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A-level Drama

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What Drama Can Teach Us About Ourselves

There is a school of thought that says that teaching Drama and the Performing Arts helps to...
A-level Drama

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Why choose A Level Drama & Theatre Studies?

Many parents are very concerned when their child wishes to take A Level Drama or Theatre Studies...
A-level Drama

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Drama Beyond Exams

Aged 13, I was lucky enough to have a drama teacher who had spent 13 years as an actor in the...
A-level Drama

Essay Writing Tips Theatre Studies AS Level

Essay Tips   ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: AO1: Demonstrate the application of performance AO2:...

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  • Navigating the theatre industry! Editor's Pick

    A-level Drama Tutor (North London) Picture Finding your way through the maze of the theatre industry nowadays can be daunting. There are so many people wanting their name in lights, especially in London, that it is easy to give up before you even start.  I have now been in the 'industry' for 3 years, since I graduated from East 15...
  • What Drama Can Teach Us About Ourselves Editor's Pick

    Colin Austin A-level Drama Tutor (Torquay) Picture There is a school of thought that says that teaching Drama and the Performing Arts helps to instill self-confidence in a learner. As someone who has worked in the performing arts for many years, and as a teacher of the same for two decades, I can say - with confidence - that this is hog-wash....
  • Shakespeare - Stuffy, old, irrelevant rubbish?

    Stephanie Potschke A-level Drama Tutor (North West London) Picture “Shakespeare” seems to be, for many, a word that fills them with dread: and I get it. The language of his works can seem so alien and unfamiliar that by the end of the speech you’ve no idea what was actually said. The plots seem overly complicated, and it’s easy to lose track of who did what to...


  • A-level Drama curriculum

    Leigh Stevenson A-level Drama Tutor (North West London) Picture The study of A-level Drama includes: Study of Theatre practitioners (Brecht, Artaud, Stanislavski); Practical application of their work; Text Study; Essay writing practice and marking; Scene and Play Study; Live performance analysis; Devised performance direction / advice.    
  • Research project for creative writing and drama Editor's Pick

    A-level Drama Tutor (South West London) Picture From the production programme of the new theatre play called Muscovado, that I commissioned, developed and directed in 2013-2014. 18 months ago my Great Aunt showed me a box of papers that were the remains of her family’s life in Barbados. Here was a collection of memories from the 1600s, when...
  • Performing Art Books

    A-level Drama Tutor (West Central London) Picture Here are some fantastic performing arts books that I would recommend: Chaplin. Alison. Drama 5 to 7 (1991) Scholastic Workshop.Colson. Greta (1987) (ed.3) Voice Production and Speech. Pitman Publishing.Carey. David, and Carey. Rebecca Clark. (2008) Vocal Arts Workbook and DVD. Methuen...