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The benefits of learning flute or recorder

Learning flute or recorder has many more benefits than meets the eye. I recommend younger children (from about 5... More »

Editor's Pick

An Examination Of Posture In Flute Playing

The following article is the intellectual property of Eleanor Nichol. Please do not reproduce without... More »

Fresh Articles

  • How to Improve Your Sight-Reading

    Chloe Bradshaw Flute Teacher (East London) Picture
    Sight-reading and aural skills are the two aspects of exam preparation that the people I've taught have been less familiar with. They're not taught as regularly as scales and repertoire, unfortunately.  It is of course absolutely possible to improve at both of these things with dedicated...
  • 'Funky Flute Book 1' by Heather Hammond

    Katherine Birtles Flute Teacher (South East London) Picture
    I have worked through Heather Hammond's book 'Funky Flute' with many primary aged pupils both in groups and in individual lessons, and have not come across a single complaint! The book is informative for the complete beginner and without a doubt, its key to success is the accompanying CD; use of...
  • Abracadabra, it's magic...

    Hannah Black Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture
    The first piece of flute music I ever came across at the age of 10 was Abracadabra Flute. Now today, as a flute teacher myself, I strongly encourage my beginner flautists to start with this book. This is evidence in itself that Abracadabra is still, today, one of the most useful resources for...
  • Recommended Flute Book

    Aimee Consiglia Flute Teacher (South West London) Picture
    Once a student has passed a certain level of understanding of music and has grasped a good flute technique, I would recommend an extraordinary book by Angela Stevens Floyd called 'The Gilbert Legacy'. This book tells both the history and biography of renowned English flautist Geoffrey Gilbert...
  • Teaching the Piccolo

    Marta Santamaria Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture
    Over the past few years I have been specializing on the piccolo not only because I am very passionate about it but also because I have realized that the piccolo has only been considered a secondary instrument and that its qualities and potential have been unfairly neglected. One of the primary...
  • Heuristic teaching method

    Xiaoqian Flute Teacher (Manchester) Picture
  • Beginners Flute

    Benjamin Copeman Flute Teacher (Southampton) Picture
    Common sense at an early stage will bear flute fruit in the long term. Semi-advanced flutists and their teachers lose many hours correcting bad habits that could have been avoided. After six months of playing, efficiency, comfort, pleasure and beauty should be principles close to heart. The...
  • Moyse Updated for Flute

    Matt Mockford Flute Teacher (Cardiff) Picture
    I recently brought Robert Winn's book Melodies for Developing Tone and Interpretation. It contains 133 beautiful tunes ranging from jazz to opera arias. The book encourages one to link the voice to playing, the first chapter being all about singing the tune first and then playing it, in order to...
  • Taffanel, Genius of the Flute

    Adel Sahnoun Flute Teacher (South East London) Picture
    This book by Edward Blakeman is full of intimate details about an era that has made such a revolution into flute playing. You will find in this book some delicate decisions that has been made during La Belle Epoque by Paul Taffanel that has impacted on the system of the Paris Conservatoire, the...
  • The Benefits of Improvisation for Young Musicians

    Siobhan Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture
    Improvisation was part of the course for musicians belonging to the Western classical tradition in centuries gone by, yet nowadays it is seen by many as belonging exclusively to the domain of jazz. It is often viewed as something scary and difficult, but it needn't be, especially if it is...

Flute Teachers

  • Clara Perez Sedano

    Siobhan Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture
    I am a Spanish freelance oboe player and teacher based in London since 2009. I play orchestral and chamber music and also have experience collaborating with some pop musicians.
  • Cat Grocott

    Siobhan Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture
    I love teaching and am willing to work with anyone, even if you think you don't have a musical bone in your body!
  • Catherine Gunnett

    Siobhan Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture
    Welcome to my page and thank you for your interest.
  • Grant Irvine

    Siobhan Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture
    I am a friendly and experienced teacher. Whether you are looking to take up an instrument as a hobby, you wish to progress through the grade systems or are looking to learn an...
  • Marguerite McMullin

    Siobhan Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture
    I am very thorough in my teaching and always aim to make each lesson fresh and enjoyable. I am very patient and tailor my lessons to the individuals aims and objectives.
  • Dave J Ford

    Siobhan Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture
    ‘What’s your favourite band’ is one of my first questions. We listen to something & work out a rif, or chord sequence, for you to play. Your practice involves you...
  • Jenny Bond

    Siobhan Flute Teacher (North West London) Picture
    I am passionate about both music and teaching. I use a supportive, friendly and creative approach to guide my pupils to becoming confident musicians and flautists.
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