Things to Remember When You See Your Paper!

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Subject: Science » GCSE Science
Last updated: 31/01/2016
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Whenever an important test or exam is looming, my students worry about just how much they know.

They write 'Done' on their revision timetables, nag friends and family to test them and peer at flash cards whenever they have a spare moment!

But whatever level you are being tested in,after all that preperation, there are a few things that you can do when you actually get the dreaded paper in front of you!

They will to help you to focus and most importantly, write the answer that the examiner wants.

When you see the first question:   

1) Take a few deep breaths!

Extra oxygen will help your brain cells to respire and give you an energy boost. It also will calm you down.

2) Read your question and underline the key words.

So many times my students will proudly present me with an answer they have done and I cannot give them any marks!

They have a written sound, good answer BUT it has failed to answer the actual question set, because they have quickly scanned it for key words and steamed ahead without thinking properly!

Look at what information the examiner is giving you as it will help you to decide what to include (or leave out!) in your answer.

3) Take a minute to write what you can remember about the topic.

If you read a question describing an experiment with plants and lamps, it is most likely to do with photosynthesis.

Take a moment (actually about 30 seconds!) to write out the equation for this process - it will calm you down (again!) and give you confidence. Also you will probably be asked to give some information about the equation, and when you get to that, you can just read it back!

4) How many marks are you going to get for the answer?

I always say to my students that if the examiner is only giving you 1 mark, don't waste your valuble time and give them too much in the answer!

But if they are giving you 2 or more marks they deserve a little more!

I suggest that you make the same number of bullet points as marks in a space on the paper - you need to give that many facts, suggestions or key words to get full marks. It helps you to not overwrite and again, makes you focus on key points.

If you have revised and understand your stuff, these should help you to have an easier, less stressful exam.

And remember - that test/exam will soon be over - but make sure you give yourself the best chance you can at success!!!

Bella Rocca A-level Biology Tutor (West London)

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With my enthusiasm and experience, pupils enjoy their own learning in our sessions. This increases both their confidence and knowledge, leading to greater success in both class and exams.

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