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  • Louisag Kew, TW9 Gold Member

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    I cоаch specific techniques, short cuts and tips which enable students to gain competitive аdvаntаges.
  • Henry Pelham Chelsea, SW10 Silver Member

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    I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Chinese with Japanese. I then taught Chinese and French full-time at a secondary school in London for 18 months. Since then, I have been tutoring full-time.
  • Yan Simmons Central Worcester, WR5 Gold Member

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    I am a native Mandarin speaker, I am committed to giving quality teaching to my students, supporting them in reaching their full potential and increasing their confidence. I am very friendly as well as professional.
  • zhiying Heathrow, UB7 Silver Member

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    I am an experienced maths teacher. I have been teaching Maths, 11+ including maths, VR and NVR and Mandarin (native speaker) for over five years. I have master degree in Msc Finance and Accounting.
  • Huang Ai Hong Brentford, W5

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    If you are learning Chinese at school, I can help you to improve your speaking/writing skills or if you are planning a holiday or a business trip to China I can teach you a very easy way to learn a basic Chinese conversational skills
  • Ning Chen Bitterne, SO18 Gold Member

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    Do you wish to master Chinese in the quickest possible time? As a highly qualified and professional native-Chinese speaking tutor, I'll show you how!
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A-level Chinese Articles

There are currently no A-level Chinese articles.

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