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A-level Russian

Getting ready for your A-Level in Russian

“First love” (written by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev) is a possible novella to study for your...
A-level Russian

Gogol's 'The Overcoat'

Drawing on specific examples from Shinel’, discuss the most characteristic features of...
A-level Russian

A Must-Read!

I recommend: Teach Yourself World Cultures: Russia It gives you a basic overview of russia,...
A-level Russian

10 Reasons to Learn Russian

10 Reasons to Learn Russian You may need to say as clearly as possible in Russian: "Thank you,...

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  • Elina Goldfarb Higher Blackley, M25 Gold Member

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    If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to develop your talents and gain more confidence in doing anything that you are passionate about, use it NOW while you still can and have time for it. Don't let anyone/anything stop you.
  • Julija Guste Brentford, W4 Gold Member

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    My name is Julija and I am a qualified linguist and a professional Russian language tutor. I offer high quality one-to-one tuition for children and adults and I am ready to tailor the lessons to students' needs.
  • Svetlana Furlong Virginia Water, GU25 Gold Member

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    I am an experienced tutor, having graduated in Moscow ; taught in both Russia and the UK in schools; have been involved in private tuition both face to face and on line via Skype. I co-wrote a book called "Talk Russian" for the BBC.
  • Anastassia Shipley, BD18

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    Hello! I am a native speaker of Russian based in West Yorkshire. Passionate about education and teaching. Fully qualified.
  • Zara Remnant Spalding, PE11 Gold Member

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    Learn Russian or English with the native Russian Teacher one-to-one or via Skype!
  • Maria Rumney Great Malvern, WR14

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    Hello, I will be happy to teach you Russian. My lessons are taylored to my students' needs and standards and I can recommend you the textbook which will ideally suit your demands.
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  • Getting ready for your A-Level in Russian

    Olga Hornett A-level Russian Tutor (Watford) Picture “First love” (written by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev) is a possible novella to study for your Russian exam if the topic of your choice is “Literature and art”. This short novel is very interesting to read; additionally, you can find the audio-book on the Internet and listen to the...
  • A few facts about Russian letter Ё ё

    A-level Russian Tutor (Nottingham) Picture Is it Лёв [lyov] or Лев [lev] Толстой (Leo Tolstoy)? It is actually Лёв [yo] with ё, so it should be ЛёвТолстой. The writer himself pronounced his name as [lyov] with ё according to old-Moscow pronunciation.  His family and friends also called him Лёв...
  • The Russians don't smile. Why?

    A-level Russian Tutor (Nottingham) Picture A lot of people coming to Russia notice that Russian people don’t smile very much. “Why do you, Russians, always look so unhappy-miserable-glum?”   If we don’t smile at everyone it doesn't mean that we’re unhappy, sad or...rude. It’s just the way we are...learn more  


  • "How long will it take me to learn Russian?"

    A-level Russian Tutor (Nottingham) Picture "How long will it take me to learn the Russian language?" I hear that question almost every time when I meet a new student. And it’s very difficult almost impossible to answer it straight away, I personally never give any guarantees.  I don’t think it is even possible to promise somebody...
  • Melody and Memory in Music and Language-Learning

    A-level Russian Tutor (Chelmsford) Picture   I’ve often been struck by the way that listening to music can evoke memories, and how learning songs in a foreign language can greatly aid the language-learning process. Hearing a melody can evoke a place, time, climate, and mood as vividly as reading a description of something, seeing a...
  • Gogol's 'The Overcoat'

    A-level Russian Tutor (North West London) Picture Drawing on specific examples from Shinel’, discuss the most characteristic features of Gogol’s style. Nabokov said that ‘The Overcoat’  could be summed up in this way: “mumble, mumble, lyrical wave, mumble, lyrical wave, mumble, lyrical wave, mumble, fantastic climax, mumble, mumble...