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11+ exam

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Questioning to Extend Student Thinking

How long do you think the average adult waits for an answer to a question? In the majority of...
11+ exam

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The Eleven Plus: Believe and have faith!

As an English specialist I am asked again and again by parents to answer this one query after my...
11+ exam

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Developing Thinking in Mathematics

I would like to point you in the direction of three books that I return to over and over again...
11+ exam

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A personal message of reality at a stressful time

Are you a parent worried about the education of your primary aged child? A small word of advice...

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  • The best time to start tuition

    Laura Pasternack 11+ exam Tutor (West London) Picture So your child's teacher has finally admitted that your child is under average. Or you suspect that your child is struggling. Or you're struggling with your own degree or professional qualification. Or you hated school and you want to start a new chapter in your life. Or there's an important exam...
  • Explaining 11+ Exam Preparations

    Rashida Kapadia 11+ exam Tutor (Watford) Picture 11+ preparations can be very intensive and time consuming and, I have learnt that a one-to-one bespoke approach is much more beneficial than trying to tackle it on your own. This is because tutors can give dedicated focus, help the child to problem solve, reason and encourage them to apply those...
  • Verbal Reasoning for the CEM 11+ Syllabus

    A.F. Alam 11+ exam Tutor (Ilford) Picture A great way of learning difficult new vocabulary is through context; which helps improve creative writing and comprehension skills. This resource pack contains vocabulary to encourage Year 5 (aged 10-11+) students to infer the meaning of new words from the context of the given sentence. This...


  • How I tutor - Sensible Tuition

    Graham James 11+ exam Tutor (South West London) Picture I tend to have a detailed conversation with the client before any lessons start. If you know the starting point, you know the journey needed to prepare effectively for the target school place(s). The process is the same regardless of whether you are tutoring for the 11+, 7+ or 13+ exam. I'll...
  • A Personal and Tailored Approach to Teaching Editor's Pick

    Eleanor Janes 11+ exam Tutor (Tonbridge) Picture An important  aspect of my approach to teaching is that every lesson should be tailored to the individual. I believe a pupil will only achieve their full potential as long as their tutor invests a considerable amount of time in planning and designing a series of lessons which will help the...
  • Three Common 11+ Myths Editor's Pick

    Hettie 11+ exam Tutor (Exeter) Picture As the 11 plus will often be the first academic exam children sit, some tutees have falsely held beliefs about the test and how to tackle it. Myth 1 "I've answered the last 5 questions as ‘A’ from the multiple choice options, therefore the next one cannot be another ‘A’." Children will often...