German (general)

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Five free* apps for language learning

(*most free apps try to introduce you to products that come at a price) Here I introduce five...
University Spanish

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Studying A Language As Part Of A Degree

The acquisition of applied language skills as part of a degree programme is vitally important...
French (general)

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Corporate Capital through Languages

In a post-Brexit and Trump world, where borders and walls appear to be rising more than being...
A-level French

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Tips For Becoming Fluent In French

Become the foreign person you want to be:I believe that a major part of becoming fluent is based...


  • How To Become A Confident Speaker Of German

    Magdalena Hachula GCSE German Tutor (South West London) Picture Language tutors often hear their students say that learning languages is very hard and knowing English will help you to get around in the world. However, even a little...
  • Chinese: The Very Much Possible Language

    Henry Pelham 11+ exam Tutor (South West London) Picture Many people are discouraged from learning Mandarin Chinese as they feel it would be an 'impossible task.' "Languages are hard enough; I'll just stick to French / Spanish etc."...
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  • What is the Alexander Technique?

    Ellen Casey Alexander Technique Teacher (North London) Picture "You translate everything - whether physical, mental, or spiritual into muscular tension." F.M.Alexander F.M. Alexander was an Australian who, at the end of the nineteenth...
  • What is the Alexander Technique?

    Richard Sanders MSTAT Alexander Technique Teacher (South West London) Picture The Alexander Technique is an educational process where teachers use verbal instruction and gentle hands-on guidance to help student learn to change or avoid unnecessary...
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  • Five Oboe Reed Tips

    Emily Cockbill Oboe Teacher (South East London) Picture Asking any oboe player, at any level, about their reeds and you often provoke a whole host of reactions, exclamations and general grumbling! The reason for this is that you...
  • Acting Shakespeare

    Cathal Thomas Cleary Acting Coach (North London) Picture Shakespeare can be the most intimidating aspect of working in theatre. But what I learned from my time working with Sir Nick Hytner and Simon Russell Beale on TIMON OF ATHENS...
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  • A gift for you: the formula of the Secret

    Nadine Demontfaucon Life Coaching Professional (Reading) Picture Why do I want that goal? It’s absolutely fantastic to be reaching for something, having said that, you may want to know that - precisely at this point – there is an...
  • Communicating with Confidence

    LHanna Public Speaking Tutor (North London) Picture The ability to communicate with confidence is much sought after today, as it is an essential rather than an additional skill.    At the heart of communication is the desire...
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  • Words of Advice Editor's Pick

    Karon Rickatson English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (York) Picture So, you have to get a 6.5 in the IELTS exam?  A 7.5! An 8.0! You want to make sure your registration fee for the CAE exam is not a waste of money? The Proficiency exam is...
  • Reading for Better English

    David Cummings English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Uxbridge) Picture Read Read Read Many agree that the biggest hindrance to a child succeeding in all forms of English tests (reading, writing and comprehension) is down to the amount of reading...
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