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Jazz Trombone

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Playing the Trombone

The trombone is a very special instrument. It goes back centuries, playing country dance tunes...
Drama (general)

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The Art of Drama Practice

Painters paint. Singers sing. Actors...well, actors usually wait for the phone to ring. Getting...

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Self-Tape Audition Techniques For Screen Acting

These days more actors will have their first professional job in front of a camera than on a...
Classical Piano

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Music Students Should... Play Music!

"Music Students Should... Play Music!" or "Why Teacher Should Pipe Down" As a music enthusiast...

Fresh Articles

  • Possibility and Creativity in Early Years

    Lewis Murphy Musicianship Teacher (South East London) Picture The seemingly infinite capacity of a child's imagination is something that most people take for granted. We have all at one point admired, or attempted to decipher, their strange and colourful drawings, or been moved by their improvised songs, and it is perhaps because of this natural creativity...
  • Personal Musical Memories: The Love Of A Lifetime

    Julian Larkin Classical Piano Teacher (Ipswich) Picture I was quite a late starter to the piano. Before that, my love of music was formed in early infancy by BBC radio's daily "Listen with Mother": I would sing all the familiar nursery rhymes while swinging to and fro in time to each song on my rocking horse. One of my earliest memories is of a day...
  • The Kodály Method

    Abi Hardiman Musicianship Teacher (North London) Picture The Kodály method of teaching is the best I have come across so far. I was always put off by the dusty, non connected method of western teaching in schools. Reading notes is ideal for some, but can be incredibly daunting and sometimes very boring for others. By using solfége (do re mi fa so...
  • Advice On Exams And Musical Training

    Elizabeth Whitehead Classical Piano Teacher (West London) Picture I would recommend that the starting age for a child to learn music is at youngest 3, but I would usually suggest 4 or 5. A lesson needs to be worth while or else it is a waste of everyone's time and lots of younger children cannot concentrate for a long period of time. I also suggest that your...
  • My Teaching Ethos For Drum Kit

    Harry Pope Drum Kit Teacher (North London) Picture My teaching ethos is that each student is an individual, and therefore should be treated as such. Blanket methods do not work across the board for improvement and artistic growth within music, in my opinion. A child or adult learning the drum kit, for example, may have issues with coordination,...
  • AJF Drums - Power of Practice

    AJF Drums Drum Kit Teacher (Newcastle upon Tyne) Picture Practice is incredibly important when playing any musical instrument, we are all guilty of sitting down picking up our instruments and playing to our favourite songs for hours on end. As drummers, we overlook rudiments and their crucial importance in developing new exciting grooves and fills....
  • Gear Talk: Ludwig Acrolite

    AJF Drums Drum Kit Teacher (Newcastle upon Tyne) Picture Originally introduced in 1963 the Ludwig Acrolite has became the choice of pro players in need of dry, cracking snare sound with its 1.6mm seamless aluminium shell. In the 1990s the newer Ludwig Acrolite featured a black sparkle finish which had become a welcome addition to the original Acrolite...
  • Which brass instrument is for you?

    S Peneycad Trumpet Teacher (Hemel Hempstead) Picture  Which instrument is for you?  Trumpet The Trumpet is the highest instrument in the brass family, and was recently featured playing the fanfares in the Royal Wedding. It is often used in film music, and can be heard playing the main tune to Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and James Bond.   Cornet...
  • Singing Lessons For Students Of Varying Ages

    Sarah Labiner Classical Singing Teacher (Harrow) Picture Singing lessons involve teaching technique in different ways for students of varying ages. Singing is a physical art form and uses the entire body to work in nuanced ways to achieve the best sound. As our body grows and develops over time, this means that singing technique needs to be tailored...
  • How Can I Learn To Play More Than One Instrument?

    Adam Harrison Classical Percussion Teacher (Chelmsford) Picture As someone who plays and teachers more then one instrument I'm always getting asked how can you learn more then one instrument. So I will talk you through some of the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a multi-instrumentalist. Some of the advantages about playing more then one instrument...

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