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Subject: Key Stage 3 Science
Last updated: 20/04/2008
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Key Stage 3 Science

We are fast approaching the SAT exams and I am sure you are all studying hard and not panicking at all!


Just a few tips for the build up that I recommend to my classes:

  • Read over your notes and make concise ones, postcards are particularly good for this;
  • Read over your postcards and either throw them away when you are happy with them, or try summarizing 4 onto 1;
  • Tackle as many past papers and questions as possible, hassle your teachers to give you as many as possible!  Past papers will highlight what you do not know. So go back and learn it!
  • On the morning of the exam, eat a banana! The slow release of sugar will keep your brain ticking over nicely until lunchtime.


Good luck!


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