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Classical Violin

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Nature Or Nurture? A Look At The Suzuki Method

‘Talent is no accident of birth.' Shinichi Suzuki's outlook on childhood education and...
Classical Violin

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The Violin and Mindfulness

Common Ground between the Violin, Alexander Technique and Mindfulness It may seem over...

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Voicing Presence When Acting

I've been an actor[1] long enough to know there is no mind/body separation. That is a conceptual...

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Performing Arts: A Luxury Or Necessity?

If I told you that the performing arts is an integral element of society and education, and that...

Fresh Articles

  • Starting To Learn An Instrument

    Natasha Larkin Early Years Music Tutor (Hemel Hempstead) Picture Having been teaching children and adults to play the piano and violin for many years now, with each new pupil I face new challenges, surprises, talents and inspiring moments. Teachers are all the time stretching and broadening their skills and techniques in order to tailor their teaching to each...
  • A quick and easy guide to tuning your drums

    Dean Valentine Drum Kit Teacher (South East London) Picture At every stage of your drumming career, tuning your kit will be one of the most crucial things you have to do, so it is best to learn early. There are various methods that you will come across and they should be explored with great care in order for you to determine your own preference. You will...
  • Why groove beats speed and technique beats power.

    Dean Valentine Drum Kit Teacher (South East London) Picture There are two things that usually happen when people sit behind a drum kit for the first time. They either try to play a full beat or go for a crazy fill. For my money, the person that sits down to play a beat will go much further as a drummer than the person doing the fill, for the simple...
  • Top Tips for Gigging Drummers

    Dean Valentine Drum Kit Teacher (South East London) Picture For some of you out there, drumming has become more than just a hobby. You are in a band and are serious about showing off your music to the world and hope to be noticed by all the hippest kids and important record label executives. Drumming has become a serious passion and you are considering a...
  • Patience And Perseverance With The Trumpet

    Mr Peter Horsfall Trumpet Teacher (Stevenage) Picture When practising trumpet or cornet, as with other brass instruments, it is important to develop the necessary patience and perseverance that will enable you to bear the fruits of your labour! It will inevitably take weeks, months and indeed years for your technical abilities to develop to their...
  • Gaining Confidence With The Clarinet

    Jasmine Tipper Clarinet Teacher (Croydon) Picture Between the ages of 8 and 10, these are probably the most difficult years to start a wind instrument, other than recorder. At first, we all think it's impossible, but if we have someone to keep pushing and encouraging us to get past that first barrier then we might just make it. That's where...
  • How To Make Classical Music Accessible

    Usman Peguero Chamber Music Coach (Bromley) Picture The symphony orchestra, as an antiquated model created centuries ago, has been pressured into modernizing itself in order to stay afloat as an institution in our contemporary society. This adaptation process reacts to a world where technological advances have shaped the way our society functions...
  • Perseverance and Determination

    T Frantzen Acting Coach (Milton Keynes) Picture Finding inspiring stories is a great way to keep you creative. Here is one of my favorites that I would like to share with you about perseverance and determination. Sylvester Stallone was living in New York in the 70's. He had no money and became so desperate that he actually sold his first...
  • What makes a great teacher?

    Emma Paton-Philip Classical Violin Teacher (Redhill) Picture The violin, for beginners, can be overwhelming and confusing. There are several elements to consider with regard to the physical side to violin playing, for instance how to stand, which way your head should face, even before you've picked up the Violin and bow. The fact that we're dealing with...
  • The Importance Of Objectives In Acting

    Andy Hinds Acting Coach (South West London) Picture The notion of the 'objective' will undoubtedly be familiar to most actors and acting students; it is used, nowadays, as a fundamental tool in acting, directing and actor training.  But, when first faced with performing The Bard, actors can often appear to have forgotten a lot of what they...

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