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Drama School Auditions

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'Me, Myself And I' In Drama School Auditions

Auditioning for drama school is one of the most forced and unnatural processes. A passionate...
Classical Violin

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The Importance Of Personal Musical Interpretation

Some violin tutors fall into the habit of tutoring their students mainly in the theoretical...

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Silly Noises

Its a rainy January afternoon and I'm in the secondary school teaching my weekly LAMDA Public...
Musical Composition

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Forget Everyone Else With Music Composition

One of the biggest lessons I have learned with composing is to be independent. The writing of...

Fresh Articles

  • Playing 'in tune' to yourself

    Tzu-Fan Classical Violin Teacher (South East London) Picture All the well-known classical violinists have their own personal, identifiable tone. There are people that sound similar because of how they were trained, but everyone has different techniques, fingers, hands, arms, and brains - even if they played on the exact same instrument and with the same...
  • Fingering at the piano: essential for all levels

    Dr Olivia Sham Classical Piano Teacher (West London) Picture Playing the piano involves using the fingers - even children soon realise that fists (or, occasionally, the feet) are not the most efficient way of depressing piano keys to make music. Fingers sit on the two hands in a particular order, and each finger behaves differently, for example, the thumb...
  • L’aprés-midi d’un Faune

    Jade Brightwell Musical Composition Teacher (South East London) Picture “Ces nymphes, je les veux perpetuer” “These nymphs, I wish to perpetuate them” It is an interesting way start to a poem, given that it is not really a start at all. “These nymphs”? Which nymphs is he talking about? There is evidently something that has been happening, but it has only...
  • Five Oboe Reed Tips

    Emily Cockbill Oboe Teacher (South East London) Picture Asking any oboe player, at any level, about their reeds and you often provoke a whole host of reactions, exclamations and general grumbling! The reason for this is that you very quickly realise how big a difference the quality of reed makes to every aspect of playing the instrument. Particularly...
  • Baroque Violin: Not Just Gut Strings Editor's Pick

    Cara Williams Classical Violin Teacher (Bristol) Picture The relatively recent rediscovery of Baroque music and performance practice has enabled most modern violinists to develop an awareness of many of the fundamental principles of performing early music. Whilst this is a positive development in itself, an unfortunate result of the widespread...
  • Suggested aims when teaching singing to kids

    Valentini Pavlidou Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture Teaching singing in a group of young learners can be challenging but also very rewarding. To make sure your classes are running smoothly and that your students get 100% out of their singing training, please make sure you are planning every lesson by keeping in mind specific aims that you can set...
  • Freedom In Singing

    Vasili Karpiak Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture In the very beginning of trying to explore our vocal potential, it is essential to completely exclude the movement of shoulders whilst we are breathing. The majority of vocal teachers of the past emphasised the importance of involving the lower part of the lungs in the process of breathing for...
  • Versatility on the Double Bass

    Sandy Suchodolski Jazz Double Bass Teacher (Stevenage) Picture I have found one of the biggest joys in being a Bass player is the amount of different musical styles and settings it allows you to be a part of. One day you can find yourself sight reading in a studio, the next playing jazz standards in a club, the day after you might be on a show or doing a...
  • An Opera Begins Long Before The Curtain Goes Up...

    Fiona Caroline Classical Singing Teacher (Slough) Picture Whether you would like to focus on technique, performance, grades or simply have fun with music there will always be a lesson tailored to your needs with a good teacher. Music is for all ages and abilities so even if you've thought 'I'd love to have a go at...' then you are still the perfect...
  • Learning The Cello

    Ali Howes Cello Teacher (Manchester) Picture It takes lots of work and commitment but is very rewarding and everyone should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. It is important to have a basic technique when learning the cello. Suggested books to help you build up a solid technical foundation: The First-Year Cello Method -...

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