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Key Stage 3 Science

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An Unusual Scientist

My favorite historical character is Benjamin Franklin – one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of... More »
Key Stage 3 Science

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KS1/2/3 Chemistry Experiments

KS1/2/3 experiments Below are lists of just a few simple experiments that can be carried out at home and in a... More »

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  • Improving Interest in Science Improves Grades!

    Key Stage 3 Science Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture
    In my experience as a teacher, it is the students that show the most outside interest in science who obtain the highest grades in exams. The key to raising interest in science lies with both the inspiration from the classroom teacher and the support that the student gets at home. One of the...
  • Energy Resources Revision

    Key Stage 3 Science Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture
    This is a worksheet that I gave to a high ability Year 7 class for revision before a test. I have many worksheets that may help students and teachers. Please feel free to contact me if I can help. Energy Resources Quiz 1) Solar power is a ______ energy resource a) redeemable ...

Key Stage 3 Science Tutors

  • Jeel Shah

    Key Stage 3 Science Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture
    I am 21 years old, I teach because I enjoy it and I love teaching. Tutoring is my passion along with many other aspects of life which include trading, investing, public...
  • Alexandra Beeley

    Key Stage 3 Science Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture
    I believe that every child's natural state is to love learning and I see it as my job and personal mission to create that experience for all of my students. This involves...
  • Dr. Alison Hennessy

    Key Stage 3 Science Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture
    As an experienced Chemistry teacher and tutor, I use a variety of teaching techniques to appeal to every type of learner.
  • Xanthi Barker

    Key Stage 3 Science Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture
    I operate on the premise that an engaged, entertained student is most able to concentrate and most open to learning new ideas. Lessons should be fun, focused and illuminating.
  • Ágnes

    Key Stage 3 Science Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture
    I am a qualified Biology, English and EFL teacher with more than eight years teaching experience gained in mainstream education and as a private tutor. I am a friendly,...
  • James Caturani

    Key Stage 3 Science Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture
    With all my tutees, I aim to identify both their strengths and weaknesses. It's important to nurture their confidence in the subject and build on that, preventing any blocks...
  • Alan Evans

    Key Stage 3 Science Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture
    I am an experienced classroom teacher working as a full-time tutor. Please note that currently my evening and weekend schedule is full so I can only offer tuition in the...
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