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directing Lyistrata, or, at least, trying to

Setting ? Let's go for 1963 Mod and Rockers. How about the Cuban Missile Crisis? 'Cuban what?'...

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  • Colin Austin Ipplepen, TQ12 Gold Member

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    I worked as a theatre & creative arts professional for many years before qualifying as a teacher. I believe that a basic grounding in communication and creative thinking techniques and strategies holds well in all situations. I offer these to all.
  • Pete Goodland Central Sheffield, S4 Gold Member

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    Exams are now in full swing. I know all your endeavours will pay dividends. Remember: Accentuate the positive - a Uni place awaits and cocktails are sure to follow. Meanwhile..a little more IELTS and a spot of proofreading over my morning coffee.
  • Amanda Jayne Oakwood, DE21 Gold Member

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    As a voice coach, actor and examiner with over 20 years teaching experience I believe that every student deserves the highest quality education with dedication to personal tuition to encourage the best results.
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  • directing Lyistrata, or, at least, trying to

    Pete Goodland A-level Expressive Arts Tutor (Sheffield) Picture Setting ? Let's go for 1963 Mod and Rockers. How about the Cuban Missile Crisis? 'Cuban what?' replied one ( Rosey wasn't studying history ). The bloke that's just died, retorted Ali. Oh, him with the cigar, shouted Jake. Guys, let's cut to the chase, I say. What about the show? The show,...

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