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Classical Violin

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How To Produce A Good Tone On The Violin

Tone production is the most important aspect to the art of violin playing. My mum and I arrived...
Art and Design

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Ability-saurus Vs Technology-zilla

This is how it usually goes...and it applies across the board for subjects taught in...
Drama (general)

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Globalisation in Theatre in the 20th/21st Century

When approaching a subject as vast and current as globalisation in the context of cultural...
Fashion and Textiles

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Sustainability In Fashion Design

The textile industry has an important impact on the environment and climate change. To limit the...

Fresh Articles

  • Which Saxophone and Mouthpiece?

    Duncan E Eagles Saxophone Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture Starting on the saxophone can be quite daunting for a number of reasons. There are so many different products to choose from, a whole host of essential accessories that need to be bought and everything seems very expensive. My advice would be to track down your nearest music shop and get hold of...
  • Thoughts - Instrument learning and Computer Games

    Sam Miles Woodwind Teacher Saxophone Teacher (Cambridge) Picture Every time I see someone, young or old, playing a console game it reminds me what it felt like as a child to play on my favourite games. I could spend hours by myself playing one level, slowing getting better at it until I completed it, and it would feel like minutes and like i'd achieved...
  • Using A Sketch Book

    Rachel Labovitch Fine Art Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Using a sketchbook is a fast and easy way to document the world around you, experiment with ideas and techniques, and a means of recording your experiences - a sort of daily visual diary. Having a sketchbook on the go constantly means that you can be braver with experimentation; it won't matter...
  • How Do I Start Singing Jazz?

    Sara Conrad Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (Enfield) Picture Step 1 : Choose a SongBecause you have an interest in Jazz I am assuming that you have listened to a fair amount of Jazzy songs and have quite a good knowledge of songs you like. Pick 1 song to start with. Preferably one that you find comfortable to sing along with i.e. the key is right for you...
  • Constructive Discussions After Performances

    Will Dann Jazz Improvisation Teacher (West Central London) Picture I have recently been thinking about the importance of post-performance discussions with band members. This seems to be an area that is often overlooked within jazz performance, which ultimately leads to many disadvantages. Some view it as taboo, and a possible restriction on the improvisation...
  • What is Music Theory and why take the exams?

    Avelia Moisey Music Theory Exams Tutor (Luton) Picture Some students shy away from taking Music Theory exams, even to the extent of switching exam boards to avoid the necessity.  Whilst both ABRSM and Trinity have their merits, it seems a shame that a fear of music theory would be the sole reason to change boards. There is really no reason to be...
  • Recommendation of Books on Art of Singing

    Theodora Stamoulaki Classical Singing Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture The following book are an excellent resource on Art Song Literature for Concerts or Festivals as well as Singing Exams:   1. ''Music For The Voice'': A Descriptive List of Concert and Teaching Material  by Sergius Kagen ( an excellent resource for singing teachers, singers and singing...
  • How To Produce A Good Tone On The Violin Editor's Pick

    Matthew Le-Mage Classical Violin Teacher (East London) Picture Tone production is the most important aspect to the art of violin playing. My mum and I arrived home full of excitement with my new violin. Our neighbour looked on as my mum placed the key in the door and asked 'is that a violin?'. The look of concern was evident across his face. No doubt he...
  • Singing: A Release From Stress

    John Porter Classical Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture I would like to share my immediate thoughts on singing. These will be short and might on occasion be the ramblings of a Tenor, but maybe I will learn something useful from writing them as well as providing some entertainment to a few readers. I have been singing for 12 years and apart from the...
  • A Practical Handbook For Any Actor

    Jared Nelson Acting Coach (Rochester) Picture Throughout my years of training to be an actor, and working as an actor, I have found it to be quite easy to slip into bad or return to old habits. It is natural to do this. Therefore, to counter these slip-ups, it is important for an actor to develop a sound means of self-analysis....

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