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A-level Politics

An assessment of President Obama

President Obama is coming to the end of his second term in office as the 143rd president of the...
A-level Politics

A2 Sociology: Durkheim's view of Crime

Functionalism: Durkheimian views on Crime Durkheim is viewed as the founder of Functionalist...
A-level Politics

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How to ace the AS Edexcel Unit 2 exam in Politics

How to ace the Edexcel AS Unit 2 exam Tips on answering long answer...
A-level Politics

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Six very useful websites for politics students

For students of British politics: Comment is Free The...

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  • Pete Goodland Central Sheffield, S4 Gold Member

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    Deck the Herald Angels. Snow and frost and quiet reflection of the Year past. My 6th Formers are an utter delight and the smaller ones aren't so bad either. So to 2018, academic success and an odd win for the Owls. A Happy Noel and NY to one and all.
  • Bob Adey Angel, N1 Gold Member

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    I have over 30 years experience of getting the best from students, building their confidence and developing their skills. I'm able to make information clear and understandable, and give a lot of emphasis to essay writing and exam technique.
  • Jeff Bragg Benhilton, SM1 Gold Member

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    I am a fully-qualified professional teacher with almost 30 years of classroom and one-to-one experience. I regard myself as a friendly and approachable tutor, as well as honest and conscientious, and am able to communicate with students of all ages.
  • Dr Kiran Kamat Northfields, W5 Gold Member

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    I believe that good teaching and learning is based upon: 1) developing understanding of subject matter through critical thinking and enquiry 2) developing self-belief, self-confidence and self-expression 3) combining the above with independent study.
  • Calum Proctor Brixton, SE5 Gold Member

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    I have an exceptional academic record, including a double first in PPE from Oxford. I thoroughly prepare each lesson to meet your child's specific needs. I can be contacted throughout the week for additional support. Our first lesson is half price.
  • P L Expert Tutorial Harrow on the Hill, HA1 Gold Member

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    Expert A level, GCSE, Entrance Exam and SLN/SEN/ADD/ADHD/Dyslexia Professional Tutor with many years of teaching experience who guides students to achieve their academic excellence. Insured, enthusiastic, qualified expert professional Tutor 😊
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  • My top three reasons to study A-level Politics

    A-level Politics Tutor (North West London) Picture So, you`re thinking of studying A-level Government and Politics but you are still wavering, why? Here are my top three reasons to choose this subject to study, if you have or have not considered it as an option. 1) It is expensive to not have an understanding of how the world works. Ask any...
  • An assessment of President Obama

    John Lewis A-level Politics Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture President Obama is coming to the end of his second term in office as the 143rd president of the United States. The 22nd Amendment of 1951 specifically disallows the president from standing again for election. Whether Hillary Clinton becomes the new president or Donald Trump in the November...
  • Book Review: Understanding the European Union

    A-level Politics Tutor (Reading) Picture Book Review: Understanding the European Union - A Concise Introduction (John McCormick) This book is excellent for Edexcel A2 Unit 4A - Key Themes in Political Analysis - European Union There is no up-to-date McNaughton book for this topic and it can seem confusing for even the best Politics...


  • Election 2015

    A-level Politics Tutor (Brighton) Picture Check out the BBC 'manifesto watch' page. It's great for a summary of party values and policies.
  • Election pundits

    A-level Politics Tutor (North West London) Picture With a plethora of pundits all proffering views on the outcome of the election in May - assessing polls, turnout, and potential post election deals between parties - it can be confusing which analyst provides the deepest reading of the implications of the election. Yet Janan Ganesh at the...
  • How to write a history essay - checklist Editor's Pick

    A-level Politics Tutor (North London) Picture The essay's due in tomorrow. Your computer screen is empty. Panic stations. Ok, doing essays at the last minute is not the best way to get top marks. But this crisis might also be an opportunity: a chance to practise writing essays under pressure - which is just what you'll be doing in your...