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Business English

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Is Business English a new dialect?

At times, Business English can seem like a different language. The individual words are clearly...
Italian (general)

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Must I live in the country to learn the language?

This is a very common question with people starting to learn a foreign language. We have all...
German (general)

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Kleines Quiz (in German)

KLEINES QUIZ 1. In welchen Ländern wird Deutsch gesprochen? 2. Wie heissen die...
French (general)

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The Beauty Of French Poetry

This article is all about poetry and the extraordinary world of French poems. As French poetry...

Fresh Articles

  • Why I Became a Tutor

    English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Nottingham) Picture I studied for a BA Honours English degree at the University of North London. I lived and studied in a very cosmopolitan area and, in my third year at university, lived in a shared house where I was the only native speaker. I really enjoyed talking to my housemates and helping them to improve...
  • Learning a language

    English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (South West London) Picture I speak a little Japanese and a little Spanish. I lived in both of these wonderful countries for a while and studied the language in a class also. I feel that this gives me an edge over other teachers who might not have attempted to learn a second language and it helps me have a better...
  • Learning together

    Japanese Tutor (South East London) Picture I have had experience visiting several countries. Every time I visited, local people were very kind to teach me their language and culture. I found if I knew their language, I could learn more deeply about their culture. What do you think? I think those who want to learn a new language probably...
  • About "Measure Words"

    Mandarin Tutor (South West London) Picture In Chinese, "measure words" are like English the word "cup" in "a cup of tea" and the word "bottle" in "a bottle of water". In Chinese, measure words are used for quantifying or specifying a noun. Measure words are preceded by a number, so it becomes number + measure word + noun. For example: ...
  • Book recommendation

    Czech Tutor (North West London) Picture Czech Express is a course book which teaches survival Czech. It is aimed for total beginners who want to master basic communicaton skills by communicative method with less emphasis on the complex Czech grammar. This course book is suitable for all types of courses, including summer and...
  • Why I Am A Tutor

    French (general) Tutor (Tonbridge) Picture In all my classes, I love working with people and observing their progress. I bring enthusiasm, flexibility and willingness to listen, qualities that make me an excellent teacher and team player.
  • La Galette des Rois

    French (general) Tutor (Dudley) Picture So if you didn't eat enough during the festive season, here is a great reason to learn French ! For Epiphanie (6th of January), the French have the traditional "galette des rois" (king's galette), which is a puff pastry cake with almond powder mixed with sugar and butter.This tradition is as old...
  • I feel confident!

    English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (East London) Picture One of the main reasons that I love my job as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language is the satisfaction I get from hearing students say: "I now feel confident in speaking English, thank you!" I would like to tell you about one student I had. She was a Belgium lady who had come to England...
  • Getting started in French

    French (general) Tutor (Derby) Picture Learning a foreign language is the start of an adventure which is intellectually satisfying but more importantly an opportunity to experience a different way of looking at the world. For me becoming competent in French has brought some of life's greatest pleasures - excellent friendships and...

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