Vocal Coaching

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Why have singing lessons?

Everyone can sing! Some are more talented than others. Some of them know it, and others don’t....

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The Importance Of A Warmup For Brass

No matter what stage of playing you're at and what stage you are on your instrument it is...
A-level English

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Which English A Level Should You Choose?

This is the time of year when year 11 students begin to think about the next stage of their...
Key Stage 1 English

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The Purpose Of The EY Foundation Stage Curriculum

Critically consider the purpose of the Foundation Stage Curriculum for young children and to...


  • Spinoza's One Substance Doctrine And Other Issues

    Calum Proctor A-level Philosophy Tutor (South East London) Picture One manOne goalOne missionOne heartOne soulOne solutionOne flash of lightOne godOne visionOne fleshOne boneOne true religionOne voiceOne hopeOne real decision Just gimme gimme...
  • Marxism for Beginners

    Vicki-Marie A-level Sociology Tutor (Torquay) Picture Students starting their A level in Sociology often find Marxism difficult or confusing - it doesn't have to be! Marxism originates from the work of Marx and the rather...
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  • Embracing the Light

    Claire Lilla Reiki Teacher (Twickenham) Picture Reiki is a form of hands-on healing. It literally means 'ki' (chi/ prana/ life force) channelled from the cosmos (Rei= divine being) through the healer. Each of us that...
  • Learn Your Theories Well

    Dorothy Larios Well-Being Coach (Edinburgh) Picture At some point, you reach a certain stage or age where you begin to notice that there are already many models, theories or skills that are embedded in you. Life is easy. Some...
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  • "Can You Just Sit Down And Do That Again...?" Editor's Pick

    Nathan Mark Gordon Drama School Auditions Coach (West London) Picture “Can you just sit down and do that again...? It was the first of my auditions for drama school and it was a biggie: one of the most famous drama schools in the world. I was...
  • Choosing A Drama School Editor's Pick

    Peter Hoggart Drama School Auditions Coach (South West London) Picture You may find it strange that this article is entitled 'Choosing a Drama School'. As we all know, getting into drama school is a competitive business. If you are one of the...
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  • How to ACE the ACCA exams

    Kieran Doe ACCA Tutor (North London) Picture How to Ace the ACCA exams!  ‘I know someone with a First from Cambridge who failed all the first stage exams and got sacked’ ‘Apparently, each module has the same...
  • Time Management; The Key To ACCA Exam Success

    Anum Hassan ACCA Tutor (Blackburn) Picture Effective time management is the key to success in every aspect of one’s life. We all see some students who are very regular throughout the year in their classes but end up...
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  • Why Learn Russian? Editor's Pick

    Anastassia Russian Teacher (Bradford) Picture Popularity. There are 150 million native Russians speakers, plus Russian is still spoken in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries. It’s estimated more than...
  • Ways To Improve Your Pronunciation?

    Angie C English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (North London) Picture In my years of teaching English, I see the same language issue over and over again - students successfully moving to higher level classes, yet their pronunciation has seen very...
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  • piano teachers hampton court, kingston dbs check, previous exp
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  • Latin Tutor Online, with our company CE, 13+, GCSE, A level
  • Maths Dyslexia Belfast/ Newtownabbey for 14 year old child
  • 7 + Tutor Canary Wharf, London Exp preparing for London prep schools
  • Edexcel IGCSE History 4HI0 Online/London, Examiner Germany '18-45, Russia '14-53, Medicine
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