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French (general)

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How to best memorize another language

The best way to memorize any type of knowledge, but especially languages, is to learn it in...

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High IELTS score or ability to cope at university?

What is most important? A high IELTS score or the ability to cope with an academic...
Ancient Greek (general)

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A Study on Medea - the Choral Odes

To any audience, modern or contemporary, it can be unequivocally stated that Euripidea's Medea...
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

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Rethinking your thinking: The practice of teaching

All Fine Art degrees require students to 're-think their thinking'; that is, to step outside the...

Fresh Articles

  • Choosing French

    French (general) Tutor (Manchester) Picture I chose to study French at University and to offer to help people through tutoring due to my own experience of the language. After A-Level I decided to go to work in France as an au pair. Here I gained not only a greater knowledge of the language, but also of the culture and lifestyle. I then...
  • Have Fun with Chinese Learning

    Mandarin Tutor (Leeds) Picture Students are usually scared by the thought of learning the Chinese language, especially when they first look at those squared characters which seemingly share no similarity with ‘letters’. However, if you know Chinese characters are in fact many pictures depicting what is happening around the...
  • Translation: a Daunting Task

    Arabic Tutor (Leeds) Picture Translation is a relatively new field, but has gained more and more attention in the last two decades. This is due to the crucial role it plays in communication between cultures and people of different backgrounds and languages. However, this activity is deemed by many to be an easy and smooth...
  • Japanese Language Resources

    Japanese Tutor (Torquay) Picture My favourite Japanese language learning resources at the moment are: Genki I and II books and CDs for beginners; Minna No Nihongo books and CDs for all levels; JapanesePod 101 podcast; - downloadable radio Japanese course from NHK World Radio; Tuttle Kanji Cards - boxes of...
  • A Singer called Bobby Chen

    Mandarin Tutor (South East London) Picture There is a Taiwanese singer called Bobby Chen - personally I love his music very much and his lyrics feel like poems. If you are a beginner then listening to his songs may be a bit difficult, but still you can appreciate the melody. For people at a higher level, you can learn a lot beautiful...
  • Why should you study Chinese?

    Mandarin Tutor (Ilford) Picture Chinese is a very difficult language to master, as I discovered when I started my degree 6 years ago. Since then I have spent a year and a half living in China, and now have a wealth of knowledge on the economics and business side of Chinese life, as well as the language. I can recommend...
  • Lyrical Spanish

    Manohar Whig Spanish (general) Tutor (Harrow) Picture Spanish, in terms of native born speakers, is actually a larger language than English. The joy of Spanish comes from its exhuberance and vitality. Spanish and Latin American people have a zest for life and use their language in a very lyrical and expressive way. Learning Spanish provides the key...
  • Learning Portuguese

    Manohar Whig Portuguese Tutor (Harrow) Picture The full importance of Portuguese is not appreciated in the United Kingdom. It is spoken by more than 200 million people. In fact, there are more Portuguese than Arabic speakers in the World.Out of all the Romance languages, Portuguese is the closest to Latin. It is an Indo-European language...
  • French Joie de Vivre

    Manohar Whig French (general) Tutor (Harrow) Picture The phrase "Joie de vivre" sums up the French attitude to life. France is a land of gorgeous contrasts. The sights and especially the smells that come from authentic French cuisine made by ordinary French people enjoying the simple pleasures of food and wine. Knowledge of the language lets you...
  • Why Russian?

    Russian Teacher (North West London) Picture The language I teach is not by any means among the most popular modern foreign languages in England. There are unfortunately numerous and often complex reasons for the current state of affairs. This is exactly why I perceive teaching Russian in a wider context not only for developing and...

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