Coping with ADD/ADHD, diagnosed or suspected

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Subject: ADD/ ADHD
Last updated: 22/04/2014
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When I was growing up, concentrating on things was always difficult. It made me disruptive to other students and it made me look lazy, as it's hard to motivate yourself to work when you know you won't be able to keep your focus for more than a few minutes. I was distracted by everything. A subtle breeze, changes in light, any sound, any movement. I was distracted even when I didn't know I was distracted, my parents and friends would look up to see me gazing out the window at nothing and I didn't even realise I'd stopped working, it wasn't conscious. 

As an adult, these problems have changed, but not lessened. At home I had a structure, and a pair of *very* strict parents to force me to do the work that I would've otherwise left untouched. The main reason I did well in exams was due to the fear that I felt each evening of letting down my parents, which gave me the adrenaline to be able to do the work I was meant to be doing that day the hour before they came home. As an adult, that pressure has disappeared and my structure that allowed my easily-distracted brain to excel dissolved. This year I was finally diagnosed with ADD/ADHD (combined type), which means I am now receiving treatment and help for it. 

Given I know how it feels to have this problem, I feel I am in a very good position to tutor and help along any child, teenager or adult with concentration problems, with or without a formal diagnosis of ADHD. I have some coping mechanisms of my own and have been taught some over the years. I would very much encourage anyone who wishes to be tutored in any of my subjects with any attention deficit problems to contact me as part of the battle in having concentration problems is convincing the people around you that you're not just hyper or lazy or bored, it's a genuine issue and having that constantly denied is very frustrating. I understand that better than most and feel I would be an ideal tutor in those circumstances. 

Please consider me if you wish to be tutored and have any problems with concentration whatsoever, and hopefully I will be able to help you :). 


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