practice' when I got to music college. It is definitely a fabulous idea, not just because it saves much of your time when you might be sitting in the practice room but practising nothing, but it also prevents over-practising and therefore reduces the chance...
  • Useful Flute Links: Sheet Music, Magazines etc

    Alice Bancroft Flute Teacher (Sheffield) Picture
    Sheet Music You can buy sheet music and accessories in Sheffield. However, if you want something quickly that isn't available at local shops I recommend Jonathan Myall Music. They are flute specialists. If you phone in the morning and what you require is in stock it should come the next day....
  • Which beginner flute books are the best?

    Fiona Slominska Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture
    In my opinion, the best beginner book is Flute Basics by Sally Adams. It comes with a CD, a fingering chart, and a wide selection of tunes. It starts at absolute beginner level, and takes students up to about Grade 2.
  • Practising Scales Editor's Pick

    Octavia Bovey Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture
    When people listen to music, they do so because they enjoy it. The same should really apply to practicing music! Whether this is a piece, scales or a study, it is all music. Often people think of scales as being the most tedious or least enjoyable but this isn't the case. To put it simply,...
  • How to encourage your child to practise!

    Jemma Freestone Flute Teacher (South East London) Picture
    As a teacher, I love nothing more than when a student has gone home and really practised. This means, we can recap very quickly and move on to bigger and better things. And of course the better you get as a musician, the more interesting things get, and the better the music you are able to...
  • Performance Practice- Mozart Flute Concerto in D

    Jemma Freestone Flute Teacher (South East London) Picture
    Applied Performance Practice- Style and Context   Mozart Flute Concerto No. 2 in D major        Written during Mozart’s time in Mannheimbetween 30th October 1777 and 14th March 1778, his Flute Concerto No.2 in D major was part of a commission for the Dutch physician and amateur flautist...
  • Bible of the Flute - Moyse 24 Melodic Etudes

    Becky Yen-Huan Wang Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture
    From the basic techniques to high level interpretation To help the student develop expression in music as clearly as the study of the rules of grammar would enable him to write literature. These studies, particularly the 24, are set forth in order to establish the general laws of interpretation...
  • How to Improve Your Sight-Reading

    Chloe Bradshaw Flute Teacher (East London) Picture
    Sight-reading and aural skills are the two aspects of exam preparation that the people I've taught have been less familiar with. They're not taught as regularly as scales and repertoire, unfortunately.  It is of course absolutely possible to improve at both of these things with dedicated...

Flute Teachers

  • Rachel Flynn (Coghlan)

    Chloe Bradshaw Flute Teacher (East London) Picture
    You can play for fun or set yourself goals by taking exams. For younger pupils singing and games can be included to provide an enjoyable way of understanding the principles of...
  • Grant Irvine

    Chloe Bradshaw Flute Teacher (East London) Picture
    I am a friendly and experienced teacher. Whether you are looking to take up an instrument as a hobby, you wish to progress through the grade systems or are looking to learn an...
  • Ffion Dafis

    Chloe Bradshaw Flute Teacher (East London) Picture
    I am an experienced and professional saxophonist. I have performed in a range of diverse ensembles and am fluent in many genres such as classical, jazz, rock and folk.
  • Laura Piras

    Chloe Bradshaw Flute Teacher (East London) Picture
    I'm a flute teacher based in London with 15 years experience of teaching all ages & abilities. I also enjoy a busy freelance career performing modern & historical flutes.
  • Sarah Manship

    Chloe Bradshaw Flute Teacher (East London) Picture
    Flute and Piano teacher
  • Chris Hatton

    Chloe Bradshaw Flute Teacher (East London) Picture
    I am an enthusiastic and experienced music teacher based in both Hackney and Hornchurch. I offer relaxed lessons for beginners to advanced players of all ages. Lessons are...
  • Fiona Slominska

    Chloe Bradshaw Flute Teacher (East London) Picture
    Hello! I am a professional Flute/Piccolo/Alto Flute player who loves to teach whilst also playing with many different orchestras across the UK.
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  • Piano teacher London W8 (High St Ken) For 10yo grade2 ABRSM ideally £25/hr
  • Cello tutor Leek, Staffs Moorlands Beginner
  • Folk fiddle violin teacher Bramhall, Cheshire SK7 Musically competent adult beginner
  • Cello Teacher Doha, Qatar Self Employed with SIS-7 for £54,000 pa.
  • Blues/Rock Guitar Lessons Rayleigh or Internet Advanced
  • Piano Teacher Near Castle Cary (BA7) 15, Beginner, small theory (GCSE music)
  • Harp Teacher Cambridge or London Beginner
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