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The V&A Museum: a great place for inspiration

When in need of creative inspiration and ideas, I am often drawn to South Kensington to explore...
Art and Design

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Sketching quickly and accurately

The value of being able to sketch accurrately Sketching what we see is a fine art and skill. It...
Art and Design

The Benefits Of Art For Children

Art is an invaluable practice with the potential to benefit people of all ages. I am especially...
Art and Design

Art exams and exhibitions

A very short list of some artists that you might not know much about that may help you to choose...

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  • Nick Selensky Central Ipswich, IP4 Gold Member

    Nick Selensky Picture
    from £15.00/hr View Profile
    Art & Design teacher. Specialising in Calligraphy and Web Design.
  • Ray French Southall, UB1 Silver Member

    Ray French Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I have over 25 years experience working within the fashion industry on many levels, and now i am passing on my knowledge & skills to help others
  • Fotis Rese Central Westminster, W1J Gold Member

    Fotis Rese Picture
    from £80.00/hr View Profile
    I am a visiting University lecturer and a professional architect with experience in a number of architectural companies in London and abroad. I have taught to a large number of successful students so far in universities and privately.
  • Peter J Mayes Holt and Staverton, BA14 Gold Member

    Peter J Mayes Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    It is my belief that 'anyone can draw'. My desire is to help challenge the self limiting believe that many have; that they can't.
  • Eva Megias Central London, WC2H Gold Member

    Eva Megias Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I teach Photoshop, Photography, InDesign, Illustrator, Social Media, Spanish and Chess to professional, art students or amateurs people who would like to improve their work and portfolio or enjoy their hobby.
  • Zangmo Alexander Rickinghall, IP22 Gold Member

    Zangmo Alexander Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    A qualified and very experienced Art Teacher, Artist, Creativity Coach and Mindfulness Teacher, I offer highly personalised, encouraging, supportive, one-to-one Art Tuition, Creativity Coaching and Mindfulness Coaching for young people and adults.
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  • The Benefits Of Art For Children

    Stephen Knibbs Art and Design Teacher (East London) Picture Art is an invaluable practice with the potential to benefit people of all ages. I am especially interested in the positive effect that it can have on young children's learning abilities. Art is not just a useful tool for improving a child's creativity, it can also aid in the development of key...
  • Anyone Can Draw!

    Peter J Mayes Art and Design Teacher (Bath) Picture For as long as I can remember I have been able to draw; indeed I took solace from the act of drawing. I remember a feeling of peace and tranquility when I was drawing. On occasions, given that I was no more than four years old, I got reprimanded because I was drawing on a wall or piece of...
  • 'Bedlam' Exhibition Review

    Philippa Kaina Art and Design Teacher (North London) Picture This is a review I wrote recently for an academic journal on the current Bedlam exhibition at the Wellcome Collection: The Wellcome Collection’s current exhibition Bedlam: the Asylum and Beyond, examines the institutional treatment of the mentally ill in western culture, taking the metaphor of...


  • A Climate of Possibilities...

    Val Wolstenholme Clay Art and Design Teacher (South West London) Picture A Climate of Possibilities.   How does one create this ‘Climate of Possiblities’ to have an environment condusive to creativity for students to develop and thrive. I believe the working space is important, however small it is ,the lighting can be good , the ambiance warm and welcoming ,have...
  • The Art of Calligraphy

    Art and Design Teacher (Ipswich) Picture Time passes. The onset of the personal computer and mobile technology enables us to exchange information faster than ever before. Many, therefore, would assume that quills, dip pens, and other traditional methods of writing have become obsolete. But they would be very wrong in saying so, as this...
  • Modern art and my admiration of MC Escher

    A*Rigby: Royal College of Art* Art and Design Teacher (West London) Picture "A woman once rang me up and said, 'Mr Escher, I am absolutely crazy about your work. In your 'reptiles' you have given such a striking illustration of 'reincarnation'. I replied, 'Madam, if that' the way you see it, let it be it'." M.C Escher, 1964. Art, I believe, is firstly about certain...