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11+ exam

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Five Authors to Engage Reluctant Readers

“Miss Williamson, I really don’t think I can feign interest in the life and times of Greg...
11+ exam

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The Eleven Plus: Believe and have faith!

As an English specialist I am asked again and again by parents to answer this one query after my...
11+ exam

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Mind Maps

You should start with the name of the text in the centre of a large sheet of paper and around...
11+ exam

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How To Be Outstanding at the 11+

Getting to grips with the 11 plus can be a difficult task. I hope this article will help to...

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    Camilla Otaki at Otaki Tuition 11+ exam Tutor (Rochester) Picture               A good rule of thumb is to begin sentences in different ways.  If children do this they will, willy-nilly, use a variety of sentence structures and avoid dullness in their writing. To help children learn to do this, provide them with the start of a sentence that they must...
  • 11+ Basics

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture 11+ Basics The Eleven Plus Process ! Places at Top Grammar Schools have now been seen as the Holy Grail of many parents. My sincere advice is to start the process early. Definitely by the start of Year 4 the process should begin. There are a set of disciplines that need to be thoroughly mastered...
  • 11+ Costs

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture 11+ Costs ! The Eleven Plus Process - The Costs Parents serious about Eleven Plus success take the time to sit down and think about the costs involved. If successful there is a lot of money to be saved in the long run. The formula that I have personally used to get good results involved two...


  • Henrietta Barnett Success !

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture Some schools are seen as The Holy Grail of the Grammar School System. Having had multiple successes with getting students into QE Boys',  I thought it appropriate to try my hand at getting a student into the Girl's equivalent. Henrietta Barnett ! This is a tough nut to crack for most tutors...
  • Remember !

    Rob Folkard 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture How to remember ! Revise it after one hour You will remember it for one day.  Revise it again after one day You will remember it for one week Revise it again after one week You will remember it for the next month Revise it again after one month You should remember it for a year If you revise it...
  • 10 Tips For Maths Prep For the 11+

    Meenal 11+ exam Tutor (Colchester) Picture Eleven plus exams can be daunting. It is not enough to pass the exams but it is important to be in the top percentile to be successful. And it is intensely competitive. That is why a systematic and thorough preparation is important. Here are my top tips for the Maths preparation: 1. The...