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How to Ace the ACA exams!

‘I know someone with a First from Cambridge who failed all the first stage exams and got...
13+ exam (Common Entrance)

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Building confidence for exam success

Families have approached me from around the world for general advice on tuition for public...
Social Work

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Tips for your Social Work University interview

It’s that time of year when the Social Work University interview process is in full swing as...
Folk Fiddle

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Folk Fiddle Vs. Classical Violin Techniques

After reading John Dipper's article on the relation between classical violin and folk playing I...


  • What Questions Did You Ask Today? Editor's Pick

    Helen Cowlan Key Stage 2 English Tutor (Swindon) Picture If you visit any classroom, there will be many different characters and personalities there. The confident and the shy, the interested and the disengaged, the child who is...
  • Maths In Hindsight

    David Rowles GCSE Maths Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture I was born on the 15th July 1961 in Usk, a small town in South Wales on the river of the same name. Mam and dad were good honest chapel people who unreservedly loved their...
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  • What is the Alexander Technique?

    Richard Sanders MSTAT Alexander Technique Teacher (South West London) Picture The Alexander Technique is an educational process where teachers use verbal instruction and gentle hands-on guidance to help student learn to change or avoid unnecessary...
  • What is the Alexander Technique?

    Ellen Casey Alexander Technique Teacher (North London) Picture "You translate everything - whether physical, mental, or spiritual into muscular tension." F.M.Alexander F.M. Alexander was an Australian who, at the end of the nineteenth...
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  • Prepare Students for the Future

    Loretta Tosson Motivational Training Coach (East London) Picture It does not matter if you are young or old there are many pressures in the modern world and it more than ever to adapt and being comfortable in high-pressure situations....
  • Communicating with Confidence

    LHanna Public Speaking Tutor (North London) Picture The ability to communicate with confidence is much sought after today, as it is an essential rather than an additional skill.    At the heart of communication is the desire...
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  • Why Learn Spanish?

    Monica Bernal Spanish (general) Tutor (South East London) Picture Learning a new language is very important as it helps to open the door to a whole new world of cultures throughout the world. Spanish is spoken throughout Central and Southern...
  • Teaching grammar - PGCE assignment

    Alice C French (general) Tutor (Dudley) Picture Teaching Grammar The last half a century has seen a plethora of theories and research studies into second language learning and acquisition as experts and practitioners alike...
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  • Economics tutor Online (China) A Level
  • Maths tutor Online (China) A level
  • Physics tutor Online (China) A level
  • Maths tutor Dulwich for 10 year old, dbs, exp required
  • Basic Italian tutor Newbury West Berkshire Beginner, to progress to advanced level
  • PIANO TUTOR hampton court, kingston dbs, teaching experience
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