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Drums/ Percussion

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The Bongo Revolution Starts Here!

"Oh cool set of Bongos!" How many times as percussionists have we been using instruments such...

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Confidence Is The Key To Acting

“You are brilliant, but you just need more confidence, Lucy”. This was my catch phrase at...

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The Importance Of Mindful Music Listening

At a time where music is abundantly available at the click of a button it has never been easier...
Musical Composition

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If You Can't Hear The Difference, Does It Matter?

For composers, the choice between recording real musicians or using electronic instruments has...

Fresh Articles

  • Life Skills Learned From Music Lessons

    Maggie Snow Classical Violin Teacher (South West London) Picture I have been playing violin for as long as I can remember and it wasn't until later in my musical career (when I began teaching) how much I realised music lessons provided so many more benefits that have nothing to do with music at all. Creative and personal expression through music allows...
  • Extraordinary achievements , ambition

    Malcolm Allison Violin Classical Violin Teacher (Guildford) Picture Having started teaching someone who really wanted to play the violin from a young age, I was pretty surprised at this persons comittment and ambition.... the person wanted to dive in at the deep end and start playing quite advanced pieces...although I was doubtful at first I went with it and the...
  • Is There Such A Thing As 'Talent' With The Violin?

    Tabea S Classical Violin Teacher (West London) Picture The question that a lot of parents ask me is, "Is my child talented enough to play the violin?" "Can one learn the skill?" I believe although talent helps a great deal, it only gets you this far and then dedication and motivation plays a bigger role. Violin needs to be enjoyable and rewarding...
  • Acting Improvisation Tips

    Albert de Jongh Acting Coach (Guildford) Picture I believe that great acting is being able to immediately create a character or story and invest themselves into this new world. Below I have put some of the basic principles of improvisation that will grow any actor. These are some basic rules of improvisation. ACCEPT: YES AND . . . When you...
  • Choosing Which Harp To Rent Or Buy

    Elen Hydref Harp Teacher (Watford) Picture I am often asked by students before lessons start about which harp they should rent/buy. Here is a brief outline of everything that should be thought about before making the decision. If you are planning to buy a harp it is important that you ask for advice beforehand so that you buy a suitable...
  • 19th Century Violin Performance Practice

    Helena Szwoch Classical Violin Teacher (North London) Picture An extract from my dissertation titled 'The concept of national schools of violin playing; to what extent is it valid?' Please contact me to read the full work. In The History of the Violin, Edmund van der Straeten notes that up until the nineteenth century the main centre for the violin...
  • Piano Book Recommendations For Beginners Editor's Pick

    Cathy Hawley Classical Piano Teacher (Stoke-on-Trent) Picture In order to play an instrument well, it is important to build a good foundation for the student's learning, ensuring that they fully understand the fundamentals of music and their instrument before they progress to more advanced material. Therefore, choosing the right book for a beginner is...
  • The Verdian Pitch

    Gian Marco Sanna Classical Violin Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture Hello everybody. I would like to know what you have been told as young students about tuning to 440hz, and why. I have been told that the pitch rose throughout the years, but after after I have discovered it wasn't true. I can see now there is scientific evidence of different pitches around...
  • Ten Little Things That Help Mindful Music Practice

    Craig Oxley Electric Guitar Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture This is all about DELIBERATE practice; getting granular, Micro vs Macro. Perfect practice really makes the difference when it comes to performance and using this little hack really worked for me so give it a try. Here's what do : - Find a short passage (one to two bars long) and play through it,...
  • How To Learn The Piano?

    Havilland Willshire Classical Piano Teacher (Gloucester) Picture Playing the piano is fun. Hard work too, but nothing is achieved without that. The fascination of those black and white keys, when once the fingers know where to go produce such interesting sounds, can last a lifetime. For most players it is best to learn music you know you will enjoy, and from...

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