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11+ exam

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Discipline - An Inside Job

Discipline—having once been a teen myself (way back in the far reaches of my mind, something...
11+ exam

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Tips for Your First Session with a New Tutor

What to Expect:The first session should begin with at least a 15 minute conversation between...
11+ exam

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How Intelligent Are You? How Are You Intelligent?

How intelligent are you? Let’s find out. Take a few exams in maths, english, and science. We’ll...
11+ exam

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Three Common 11+ Myths

As the 11 plus will often be the first academic exam children sit, some tutees have falsely held...

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  • A Personal and Tailored Approach to Teaching Editor's Pick

    Eleanor Janes 11+ exam Tutor (Tonbridge) Picture An important  aspect of my approach to teaching is that every lesson should be tailored to the individual. I believe a pupil will only achieve their full potential as long as their tutor invests a considerable amount of time in planning and designing a series of lessons which will help the...
  • Three Common 11+ Myths Editor's Pick

    Hettie 11+ exam Tutor (Exeter) Picture As the 11 plus will often be the first academic exam children sit, some tutees have falsely held beliefs about the test and how to tackle it. Myth 1 "I've answered the last 5 questions as ‘A’ from the multiple choice options, therefore the next one cannot be another ‘A’." Children will often...
  • Compound Words For The 11+

    Ambitious Learning 11+ exam Tutor (Bromley) Picture In English, words (particularly adjectives and nouns), are combined into compound structures in a variety of ways. Compound words are very important for 11+ exams as they are included in the Verbal English tests. Children doing the 11+ should know what compound words are and how they are used....


  • Is Your Child Ready For The 11+?

    Ms Jemini Patel 11+ exam Tutor (Harrow) Picture Is your child ready to sit their 11plus/transfer test/ISEB Exam? You might be even more nervous than they are and it is perfectly fine to be. You have spent time supporting your child to prepare them for the exams on top of school work, work commitments etc so WELL DONE!! Here are a few fun...
  • Reading List For The 11+ Exam

    Laura Marshall 11+ exam Tutor (North West London) Picture Reading for pleasure is one of the best ways for children to improve their vocabulary. However, it's not always easy to find the perfect book to read next. Here is my recommended list of titles to read when preparing for the 11+ in Year 6: Alex Shearer, 'Speed of the Dark'A surreal and...
  • So how do I go about tutoring online ?

    Michael M. 11+ exam Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Over the last few years I have developed strategies, including Skype (and Zoom), to carry out tuition online, so that I can share my knowledge and enthusiasm with a wider range of students who would benefit from my help. For your FREE online discussion of how I teach online, and to see it in...