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Love Your Double Reeds

Any one hoping to play a double reed instrument will have to learn to love their reeds. Reeds...

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Auditioning for Drama School

I sat in auditions at one of the biggest drama schools in the world. It is joyful and exciting...

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Clarinet Breathing For Beginners

Good musicianship relies on many contributing factors, however, a teacher who does not stress...

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Music Is So Much More Than A Listening Pleasure

I remember when I was about 12, my friends Paul and Gary, the twins from across the road were...

Fresh Articles

  • Playing The Sax In Different Musical Styles

    Alzbeta Klasova Saxophone Teacher (South West London) Picture Being a saxophone player myself, playing has always been a great feeling for me! We get to play very cool music: from pop, jazz, rock into contemporary music and the sweetest harmonies of classical music. But we can also transcribe music from different instruments and add to it our own...
  • The Benefits Of Chamber Music

    Francesca Gilbert Chamber Music Coach (North London) Picture The practice of chamber music can be very beneficial to students of all ages. Not only is it one of the most enjoyable forms of music making, it also encourages excellent musical disciplines such as listening, human interaction and diplomacy. In addition to this, playing music with others helps...
  • Practice Makes Music Perfect

    Susanna Fairbairn Musicianship Teacher (Slough) Picture It's taken me a long time to figure out how to practise. At home, all on my lonesome, without my teacher. In my opinion, this subject is not broached enough in the classroom, music lesson, or college. Why is this, when it is one of the most important aspects to progressing as a musician? I...
  • Why should I do my warm ups?

    Maggie Boyd Vocal Coaching Tutor (North London) Picture Practice makes Perfect. If you only do something once, it’s not solidified in the memory, or the muscle memory. The muscles learn mistakes quicker than the brain does. So if you get it right, repeat it 3 times in your practice session. It’s the same with warm ups – the body has to work...
  • When Did Music Begin?

    Krzysztof Moskalewicz Classical Piano Teacher (North London) Picture to 
  • Using Collage To Improve Your Image Making!

    Debbie Collis Fine Art Tutor (North West London) Picture Collage is an experimental and exciting use of mixed materials to explore image-making. You can assess relationships between surfaces, and is a useful medium you can play with before you attempt using colour paints. It's also a good idea to start working from observation from still life objects...
  • Ability-saurus Vs Technology-zilla Editor's Pick

    Patrick Hartley Fashion and Textiles Tutor (East London) Picture This is how it usually goes... 'our fashion faculty has digital embroidery machines can stitch out 256 colours' 'in our school of ceramics we have the very latest full colour digital ceramic printing machines and the reproduction results are incredible' 'our design studio is equipped with a...
  • Playing A Brass Instrument

    Julie Scrace Cornet Teacher (Redhill) Picture Playing a brass instrument can be fun and rewarding. You can join a school band, or orchestra. As an adult you can find a local band. Initially it can be hard to make the right sounds and lots of practice is needed to progress. Initially 15 minutes each day will set you on the right track....
  • My 3 Fundamentals For Trumpet Playing

    Daniel Walton Trumpet Teacher (North West London) Picture Here are a few pointers I think are important when playing the trumpet. BreathingA relaxed breath is key, this reduces tension in the exhale. Relaxing the jaw and tongue hugely helps relax the entire body and mind. A lot of confusion can come with being told to take a BIG breath, this can lead...
  • The location of the imagination

    Dr Nick Redfern Musical Composition Teacher (Leicester) Picture That there remains a distinct bafflement in the comprehension of the mind is evident. That there remains a gargantuan void in the understanding of consciousness, the cognitive ruminant, the deliberation and its very location within a physical self, is perplexing. Indeed, that the flesh can...

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