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Fine Art

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Landscape Painting

The landscape is always changing. Had Van Gogh or Constable been alive today they would have...

Editor's Pick

A Brief Consideration of Landscape Photographers

There are certain commonalities among landscape photographers which seem to apply to most...
Fine Art

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Art Education

I seem to have spent most of my life studying, and fortunately I have benefitted from having...
Art and Design

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Sketching quickly and accurately

The value of being able to sketch accurrately Sketching what we see is a fine art and skill. It...

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  • Using Collage To Improve Your Image Making!

    Debbie Collis Fine Art Tutor (North West London) Picture Collage is an experimental and exciting use of mixed materials to explore image-making. You can assess relationships between surfaces, and is a useful medium you can play with before you attempt using colour paints. It's also a good idea to start working from observation from still life objects...
  • The Benefits Of Art For Children

    Stephen Knibbs Art and Design Teacher (East London) Picture Art is an invaluable practice with the potential to benefit people of all ages. I am especially interested in the positive effect that it can have on young children's learning abilities. Art is not just a useful tool for improving a child's creativity, it can also aid in the development of key...
  • A Brief Consideration of Landscape Photographers Editor's Pick

    E Lord Photography Teacher (Swindon) Picture There are certain commonalities among landscape photographers which seem to apply to most (although not necessarily all) of them. They have a profound love of and respect for nature. They are explorers – many of them are hikers and climbers as well as being photographers. They enjoy the solitude...


  • Anyone Can Draw!

    Peter J Mayes Art and Design Teacher (Bath) Picture For as long as I can remember I have been able to draw; indeed I took solace from the act of drawing. I remember a feeling of peace and tranquility when I was drawing. On occasions, given that I was no more than four years old, I got reprimanded because I was drawing on a wall or piece of...
  • Taking Design For Granted

    Lydia B Art and Design (Digital) Teacher (Hemel Hempstead) Picture People take for granted the lettering in the signage and books and everything that surrounds us daily, but people may not realise just how much a designer pours over every glyph and serif before deciding on the right look and feel for a logo or font in a book. The lettering of the Disney logo,...
  • 'Bedlam' Exhibition Review

    Philippa Kaina Art and Design Teacher (North London) Picture This is a review I wrote recently for an academic journal on the current Bedlam exhibition at the Wellcome Collection: The Wellcome Collection’s current exhibition Bedlam: the Asylum and Beyond, examines the institutional treatment of the mentally ill in western culture, taking the metaphor of...