Jazz Double Bass

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Physical Health and Double Bass

Playing the bass can be hard in a lot of ways. It takes hours and years of relentless practice...
A-level Ancient History

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The Roots Of Ancient Education Are Still Alive

The majority of students have free access to a well-stocked local library, and if that is not...

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Assessing Practice in Autism Research & Education

Autism is something commonly referred to as a spectrum disorder and whilst it is not viewed as a...
Key Stage 2 Maths

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Do You Have A Maths Brain?

Not a maths person? Feel you just can’t do it or don’t have the brain for it? Does maths cause...


  • 10 Top Tips for Productive Revision

    Hugo TB Study Skills Tutor (Tonbridge) Picture 1. START as early as you can. It may seem like a lifetime away, but you will never regret starting work early. 2. Start as EARLY as you can. Starting early in the morning will...
  • Technology in foreign language learning

    Hayley Wallbank GCSE German Tutor (Exeter) Picture Is 21st century technology taking the joy out of foreign language learning?   In an era of transient tweets, disposable data and fleeting facebook fads it is difficult to...
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  • What is the Alexander Technique?

    Ellen Casey Alexander Technique Teacher (North London) Picture "You translate everything - whether physical, mental, or spiritual into muscular tension." F.M.Alexander F.M. Alexander was an Australian who, at the end of the nineteenth...
  • What is the Alexander Technique?

    Richard Sanders MSTAT Alexander Technique Teacher (South West London) Picture The Alexander Technique is an educational process where teachers use verbal instruction and gentle hands-on guidance to help student learn to change or avoid unnecessary...
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  • Acting Improvisation Tips

    Albert de Jongh Acting Coach (Guildford) Picture I believe that great acting is being able to immediately create a character or story and invest themselves into this new world. Below I have put some of the basic principles of...
  • Different Approaches To Piano Technique

    Philip Sharp Classical Piano Teacher (Manchester) Picture I am a firm believer in the importance of encouraging good technique from the very first lesson, however, this is always a complex issue and my approach must change from...
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  • How to pass P2 Corporate Reporting

    Kieran Doe ACCA Tutor (North London) Picture Summary This article explains why so many students fail P2 and offers advice on how students should prepare for the exam. Written by an exam prize winner and P2 tutor who has a...
  • How to pass the ACA Professional Level exams!

    Kieran Doe ACA Tutor (North London) Picture The Professional Stage exams are a major step up from Certificate level in terms of the level of technical content, complexity of the exam paper questions and the time pressure...
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  • Learning French as a 2nd language. How I see it.

    Maria Barrett French (general) Tutor (Brighton) Picture As far as I'm concerned, verbs and tenses are the core to French language learning. I say this because they underpin the whole language. Obviously, the rote learning method is...
  • The Benefits Of Learning A Language

    Monika Schumann-Carter German (general) Tutor (Redhill) Picture There are many advantages to learning a language, such as increasing employment prospects, university entry, improvement of one's first language, improved understanding of the...
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  • Long-term science tutor Bristol KS3 / GCSE level, small group learning
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  • ISEB pretest revision/tuition London Reading comprehension and VR
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  • music teachers redhill, surrey dbs check, experience rqd
  • German for Professionals London for beginners
  • British Governor Nice, France Aged 23-32. Qualified. Fit and active.
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