GCSE Chemistry

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Bonding In Chemistry

There are three types of bonding; ionic, covalent and metallic bonding. IONIC BONDING is based...
A-level French

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Tips For Becoming Fluent In French

Become the foreign person you want to be:I believe that a major part of becoming fluent is based...
A-level Media Studies

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Privacy In The Media

The boundaries of what is considered to be ‘private’ are susceptible to social and cultural...
A-level Chemistry

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Easy and Effective Revision Tips

If the word “revision” and “exams” fill you with stress and panic, fear no more! Here are 10...


  • CGP AQA Anthology The Study Guide Poems

    EQE Proofreading / Tutoring GCSE English Tutor (Blackburn) Picture The CGP AQA Anthology The Study Guide: Poems are books aimed at Higher Level GCSE English Literature students studying the poems for the AQA exam. I recommend them strongly....
  • Getting Ready For The GCSE Year

    Nicholas Green GCSE Chemistry Tutor (West London) Picture GCSEs are a time of trepidation for all. For most students it is the first time they will write exams of consequence. As we sit gazing into another academic year, parents and...
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  • Learn Your Theories Well

    Dorothy Larios Well-Being Coach (Edinburgh) Picture At some point, you reach a certain stage or age where you begin to notice that there are already many models, theories or skills that are embedded in you. Life is easy. Some...
  • Embracing the Light

    Claire Lilla Reiki Teacher (Twickenham) Picture Reiki is a form of hands-on healing. It literally means 'ki' (chi/ prana/ life force) channelled from the cosmos (Rei= divine being) through the healer. Each of us that...
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  • Finding the Right Music Tutor

    Mr Kieran Jones Vocal Coaching Tutor (West London) Picture Finding the right teacher can be a daunting prospect. Not every tutor is right for everyone. In my opinion, each tutor needs to be patient, caring and passionate in order for...
  • Recommended Drama Book

    Cathal Thomas Cleary Drama School Auditions Coach (North London) Picture I would like to recommend Katie Mitchell's The Director's Craft. This is perfect for anyone pursuing a career in...
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  • How to ACE the ACCA exams

    Kieran Doe ACCA Tutor (North London) Picture How to Ace the ACCA exams!  ‘I know someone with a First from Cambridge who failed all the first stage exams and got sacked’ ‘Apparently, each module has the same...
  • Optimal Currency Areas

    Daniel Raj ACA Tutor (Birmingham) Picture Critically evaluate the view that closer economic integration minimizes the likelihood of asymmetric shocks. Does the evidence from the United States support this view?The...
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  • IELTS speaking do's

    Fatema Desai IELTS Tutor (East London) Picture IELTS speaking do’s Here are some ideas to get you started Examiners like to see a range of tenses and vocabulary but don’t let this get in the way of your fluency.Only use...
  • The Verb Conjugation

    Sabine Broecker German (general) Tutor (Milton Keynes) Picture The dreaded German verbs conjugation! German verbs are not easy, but with a few good rules, you can get your head around them. The book I always refer my student back to is...
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