Useful Textbooks for A Level Chemistry

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Subject: Chemistry » A-level Chemistry
Last updated: 02/08/2016
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There are many wonderful chemistry textbooks, although for my students I would recommend:

  1. John McMurry ‘Chemistry. This is a very well organised textbook, which maintains students' interest across all chapters because of the well-written text, perfect illustrations and hundreds of original problems. However, the section on organic chemistry does not cover enough topics for A level chemistry.
  2. Peter Atkins and Loretta Jones ‘Chemical Principles’. This textbook is divided into two sections: fundamentals and advanced chemistry. Therefore, it comes in very useful for those students who want to revise the background and context of chemistry and at the same time expand their knowledge beyond A level Chemistry.
  3. Paula Y. Bruice ‘Organic Chemistry’. The best textbook to study organic chemistry!


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