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Brass Listening: From Beginner To Pro

One of the most important aspects of being a musician, no matter whether you are a beginner or a...

Editor's Pick

A Brief History of the Trombone

The Trombone is an instrument with a long and complex history. It has developed from origins...

Choosing a Teacher

If you are arranging a lesson for yourself or for a child It's good to talk! Don't be shy in...

Recommended Material For Trombone Technique

Through my experience of improving both my student's and my own technique, the following three...

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  • James Atashroo Central Sheffield, S10 Silver Member

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    My name is James Atashroo, I am a freelance brass musician and teacher based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
  • Paul Taylor Rotherhithe, SE16

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    Improvisers have more fun.
  • Avelia Moisey Wing, LU7

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    Hi - I am a professional trumpet player with many years' teaching experience. I am happy to help students work towards exams, or just learn to play for fun.
  • Edward Horsey Seven Sisters, N15 Gold Member

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    If you're just starting out, an advanced player working towards grade exams or just want to get back into playing again then do not hesitate to get in touch.
  • Fiona Bassett Brass Tutor Cathays, CF24 Silver Member

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    A 1st-class graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music, now furthering my studies with a Masters at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. I am an experienced freelance French horn player looking for teaching in Cardiff.
  • Gabriel Dias Streatham, SW16 Gold Member

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    Hi, If you would like to learn trumpet, cornet, trombone, french horn or to take part in a brass ensemble formed of brass students please take a further look at my profile. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Gabriel
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  • A Brief History of the Trombone Editor's Pick

    John Caddick Trombone Teacher (North London) Picture The Trombone is an instrument with a long and complex history. It has developed from origins mainly of ceremonial and religious purposes into a mainstay of many ensembles and genres whilst also having a thriving solo repertoire. It is widely believed that the origins of the trombone date back...
  • Trombone Chamber Music

    Paul Exton-McGuinness Trombone Teacher (Stockport) Picture The trombone is used in many different ensembles from brass bands, wind bands and orchestras. Often, the music you play in these groups can contain lots and lots of bars rest. For example, Brahms Symphony No.1 the first trombone note is in the fourth movement of the whole piece. In these...
  • Choosing a Teacher

    Katherine Hart Trombone Teacher (East London) Picture If you are arranging a lesson for yourself or for a child It's good to talk! Don't be shy in asking any question, after all if you or your child are really going to enjoy these lessons you have to be comfortable with your teacher and have fun whilst learning. don't be afraid to ask any...


  • Being a young freelancer in Manchester

    Daniel Mitchell Trombone Teacher (Manchester) Picture In my final year at RNCM, I was successful in gaining places on the extra lists for both the Halle and BBC Philharmonic Orchestras, and gigging with semi-professional groups on a fairly regular basis. I assumed this would simply continue after graduating, however I soon learned that I would have...
  • Trombone Warmup Ideas

    Gordon MacLachlan Trombone Teacher (Harrow) Picture At the end of the day (but usually earlier in the day) you only need to warm up for as long as it takes for you to get everything in your playing to work. Playing can be broken down into small segments and logically planned out for a warm up as follows; Breathing - Exercises to expand lung...
  • Why Breathing Is The Key!

    Trombone Teacher (East Central London) Picture As a teacher, there is one piece of advise above all else that I have found dramatically increases a students ability more than anything else. When playing brass instruments we need to take a full breath in, without raising the shoulders or causing any tension in the body. It should be the most...