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A-level Accounting

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Succeeding in Accounting Exams

The examination is the final chance that you will have to prove to yourself (and others) how...
A-level Accounting

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Competition Policy

Explaining the Rationale for Competition Policy. How might the effectiveness of such policies be...
A-level Accounting

Why A-level Accounting is not popular in London

Accounting is a very popular and rewarding profession today. Professionals prepare for...
A-level Accounting

Accounting Basics

Basics To understanding the basics of accounting, one must come to terms with the double entry;...

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  • Bicky Central Westminster, SW1A Gold Member

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    I am patient and committed to my students. I firmly believe in assessing the student's understanding on a particular subject, level of competence and then hitting the high notes, giving top priority to exam techniques, question bank and past papers.
  • Kamal G West Drayton, UB7 Gold Member

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    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    I am a highly qualified Tutor, with 2 Bachelors degrees, MBA and ACCA Fully Qualified. I am an expert in Strategy, Business, Accounting and Finance.
  • Nitisha Burnwal Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 Gold Member

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    from £45.00/hr View Profile
    I am a Chartered Accountant and I have got 6 years of work experience in MNC companies like HSBC and Ernst & Young (Big 4). Currently, I have been working as a Professional tutor for Accounting for A-Level, Bachelor Degree, ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW and AAT.
  • Ash Haleem Thornton Heath, CR7 Gold Member

    Ash Haleem Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am friendly, approachable and an enthusiastic teacher. I have over eight years of teaching experience with over 90% success rate. I am proud to work for five of the London's most prestigious private tutoring agencies. References can be provided.
  • Nyasha Madavo Caterham, CR3 Gold Member

    Nyasha Madavo Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I help students to learn in a way that is tailored to their interests within a particular subject. A Cambridge graduate, I have degrees in Economics and mathematical Computer Science. I have professional experience in Finance.
  • Moses Devaruban Smethwick, B67

    Moses Devaruban Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    A CIMA Qualified Accountant & Business Executive with proven skills and 15 years of experience in Accounting & Book keeping Teaching & Tutoring, Computing and Business Consultancy.
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  • Why A-level Accounting is not popular in London

    Dilukshan A-level Accounting Tutor (Harrow) Picture Accounting is a very popular and rewarding profession today. Professionals prepare for accounting exams and get trained in accounting firms to pursue an exciting and challenging career. But interestingly most students generally only get their first taste of accounting at university and later on...
  • How to Master Double Entry Concept

    Bicky A-level Accounting Tutor (South West London) Picture Debits and credits make up financial accounting. Conventionally speaking!   Debits and Credits are like + & -. There are can’t be two pluses or two minuses. One has to be a plus and one has to be a minus to complete the equation.    There is a common misconception, whenever there is a...
  • Exams are over- Results are out - BUT what Next ?

    Moses Devaruban A-level Accounting Tutor (Birmingham) Picture THE EXAMS ARE OVER: RESULTS ARE OUT -BUT WHAT NEXT??? After the exam most students experience a feeling of relief, and think all the things that they can get done in the six to eight weeks before the exam results come out. Some will say they would like to get the results more quickly, to get...


  • Accountants and The Current UK Economy

    A-level Accounting Tutor (Sutton) Picture From my personal perspective, currently there are various factors that are contributing as key challenges for the UK economy. Recently, the EU referendum has had a significant impact to the economy, which was displayed on the market where the value of the Pound dropped dramatically compared to...
  • Accounting Basics

    Bob Sofat A-level Accounting Tutor (Ilford) Picture Basics To understanding the basics of accounting, one must come to terms with the double entry; the debits and the credits. In simple terms, DEBIT in accounting means IN, and CREDIT means OUT. For example, if a business buys a van, paying by cheque, then the accounting entry would be DEBIT:...
  • Keynes' Three Motives for Holding Money

    A-level Accounting Tutor (Birmingham) Picture Fischer’s QTM and Keynes’s liquidity preference theory (LPT) We start with Fischer’s QTM- this is based on how the nominal value of aggregate income is determined In this theory, interest rates have no effect on the demand for money. In fact, Fischer wanted to find the link between money supply...